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My Top 5 Video Editing and Screen Caption tools For Bloggers

As a blogger we need to diversify and spread our wings to grab as many web traffic as possible. Yes! At times we need to move from our comfort zone to achieve the achievable. As a blogger, we can write and write and write but if no one’s there to read it, it’ll be a waste of effort, right?

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Today many bloggers, website owners are going into presentations, e-books and pdf, video, audio, podcast and many others… just to promote their blog/ website. If you’re not doing any, then I’d say you’re simply missing a lot. If you are new to blogging and you don’t know how to create a video tutorial, then this post is perfect for you. If you are a long time blogger and you have not done any video tutorial, please I’d like to know why you haven’t started yet!


Why do I need to create a video as a blogger? You need to create video(s) as a blogger for so many reasons and these reasons are:

√ To build more social presence

√ To better explain a particular blog topic

√ To go personal with fans and blog readers

√ For your business partner to trust you even more

√ To create video-based information products you can sell

√ Creating a set of videos answering your most frequently asked questions

√ And the best part is to drive some serious amount of targeted traffic to your blog

What other reasons can you give us? Please do use the comment box below to tell us!

To some, taking video of ones computer screen may look magical, right? Wrong! It is not magic or some special features of one’s pc. You can video your entire pc screen, give quality snapshots and edit the videos professionally with the help of some software and today, we are going to be discussing the top best five that can achieve this for you…

My Top 5 Video Editing and Screen Caption tool For Bloggers


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AVS Video Editor: This is one of my favorite video editing software because it has almost all features that’ll make a good tutorial video. AVS have a simple interface that is very much easy to understand and to be honest with you guys; anybody can master this software within minutes.

Do note that “AVS video editor” has the free version and the paid version. They both have the same features and functionality but the only difference between the paid version and free version is; the free version gives your finishing video a watermark while the paid version doesn’t add watermark.

Camtasia: I was introduced to this software months ago by a friend and ever since, I have been combining both AVS and Camtasia. I love the camtasia for so many reasons; it can zoom in and out any editing video and it can even do lots more. If you’ll ask me, I’ll definitely say camtasia is great but not as easy as AVS.

Also note that “Camtasia” has a free and paid version. The free version has limited functions and also gives your finishing video a watermark but the paid has all functions and doesn’t add watermarks. I’ll recommend this to any blogger.

Note: If you don’t have the money to purchase this little software and you really want to use it, just send me an email and I’ll give you a crack (I’ll only give my regular readers that usually leave comments on my blog posts)

CyberLink: Ok! This software is 100% free and one sweet thing about it is; it comes with all HP laptops so you don’t have to search for it. cyberLink really can do some awesome tricks that are beyond expectations. It has a lot of effect, it can record your pc screen and it can even snap shot your entire pc or a small portion (depends on how you want it).

Cyberlink is one great editing and video capturing tool that is worth a try but it is not as great as the above mentioned but still, cyberlink is great in its own way.

CamStudio: This is also a portable free tool that plays nice with your pc. I love this “Camstudio” because it is portable, doesn’t take up cpu usage, that means it makes your system fast and it is the easiest and most understandable video editor I have ever seen. One other cool feature i love about CamStudio is you can purify sounds, change your voice, make the image more sharper and cooler. What more can i say then to go check ’em out 🙂

Your Turn: What other video editor do you know and use that is free? Please do let us know so it can benefit all and future people who want to create a presentation or video tutorial.

Those are my top 5 video editing, video screen capture, screen snapshot every blogger should have (at least one). Remember that if you have not started creating a tutorial video or an inspiring video for your readers, please do start now and see the good changes it’ll bring.

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Do you have something interesting to say or add to this lovely post 🙂 ? Do you have comments, questions or thoughts you’d like to share with us? Please do by using the comment box below.

