10 Android Games I Just can’t do Without

Best Android Games

Yes! If I’m exhausted and thinking of the next post to write, I’ll take out my phone and play me some games. I love playing mobile games because it helps me think and strategize my next plan. It is also the best strategy to kill time 😉 I was chatting with a good friend of [Continue Reading…]

How to Stop Auto Start Programs in Windows PC

stop from auto start

Okay!!! There are some programs that auto start without your permission and to be honest to you, that sucks. Some few months back, I installed a software on my PC to help me access my Android files without root access. The app was going fine till it starts auto-installing apps without my permission and it [Continue Reading…]

How to insert Tables in WordPress Blog Post

insert Tables in WordPress Blog Post

Last week, we talked about how to create and insert tables in blogger blog posts and many bloggers using the platform liked it and bloggers who use WordPress, asked how to add it on their blog post as well. If you notice, directly copying a write-up from your word processor that has tables to WordPress [Continue Reading…]

How to Insert Tables in Blogger Blog Post

insert tables in blogger

How do I insert tables in blogger blog post? Many have asked me that same question and today feel like the best day to drop something for my people Okay! I learned long ago that – aside your blog and its contents, making your blog posts as neat as possible also attracts more eyes. Do [Continue Reading…]