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How to Write Quality Content And See Great Results

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If you want to be a successful blogger, particularly in this period of very stiff competition, it is important to write top notch quality content.

You will need to ensure that you sharpen your writing skills – you must live, eat and breathe “quality writing”. You Should Never Do Blogging If You Don’t Have These Skills

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What Exactly is Good Quality Content?

Okay, let me put it in a way that you would understand. Quality content is one that solves a specific problem for your targeted readers.

In order to be able to create quality content for your blog and attract a large number of your target traffic, then you must be willing to put in the work. Readers often search for quality content that has a “humanness” quality to it. If your content looks like something that was written by a robot, readers would simply go elsewhere to read articles that would add value to them.

Here are some useful tips that will help you write quality content:

Know your Target Audience

Being able to write quality content starts with knowing your target audience, this is where keyword research comes in handy. If your blog is about “marriage counseling or parenting” then find out what keywords or keyphrases your target audience will likely use when searching for content on these topics. If you do not know your target audience, how would you write content that would keep them coming back for more?

Stop Being Lazy!

A lot of bloggers are lazy when it comes to doing some research in order to get more information about the topic or product they are writing on. Yes, it can be tiring to spend hours and hours in front of the computer. But, you need to realize that many successful bloggers do research and come up with catchy headlines that are sure to draw attention.  Smart bloggers do the research that would help them to attract the “right” group of people.

Connect Emotionally with Your Readers

This is the most important tip you can ever get, if you want to write quality content and see great results. You need to understand that quality content is one that connects emotionally with the readers. This is the part where you ask the question “how can I connect emotionally with my readers?” Do your research and you will find that “story telling” is the major ingredient of any article or video content that went viral! People connect with a person who UNDERSTANDS and relates with them – telling stories is one way to get people to see your “humanness” online.

If you want to be a popular blogger, you cannot leave out telling stories.

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Let’s face it, life is filled with a lot of stories, some of them good, some of them sad and some of them are downright horrible. Even an ugly story can actually go viral if you are a marketer who knows how to apply your creative writing talents. With SEO (search engine optimization) copywriting, you will be able to strategically place the right words in the article to get good search engine ranking.

girrl thinking of a new post

Storytelling gives a personal touch to the content and would connect with the reader. Hangout with friends, get them to share their good, bad and ugly stories and use these stories (respectfully) in your blog. Read about current happenings on the internet and link these stories to happenings in your own life, or the lives of people you have met in your life’s journey.

Do not even think about saying “I do not have any stories to tell!”  Look back in your life, that bully that harassed you on the playground, that girl that said no to you, that horrible meal you had at a popular local restaurant, that terrible relationship that almost sent you round the bend – the list is endless!

Use Common and Simple Words

Okay, you graduated with a master’s degree in English Language from the most prestigious university in the country; well whoopdee-doodah!  If the words and the grammar you plan to use in creating content for your blog are not simple enough for a 3 year old to understand, then you are unwittingly stopping your blog from getting great results.

If you want to make money from your blog, you should not allow your formal education get the best of your writing and blogging life. If you do not want to make money from your blog, then you are free to use tongue-twister words on your blogs.

Remember, your blog is not a textbook, share vital information within a 300 to 1000 word article. Make use of very simple and well spelt words. Use a synonym for those big words! Hey, it is in your best interest! Successful bloggers are the masters of simplicity. For instance, use words such as “tired” in place of “Knackered”.

Make Your “Call to Action” Subtle

You need to make the “call to action” subtle! It does not matter just how wonderful your content is, if your readers do not know what to do after reading the article, then the purpose of writing the article is defeated.

Free Advice:

  • Connecting with your target audience on an emotional level will be easier when you tell them stories about things that have happened to YOU.
  • Set goals on how many articles you want to write a day for your blog, the more content you submit, the more you increase your chances of getting readers to keep reading your blog.
  • Check out the blogs of successful writers (Like Zac Johnson,  Harleena Singh and many more) and study how they connect with their readers – this will give you a pretty good idea of how to engage your readers.
  • Make sure that the content you post on your blog will leave readers feeling empowered, informed or entertained. Readers will only visit and re-visit blogs or sites that has something to offer them. Think about it, why would you want to visit a website that has nothing to offer you?

