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The truth is we all need traffic to keep our blog moving. Traffic gives us the mural to continue writing, knowing people are reading your blog post but without traffic, you won’t have the courage to move on which will leave your blog hopeless. Let’s just put it this way; No traffic → No reader → No product to sell. If you do not have traffic coming to your blog, you will not get people viewing and reading your blog post and if you do not have readers reading that lovely post of yours, you will never sell your product which will leave you and your pocket frustrated and helpless. When you get that good amount of traffic then you, your blog and your pocket will be smiling, I’m I right or I’m I right?

In the blogging world all bloggers are greedy, yes! The reason I said that is because no matter how much traffic they get, they still need more.

There is no popular blog/ site that doesn’t need traffic so since we are fighting for traffic, we are going to be unleashing a top secrete (well not that secrete) 3 strong ways of driving traffic to our blog.


What I am about to post now are the places I get my traffic from and I tell you that they are very very I mean very reliable as per traffic generator.

The 3 ways I’m getting traffic to my blog are:

1. Submitting your blog to as many bookmarking site and also try as much to get backlinks from high pr sites and web 2.0 sites

2. Commenting on blogs, interact on forums, guest blogging

3. Always be persistent and always promoting your blog

I know you must have been told these same tips but when you were told, did they elaborate on the tips? In a few lines we are going to shoot you with hot points and ways you too can finally get those traffic you’ve always dreamt of. Hey! Don’t worry because this works on all Niches (categories) blogs and I’ll drop the sites I am getting the most traffic from…


Ok! Because you submitted your blog to like one or two blog directories or social engine and you’re hoping for a miracle to take place? no way brother, to get that traffic you must push your work hard, I mean harder to the eyes of people you want to convert.

Let me tell you a bit about my journey so far; When I started blogging, I do not know a thing about traffic or what traffic was but I just know that my contents were great, after some months I realize I am not getting that feed as i needed. Why? because i was not promoting or should i say making effort. Letter on, i made a lot of researches on “how to get traffic to ones blog for free” and after my research, I gathered all the information i could find and put them to practice and guess what? The info I gathered did helped me a lot.

How did I increase my ranking? First I submitted my blog to as many social bookmarking sites as possible and I also submitted my blog links to as many social networking sites I could lay my hands on. They did help my blog a lot as per back links and credibility on search engines and also give me that traffic I needed.

The below sites also helped me greatly in driving traffic to my blog

These above sites did help me a lot in driving traffic to my blog, especially if your killer article gets to their front page. With these sites, you’ll get tremendous amount of traffic (believe you me) and also do not forget to drop your site’s url to the 250 bookmarking sites for backlinks and faster indexing of your blog by search engine.


If you are getting a little amount of traffic and you are not receiving any comments then something is wrong. In order to get traffic and comments to your blog, you need to show other blogs and forums love and the love you showed will return to you.

getting more traffic to your blog

BLOG COMMENTING: Try to comment on as many blog as possible and when commenting, try to leave a thoughtful comment that will make others on that blog wants to visit your blog. There are some blogs that have this plugin called commentluv, commentluv plugins Rewards readers by automatically placing a link to their last blog post at the end of their comment. Tell me how awesome is that! With blogs that have commentluv you can get traffic from there and do you know that commenting can also serve as a great backlink. Now you have killed the birds with a stone.

FORUM COMMENTING: Forum is one good way of getting traffic but how can one get a reasonable traffic from forum? Simple! By contributing positively and adding impact to the community. To get traffic to your blog through forum, you will need to fill your profile well and make sure that your signature will be your site’s url.

Anytime you make a comment or start your own thread your signature will always appear and if your contribution is helpful, you will convert as many people to be your loyal reader. Now you have killed the birds with a stone again because you will get traffic as well as backlink

GUEST POSTING: Right now, every blogger are into guest posting because guest posting is one of the rich ways of getting traffic to your blog. Have you don guest post before? If you have not, you better start thinking of making as many now.

It is wise to submit your guest post to a blog that has a similar niche or in the same niche and to get as many traffic as possible, make the article unique and killer for people to visit you.

ANSWER QUESTIONS IN YOUR LINE OF EXPERTISE: This is one place i just can’t ignore because i love answering questions, but do you know that you can attract tremendous amount of traffic to your blog just by answering questions in your field (niche)? yes we have question and answer sites that can be proven useful if you use them well. The question and answer site i am getting much traffic from are:

TIPS: Try to leave a very helpful answer to the question you’re answering and if the question is related to any of your post, you can make that post as a source and believe you me that you won believe the kind of traffic you’ll pull to your blog. when doing this do not in any way spam or you will be penalize.


After using the two above tips it will still not work for you, do you know why? Because you are not persistent, to be honest and truthful, a lazy man can never make it in the blogging world (is that a slap to your face?).The online world needs you to always be available, answer to response, check for updates and be current as per your line of expertise. Can you do all this? Then you’re ready to go.

My little tip: You should create a facebook page, get more followers and get more friends on Google plus. Always post your link but do not be a spammer or you might lose some interested “candidates”, always post your new content to the above mentioned sites and see how your traffic will change for a better. Persistency and hard work are the keywords to any growth.


My blogs are growing because of this few tips and because I followed it religiously. If you are looking for how to get traffic then you should follow this tips and I assure you that your blog will grow.

Now here is my question; what other means do you use in driving traffic to your blog? Please do share with us using the comment box below.

You can drop all comments and thoughts on this post using the comment box below. Remember that your comments are highly appreciated and welcomed.

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  1. Hey Babanature,

    Well that was a great post. Not only did you share you traffic methods but more information with each one. I think this is the area that a lot of people seem to have difficulty with. Not understanding what they are suppose to do or how to do it! You’ve explained all of these so that everyone should be able to understand.

    So glad you’re having so much luck with these methods. Isn’t it fun!


  2. You are right we have to use Proper Backlink for Blog Commenting. It really nice blog proper backlink building through blog commenting. I like this blog. Looking forward for your post.

  3. Wow..! You have made an excellent list of suggestions I think that sometimes the actual promotion may be better than the content for getting traffic. I am going to attempt to implement a few of your ideas. Thank you for the ideas.

    1. Hello Franc,
      We are on the same page here. A good content can speak for you and go places and it automatically brings traffic to you, but still a good content needs a push that’s why it is advisable to do social media marketing and other means of promotion. Thanks for your comment Franc and do have a lovely weekend

  4. I always use comment exchange,forum participation and social network for traffic increasing mainly.other you stated is come after this to me,like blog directory submission,search engine submission etc.:)

    1. Hello Debarpan,
      You know, one of the most effective method i’ll advice you to use, is using social bookmarking sites. they are effective and they do bring traffic as expected

  5. this post is really helpful for new blogger….to draw traffic one thing is that.. you have to make attractive facebook page..update daily obviously…and one thing is that to make poll related article of your site…this can also draw a huge traffic

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