My top 5 Plus 3 Antivirus Every Blogger Should Use

Antivirus every blogger should Use

Every blogger are searching for those tools that will enhance their blogging lifestyle. And believe YOU ME, having a fast and reliable system is one good way to make your blogging lifestyle easier… and most of all, get faster results. Are you a blogger and works with a slow system? Then, I am afraid to [Continue Reading…]

How Does Alexa Rank Truly Work?

how does alexa rank truly work

Okay! As bloggers, the two major things that show marketers, business owners and other cooperate bodies how successful your blog is, are; Google page rank (PR) and Alexa rank. If your blog can have a good PR and or a better Alexa rank, your blog will have more business opportunities than you’ll ever imagine But [Continue Reading…]

How to Totally Stop Receiving Spam Comments

How to Totally Stop Receiving Spam Comment

Okay! Let me start my today’s post like this: I hate receiving spam comments. One thing I hate the most is going through that spam folder and fetching out those good comments that got caught in the process of the spam filter. I have used akismet right from the start. Yes, akismet was a great [Continue Reading…]