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Ccleaner is not new for does who love speedy pc performance. They are one of the best pc cleaner around and they have both free and paid packages for all users…

So what is ccleaner? For few who don’t know. Ccleaner is a system optimization tool and it’s also a privacy and cleaning tool that remove unused files from your system, allowing windows to run faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space. Ccleaner also cleans traces of your online activities such as internet history. It even does many more…

This software has such great features and since I am using it, I can’t just ignore its big potentials so I created a crack for it and today, I am shearing this crack with you guys so you too can unleash the full features of ccleaner.

Before we proceed to the crack, let me bring your mind back a little. If you haven’t read “how to use internet download manager premium for free (cr@ck)” and if you haven’t read “how to use trial version software forever” should do…


Download the ccleaner professional crack here >> CCLEANER PROFESSIONAL CR@CK

If you don’t have a ccleaner already download it here >> CCLEANER DOWNLOAD


I uploaded the cr@ck as zip file so you should have a winrar or winzip or any zip opener to open the zip file.

Now let’s start with the main event.

Now you must have installed your ccleaner and unzipped the crack.

NOTE: Do not start the program (ccleaner) before performing the operation and make sure you disable your internet connection if you’re still online.

In the “CCLEANER PROFESSIONAL CR@CK” folder copy the file “branding.dll” to “c:\program files\ccleaner” (see shot below)

Now close your program file and start the ccleaner. An interface will pop out prompting you to put your name and license key

In the “CCLEANER PROFESSIONAL CR@CK” double click the “License.txt” folder and put in the information you find there.

Now you have successfully activated your ccleaner professional version. It’s time to use its full features and potentials

That is how to crack your ccleaner to professional version. Do you have questions or you got something to say regarding the topic, kindly use the comment box below. Your comments are always appreciated

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