With the aforementioned tips on how to write quality content, you will be able to start seeing great results….soon.

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22 thoughts on “How to Write Quality Content And See Great Results”

    1. I’m glad you liked the post Evan. Yes, it is not a new topic but this is something we have to remind ourselves.
      Warm Regards,

  1. Great Article, Oluwaseun, especially where you mentioned to connect with readers on the emotional level. But if you think of it, you would have a hard time writing an article about writing like you did here, and to share a story of yourself as well. Unless you wrote a post about how it is difficult even for you to be writing here every day.
    Great insight tho.


    1. Thanks a million Dankas :-), and pleased to meet you.
      Writing an article is pretty handwork, one have to put many things into consideration: SEO, readers etc. I do struggle sometimes, this is why it is always good to have someone to proof read the article before it goes out.
      Many thanks,

  2. Welcome Seun to Babanature’s blog – it’s sure nice to see you here 🙂

    I couldn’t agree more to all the points you mentioned. The best one I would vouch for with closed eyes is to connect emotionally with your readers. Yes, it’s how you interact with those who stop by and comment on your post that helps builds relationships, which I feel is a major part of blogging.

    Yes, you need to have good writing skills and take care of your grammar and all those things, as well as use simple words that even a 6th grade student can understand. Also, be sure to break your sentences and use various paragraphs and sub-heads to break the monotony of the post as your readers have short attention spans!

    We are all here in the Blogosphere for some purpose. Some of us to earn money, some to share their advice, some to help others, and some just for the fun of it. But if what we share with others isn’t quality content or something that your readers can relate to, all your efforts are really of no use.

    Aha…thanks so much for the mention Seun, that’s indeed kind of you – though I don’t think I’m all that successful as yet, and have a lot to learn as yet 🙂

    Thanks for sharing these great tips with us. Have a wonderful week ahead both of you. 🙂

    1. Good to see you here Harleena.It is good to hear from a professional writer :-). Yes we are all here for some purpose, providing quality content is a MUST. You have said it all, i agree with all your points!
      You are a good ROLE MODEL to some of us.
      Thanks for stopping by,

  3. Connecting with target audience is the tricky part, you have to earn their trust by the quality of content you provide. Your advice on how to write quality content cannot be argued as it is very clear to understand.

    Thanks for yet another wonderful article, every time i read from you i discover you have more dept than i can ever imagine.

  4. Good job Chief,
    Hope you don’t me calling you Chief, Lol. There is no doubt that writing crappy posts on your blog will do you more harm than good.

    The competition is really very tight, and anyone that is still lazing about will only have his blog by the corner because he can’t stand the competition.

    It is therefore very vital that every blogger and would be blogger invest more on his writing skill.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Theodore,
      Yes, you can call me Chief Seun. hahaha.
      You are right; the “competition” is very tight. One can only stand out by providing QUALITY CONTENT. I love your style of writing on your blog.
      Thanks a million 🙂

  5. Hello Oluwaseun,
    Wow you truly did spit some words here and i must say that i love it. The title is not new but you truly did kill it with your skills. Thumbs up bro…

    1. Hey Bello,
      Guess we are meeting for the first time. 😀 You can call me Seun. Good to see you here.
      Yes, the title is not new, but we sometimes get carried away. This is a wake up call for all bloggers out there to sit tight and never to lose focus.
      Warm Regards,

  6. Hey bro,
    Good to see you here with an interesting post. I have gone through and there is one thing I particularly like – Your meaning of quality content. I love the definition : Quality content is one that solves a specific problem for your targeted readers. I love the word ‘Specific’. There is a huge sense of being targeted there.

    I think if we learn to focus on solving a crucial problem in each post (rather than touching from here and there) we will be able to satisfy our readers to the core.

