In all my times in the blogging world I have learned that traffic is the life source of any successful blog. One can easily give up if his or her blog is not generating what they are expecting, right? Wrong! Like my mama would always say; a man is not a man if he does not taste failure. Do not give up because other blogs are doing well and you’re not, what you’ll do is to brush yourself and think of what you’re doing wrong so you can amend. Did I go off topic? I’m sorry I just want you to feel strong so you won’t think of giving up your game.


fast alexa ranking

Alexa! alexa!! alexa!!! A friend called me up and asked me how I made my alexa rank increased at a fast rate, I told him it was hard work and some few tips I implemented. So today, you’re going to see the simple steps of increasing your alexa ranking but first, why do we need ranking for our website/ blog? Before any prominent advertisers or any business organization will want to do business with you, the first thing they’ll look up to is how popular your site is. If your site ranking is bad, that means nobody is visiting your blog and believe you me, nobody wants to do business with a novice (word). In order to do real business with real people, you need to increase your ranking but the question is how can one increase his alexa ranking? You can increase your Alexa ranking by:

Ask your readers to write a review about your blog on alexa

Installing alexa toolbar

Playing with the rules

Now you have seen the 3 secret right? Since it’s no more a secret, lets elaborate on the three points… shall we proceed?


√ Ask your readers to write a review:

If you want your Alexa rank to increase in a quick rate you need to be smart and how do I mean? How many people do read your blog post? Is it up to 100 – 300? If yes! Those 100 – 300 readers can influence your ranking positively. If like 8 – 10 people write a positive review for you, there will be positive changes to your Alexa ranking. Why did I say such? Because I have honestly tried it and it worked like magic.

Put the alexa review banner in your blog sidebar and ask for a review like the image below. Once people start reviewing your blog, your ranking will increase its pace.

alexa ranking increased

Are you with me? Have you ever heard the word ask and it shall be giving onto you? That is how the online market is, if you don’t ask you won’t get something in return. Drop your cap and start asking for review now.

TIPS: You can ask your friends and family to write an alexa review for you if you do not have those faithful to write it for you yet.

√ Installing Alexa toolbar:

Installing alexa toolbar to your favorite browser can really be helpful, helpful in the sense of rank boosting and it also shows you your rank information. Anybody who frequents your site/ blog using a browser that has alexa toolbar will surely boost your site/ blog ranking, whether you believe it or not!

How does the alexa toolbar work? The alexa toolbar gathers the information on how many times a user visited a particular site and use it to rank it. If like 20 people have alexa toolbar on their favorite browser and those 20 visit your blog, your blog will surely have a boost. Don’t worry, you don’t need to believe me but the fact still remains the fact.

TIPS: Now do you have a large number of followers? Create your own customize alexa toolbar and ask your followers to download your toolbar, once they download and install it, your rank will grow more than usual. Are you with me? Of course you are!

√ Playing with the rules:

a happy man

Here is the basic truth; the first and second tips will never work if you do not have the right amount of traffic. Traffic is the source of any online growth which we all know and getting this traffic seems to be the hardest thing. But with a few traffic coming to your blog everyday you can surely implement this and it will surely boost your alexa ranking. The only time you can be successful in life is by doing things right! So here is a top secret I would like you to know, are you listening? Good! There is no such thing as easy access in the online world, if you are trying to cheat, you will only fail at the long run and spamming will only make your blog be in harm’s way. That’s my secret to you.


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  1. Nice article!
    I tried the guide and it was very helpful from the first hour!
    My website decreased the ranking with almost 50,000 places.
    Looking forward to more quality content from you. Page Bookmarked!

  2. Again nice post !!

    Can you tell me how alexa rank can impact your website or online business or your branding? NO not at all right !!

    Then why to focus on this useless metrics 🙂

    1. Hello Jignesh,
      Alexa does not affect your making money online (if you’re making money through affiliate) but with adsense? you need traffic and with traffic, your rank increases. if you’re to use your blog for businesses like showing direct adverts from companies and or be trusted, you need ranking. hope that answers you

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