I am Sorry, I Got Stuck

I am Sorry, I Got Stuck

Have you ever been in a situation where your blog had a minor problem and you got stuck trying to fix it? Yes, I am sorry, I got stuck trying to fix my blog for 3 weeks. Are you wondering why it took me 3 whole weeks to get my blog fixed? Well, I had [Continue Reading…]

Best WordPress Image Optimization Method

best wordpress image optimization method

What’s your best WordPress image optimization method? I ask this question because image optimization is one of the most important aspects of making your site load faster. I realize that many bloggers don’t pay “that” much attention when it comes to their blog images. What they do is – upload the image to their media [Continue Reading…]

How to Moderate What Shows on Your Facebook Timeline


I know I have said this countless of times but I’ll still say it again – Facebook is one of the best place to get good traffic from. Even after limiting page reach, bloggers/ website and business owners still find ways of getting some reasonable amount of traffic from the largest social network platform. Must [Continue Reading…]