  7. Sup Enstine,
    Thank you for your valuable feedback. True talk bro, focusing on solving problem is the way forward to help our readers.
    Like Harleena mentioned above, we are all here for some purpose “some of us to earn money, some to share their advice, some to help others, and some just for the fun of it”. Whatever purpose we are here for, we should never stop providing quality content.
    I love your recent giveaway SEOPressor V5 And $150…

  8. Hey Oluwaseun,

    Welcome to Babanature’s blog and I enjoyed reading what you had to share on this topic.

    I know from my own personal experience that when people told me to write quality valuable content I seriously had no idea what that meant. I never considered myself a writer and back then I was so new to blogging. I guess you could just say it’s been trial and error to learn what I have and to get my blog to where it is.

    I believe that the best way to get people interested in what you share is by writing about your own experiences. People relate to people so whether it’s good or bad, someone will be able to connect with you.

    Always respond to each comment and connect with that reader. Answer their questions and ask them some yourself. That’s how relationships are built and that’s how your blog will continue to get the attention it deserves.

    Everything else you mentioned as well is important. I just think that this whole process is a learning experience and we’re never going to get it right without trial and error. So never beat yourself up if you aren’t getting the results you want. Consistently moving in the right direction will get you to your destination.

    Thanks for sharing this, great job!


  9. Adrienne,
    You are welcome, and thanks for your valuable feedback. 🙂
    Everything in life is trial and error. “Every relationship is not meant to work; sometimes you’re just meant to learn the lesson.” If something is not working one can try something different. We have to learn from our mistakes and never to repeat them again.
    Commenting is a MUST. Like you mentioned, we must always respond to each comment and connect with the reader. Don’t you think commenting is more harder than writing an article?
    Thanks for reading.
    Warm Regards,

  10. Hi Oluwaseun,

    This is just a great post and I enjoyed reading it to the last word. Although, I read lots of posts about this topic but reading your post made me feel as if I am reading it for the first time. Very captivating style.

    I couldn’t agree more about all the points you made. Indeed, we need to connect emotionally with our readers and find what solves their problems and help them. Also, telling stories about our experiences is another great point because it makes your readers know from where you are coming and that your are a real person going through the same issues others are going through. And finally, I liked your point about simplicity. Our writing should be simple for anyone to understand and should be proofread for spelling mistakes and grammar to appear professional.

    Thanks Ouwaseun for such a wonderful post. Thanks Babanature for having Ouwaseun share this post here in your blog for all of us to enjoy.

    Be Blessed,


    1. Very pleased to meet you Neamat, and thank you for your valuable feedback. 🙂
      Telling personal stories is good because your readers will relate well with you and learn from your mistakes.
      No one is above mistake. We should make sure we have 2 to 3 people to proof read.
      Thanks for reading Neamat.
      Many thanks,

  11. Hi Oluwaseun,

    Love the tips here because each is super practical. Story telling remains the best way to connect with your audience. If you are willing to share some incident from your day, or some past experience, you resonate with people who have experienced similar circumstances.

    Why are movies and novels so popular? Why does everybody talk about the latest flicks? Each tells a distinct and clear story. Each resonates with us in some way, or maybe we do not care for the story, and feel free to share our low energy opinion of the story.

    Tie in your experience to your blog. I post travel pictures of myself moving all over Southeast Asia, as I wrapped up a 2 year trip 2 weeks ago. This is my story. This is my life. People can get a sense of who I am and the life I live, and individuals who resonate with the story gravitate to me.

    Thanks for sharing your awesome insight Oluwaseun.


    1. Ryan,
      Thanks a million for stopping by to write this beautiful comment. I really appreciate it. “tie in your experience to your blog.” Some people just don’t get it! You don’t have to follow the crowd, BE YOURSELF.
      I love your video on 1 Reason Why You Might Want to Fail Online! People are programmed to fail, agreed. You are what you think. Very motivating.
      I look forward to travel round the world someday, maybe you can help? Let’s connect!
      Speak soon.

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