Best Sublimation Printers for Beginners (2023)


The best sublimation printers are so-called because they give beginners affordability, ease, and value.  As a beginner looking to go into the sublimation printing business or maybe a DIY enthusiast and want something to start with, we have prepared for you the best sublimation printer to help you get started in this article.  In our … Read more

What is the cheapest Sublimation Printer in 2022?

One of the most frequently asked questions among those who are into sublimation printing is which printer is the cheapest sublimation printer. Of course, there are different factors (such as the duration, cost, purpose of getting it, etc.) we need to put in place when considering which printer to get for our business or personal … Read more

Nokia Secret Codes and Unlock Codes List (Complete List)

Before proceeding, if you have not read HOW TO DELETE AN UNDELETABLE FILE IN YOUR INBOX (SYMBIAN USERS s60), HOW TO READ ANY DELETED MESSAGES ON NOKIA S60/70/80 PHONE!!, FORMATTING A SERIES 60 PHONES (FULL FORMAT) can still read it now. This is the most recent/ updated list of Nokia codes and it should work … Read more

Why Arvixe Web Hosting is a Shitty Web Host… Warning!

Arvixe web host is bad

Update: Even in 2022, Arvixe is yet to improve. I was finally able to move my domain and site to another hosting company this year. So please avoid Arvixe at all cost – I had the worst experience. The world is advancing and technology is being upgraded and perfected… but not in the eyes of … Read more


HOW TO BYPASS WINDOWS XP SERIAL KEY WHEN INSTALLING Hey guyz! If you haven’t read my post on CONVERTING FAT32 TO NTFS FILE SYSTEM WITHOUT LOSSING YOUR DATA you should read it now by following the link. Now let’s move on… Many people today still use windows xp as their operating system. Windows xp is … Read more

Opera Mini Secret Codes and Hidden Settings

Most of us (if not all) knows that opera Mini has special commands that you enter in the address bar like a URL but without the http://www or www and display some hidden characters. Many of them return information that’s probably only of interest to Opera’s developers but a couple are actually very useful. My … Read more

What are the disadvantages of Ink Tank Printers? Pros and Cons

Printers are essential gadgets for administrative offices, banks, schools, hospitals, and other relevant disciplines. The ink forms a core component of the printer as it is the part that constitutes the representation of the digital information ( soft copy ) into hard copy. Printer inks are commonly in the form of cartridges and toners. Toners … Read more