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Creating a blog is one thing and promoting it is another thing. Creating a blog is not that difficult, the difficult part of the blog sphere is “traffic” getting people to read your blog is not a day job and I’ll admit it’s darn difficult. After writing a compelling post and still nobody’s there to read it, it’s frustrating right?

There are different means in which you can drive traffic to your blog and on our today issue we are going to be discussing the top 5 social networking sites (platform) that can really drive traffic to your blog.

I have religiously used these social platforms I’m about to drop and they are truly serving me well. So hey let’s proceed if you’re ready…


Remember! The social networking site I am dropping here are free to use and requires no skill or brain to use except for the registration part. *lol*

STUMBLEUPON: stumbleuponn logo

Stumbleupon is one of my favorite social networks that have truly worked for me over the months. Seriously speaking, any blogger who have used stumbleupon would agree with me. There are ways in which you can drive a good amount of traffic to your blog and stumble upon is one of it.

How do I use stumbleupon effectively? Sharing, liking other stumblers post and using stumble sharer button will surely give you that traffic you truly need.

FACEBOOK:facebook logo

Facebook is also a great social sharing tool to promote your blog. Facebook is one social network that have limited rules, yep you heard me right! You can post almost anything on facebook and as long as you have friends you will get some click for it but what make you truly stand out are your compelling stories and titles.

How do I use facebook effectively? Create a facebok fan page for your blog and get friends and blog followers to like it, putting a facebook like button and share button to your blog will surely improve your blog traffic. You will get surely get a better result by writing compelling articles with good titles.

TWITTER:twitter logo

Everybody love’s twitter, who doesn’t? Twitter is one of the best ways to promote your blog in real time. It gives traffic to your blog and what makes the whole thing more interesting is when others retweet your tweet you’ll get even more traffic to your blog.

How can I use twitter effectively? Just get people to follow you by telling your facebook friends and posting it to your facebook page. By doing this, you are off to a good start

GOOGLE PLUS:googleplus logo

Ok! I am in love with Google plus. They are one of the best in driving traffic to your blog. Would you like to know the one thing i love about Google plus? People don’t need to add you back before they’ll see your post. As long as you have them on your cycle, they are going to see your every post. Now tell me how cool is that?

How do I use google effectively? Add as many friends to your cycle and post compelling links that are relevant to the people in your cycle.

REDDIT:reddit logo

reddit is a social network that is filled with mostly youngsters. If your post gets recognized, you will surely get a very good traffic to your blog. But seriously, reddit is hard to figure out but once you do, you will surly get a tremendous amount of traffic.

How can I use reddit effectively? Participate in their conversations by dropping a compelling comment, like and share post and for the important part, when posting make sure you post only your best articles with a strong title.

If you are using any of the above mentioned social networks, do tell us how effective it has been for you using the comment box below and if you have not started using all the above, you better start using it now.

The comment box is free for all; do use the comment box below to drop your thoughts and comments.

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  1. hi, stumbleupon, facebook and twitter are the best traffic source for your site and it’s best for new sites. thanks for this article.

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