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46 thoughts on “My Top 5 Video Editing and Screen Caption tools For Bloggers”

  1. Hey bro,
    Thanks for listing and giving some lights on these tools. Though video is not my thing now, I’ll bookmark this for later use

    hope you have a nice week ahead

    1. Hello Enstine,
      Creating Video for your affiliate products is one great way to promote and make more sales with it. Affiliate marketers use video as one of their market strategies. So i’ll employ you to at least start considering this rout for it is profitable. Thanks for your comment bro and do have a profitable week 😀

  2. Hi Babanature,

    Well explained post indeed 🙂

    This is one niche I haven’t yet touched and I know I have to start with videos one day soon because of the great potential it has. I guess it’s been the lack of time and the fear of facing the camera, that’s been my main reason. I have heard and read about only a few of the mentioned tools, while the others I still need to work on. So, I’m bookmarking your post and would be using it when I get started.

    Thanks for sharing these tools with us. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    1. Hello Harleena,
      :O with the niche that you’re in, video tutoring will be one of the best option for traffic and going personal with your readers. I know other bloggers who are afraid of facing camera, i am also those people who has the fear of facing camera but that doesn’t stop me from creating my tutorial videos. because i do not need to show my face doing tutorial, or i’m i? Thanks for the lovely comment my friend 🙂

  3. Cool tools! I’m new to your blog. Already browsed a few really informative posts! You know what you are writing about, certainly! Thanks for the list! I will keep it in mind.

  4. Hi Babanature,

    I do not use free tools but am in love with YouCam. The copy came with my laptop when I purchased it during my trip, in Vietnam. I have no clue how much the software costs but I imagine not too much.

    Video rocks. I got a bit lazy over the past few weeks but will shoot another one today; love it 😉

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. Hey Ryan,
      The first two that i mentioned are not free. I am with you on that, i love YouCam also because it’s free and it has so many features that are unimaginable. i love the way that you can record from your webcam directly and it wont give any problem. Thanks for your thoughtful comments as always buddy. do have a nice week…

  5. I have made a couple of videos for Youtube using Camtasia Studio 8 and i must say the experience was awesome and i have also heard of a couple of more from the list but haven’t tried them out.

    In the future i may consider to try out any other one from the list but then i will prefer one that will give me more flexibility to record and edit videos. Videos are awesome ways of promoting a product or brand and can as well be used to teach tutorials and drive traffic to a blog/site.

    Thanks for sharing…

    1. Hello Nwosu,
      Promoting your blog and affiliate product using video is one great move any blogger would think of. I create video once in a while and to be honest with you, i am seeing the results. Doing a video just feels great, isn’t it? Thanks for stopping by and leaving a thoughtful comment 🙂

    1. 😮 Thank you for that Ambika 🙂
      I have not thought about or use powerpoint for creating videos, i only use powerpoint for presentations for my slideshare.
      My suggestion: Why not try out Camtasia? you’re going to like it 😉

  6. Hello Babanature,
    The first time i saw a tutorial video taken from a pc, i was wondering how did they do it. i really did thought it was some magic or extra crispy camera, but thank God i know now. I’d like to try out one of them software. thanks

    1. Ha… Bello, that’s really funny 🙂 I’ll advice you to try out either AVS or Camtasia, they are great tool for video capturing. Thanks for stopping by brother

  7. Hi Babanature,

    These are nice software. Currently I am using Camtasia. I will vote for this one. Because it has a number of options. And it has user friendly interface.

    Thanks for others. I will give them a try.

    1. Hello Mubashir,
      Yes! Camtasia is one great tool that has so many options that i find very much interesting. I use it frequently compare to the others but there are some things that i still wanna do that i use AVS. thanks for stopping by bro 😀

  8. Hi Babanature,

    I’ve been using Camtasia for a few years now and I really love it. I didn’t know they had a free version, I thought that was more or less CamStudio. I know they offer the free 30 trial but once again, I’ve been using it for so long I wouldn’t really know.

    Thanks for letting us know what you use. I’ve also never heard of AVS but since I do use Camtasia, I think I’ll just stick with this little gem. I do highly recommend it if you have a PC.


