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Resolve Missing dll Error Using This Simple Trick

Have you ever tried to install particular software, and after a successful installation, it shows you the “dll error” when you try to open the application.

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Or imagine you turn on your pc and tried to open your favorite application but on opening the app, it shows you the missing dll errors message.

Some days back, my daughter mistakenly deleted some of my software. Since then, the dll error messages started appearing when I start my pc or when trying to open any software.

Below are the simple steps I took to reinstall all missing dll on my pc… would you love to learn? Let’s go!

Resolve Missing dll Error Using This Simple Trick

When you have missing dll, you can always restore it back by first;

Open the command prompt by clicking the Start Button >>> type “Command Prompt” in the search bar

And open the command prompt using administrative privilege.

resolve missing dll error

Once open type the below command in the command prompt.


And wait for it to scan. Once the verification phase is complete, every missing dll will be restored.


This is a proven method that works on all windows operating systems…  No need to panic, it works 100% well. Go try it out and tell me how it goes.

Let’s talk

What other method have you tried restoring your missing dll? Do drop your comment using the comment box below.

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Remember that your comments, questions, and thoughts are highly welcomed and most appreciated.

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