    1. Hello Adrienne,
      Camtasia is one of my favorite also because of the zoom in capability it has and the audio filter. I also love AVS because of its simplicity and the ability to add simple text… Camtasia do have a free version and it is the 30 days free trial 😀
      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your thoughtful comments as always. Do have a blessed week ahead

  9. You said “Camtesia” couple of times, correct is “Camtasia”, you should put link address, if you don’t want to make it link than you should put, just the name without link to help a newbie find them faster. 😀

    Thanks for sharing Babanature. Best regards from I. C. Daniel

    1. Hey Daniel,
      Lol… Humans are made to make mistakes 🙂 Yeah, i should have provided a link but so it will be more easy for people who wants to start up video tutorial. but still even if you type any of the names in Google, you will still get the tools sites that i mentioned because they are popular. Thanks for the correction buddy and do have your self a nice week ahead…

      1. Thanks man. You too have a great week ahead.

        PS: I hope you don’t mind my correction about Camtasia, I respect you man… just saying isn’t the name as it should. Do not take it personal 😀 See you next time.

        Best regards from I. C. Daniel

  10. Hi Baba,
    I have already have this tool cyberlink its really awesome which i use to edit my stuff and glad you have shared on your blog sure bloggers will find it very useful

    1. Hey Shameem,
      Cyberlinks should be everybody’s favorite because without it, your system webcam will not function and they have more effect then any other video editor and screen caption tool. thanks for topping by my friend 😀

  11. Hi Baba,

    I’m using Camtasia Studio to create and edit screencasts. This is really an awesome software. Very user friendly with lots of useful effects. The price however is bit higher for new bloggers to afford.

    Thanks for bringing other software to the attention.

    1. Hello Suresh,
      It looks like Camtasia is all bloggers choice. Everybody just love the platform because of its functionality. Yeah! The money is indeed a bit expensive for new bloggers to afford. Thanks for the comment bro 😀

  12. I have tried a number of screen capture video software over the years. I never could find what I really wanted for free though. Some would have one feature, but not another that I was looking for.

    Camtasia is great, but a little spendy. The previous version 7/7.1 was a little easier to learn compared to the current version 8. The newer one is excellent too, just not quite as user friendly as the previous one.

    I thought about trying the online screencastomatic paid version for fifteen dollars per year. I guess it includes additional editing, zoom, and such but I never got around to it. The free version is very limited, but the paid one seems appealing.

    1. Hello Ray,
      I also feel that Camtasia is difficult to navigate when you get your hands on it newly. Have you tried AVS video editor before? It is great and easy, you should try that one and see how it goes 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and dropping a thoughtful comment do have a nice week ahead 😀

    1. Hello Abiodun,
      Everything about your feed should be adjusted in your feedburner. Everything is easy when you’re in your feedburner.
      P.S. Please do get a gravatar before commenting so we’ll get personal with you:) to know how to set up a gravatar, view my previous post 😉

  13. Hey Babanature
    Great blog youv’e got here! We’ve spoken briefly on Ileane’s blog.
    I’m a fan of screencast-o-matic and Camtasia, however, this is a good reminder to start putting a few videos together. Great review and I’ll be looking into Cyberlink this weekend.

    1. Hello Kapil,
      Nice to see you here at my blog 🙂
      Yes, Camtasia is a great capturing tool that bloggers should consider. they are great and i am loving the tool but i wont advice it for newbie. CyberLink is easy and great to use but they also have their limitations. Thanks for stopping by Kapil and do have a lovely weekend 🙂

  14. Hi Babanature,
    Even though I’m not a beginner, the idea of making a video has never occured to me before. Thank you very much for your guidance an these excellent points. I think I’ll follow your advice in the nearest future

  15. I only record videos and upload them on youtube.I have my videos there only.
    can i use it means modified my video which i already have on youtube?


  16. I am a voice over coach for Edge Studio. Camtasia is saving me hours in putting my online presentations together. Thanks to their tutorials I was up and running in a matter of minutes!

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