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Top Reasons You Are Not A Successful Blogger

Almost 99% of blogs created today are due to the fact that a lot of people have read thousand of article of how ‘A Blogger makes 6 figures Monthly’ but not considering how long it took that blogger to get there.

I am guilty that I was among the many individuals who created blogs for the money. The dumbest thing I ever did was to apply for Google Adsense before publishing any content :), really dumb huh? And obviously I got disapproved.

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i started Blogging after reading lots of articles and posts on how to make money online. I thought it was an overnight thing that was why I applied for adsense the very second I created my blog. But now I obviously know better 😀 .

Below are the things you need to consider before going into blogging

Should You Really Blog?

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If you are actually Blogging for money then I’m sorry but you have to quit. Why? Well because Blogging is simply not your thing there are lots of other ways you can make cool/legit cash online, some are far better off than Blogging. One thing about “Blogging” is; you shouldn’t start what you can’t finish…

Well yes, it’s going to be really tragic when you create a blog and fail to update it regularly.  So my advice is; you should not go into blogging if you do not have the passion for it (period).

Yes not every successful blogger started blogging because he had the passion for it, but they were successful because they eventually started seeing blogging as Fun, and not really all about the money.

Ok enough talk for now, let’s go on to the main issue at hand shall we! Below you’ll find the top reasons why you are an unsuccessful blogger.

Reasons You’re Unsuccessful:


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  •  You do not have the passion for Blogging:

Yes if you go into Blogging simply because of the money and nothing else I bet you are going to fail woefully. So it’s better you shouldn’t even think of buying a Domain or purchasing a Hosting plan for that blog because it’s just going to be a waste of money (fact).

  • You are eager to make money

We all know Blogging is a very cool way to make legitimate cash online. But when you go with this flow and become impatience you will also fail. Write blog post because of the money, but don’t Blog because of the money (2 different things).

But don’t get me wrong I’m not disputing the fact that you can’t make money with your blog, but if all you think about is making 6-7 figures in your first 2 months of blogging, that’s where you will fail.

  • You Can’t be patience

Like I said in the point above, if you lack patience you might find it difficult to make money with your blog. Blogging requires a lot of patience before you can make it to the top. You have to keep on writing and promoting and Guest Posting. Without those things, I can’t grantee that you can make money with your blog.

I started my blog 3 months ago and I haven’t gotten a Google adsense account yet, neither have i made a dime from my blog but I’m not worried. Why? Well that’s because I’m not bother about that for now, I’m more concerned about building my blog’s popularity, rank and social exposure.

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It’s All Left To You!

I’ve just explained some reasons why your blog is not giving you the desired results. If there is part of this post which relates to you, I hope you work on it and i bet you will start getting those results.

Now let’s shift the ball to you reading this post; How was the post? Do you have any important tip or tips that you would love to add to this? Please do use the comment box below.

Do you have questions, comments, contribution or thoughts that you would love to share with us? Please do share them by using the comment box below. Remember that your comments and thoughts are highly welcomed and appreciated.

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63 thoughts on “Top Reasons You Are Not A Successful Blogger”

  1. The reason any blogger fails to be successful is MONEY. If a blog is started JUST to make some advertisement pennies, it can never be successful. Of course, one needs to have the passion for blogging as well.

    1. Hey there Chitraparna, Nice seeing you here, Yes you are definitely right, if one does not have the passion for blogging, then there is a 99% possibility that he/she will fail. Thank you for your contribution.

      Do have a nice day.

    2. Hello Chitraparna,
      The main factor that makes up a blogger is; Passion, smart work and perseverance. If you do not have those skill set, then you’re not ready to be a blogger. Many bloggers that starts blogging new is because of the money they hear top bloggers make. They want to make this money without knowing the steps to take and eventually, they fall out of the race.
      Instead of them gaining, they’ll loose their money 🙂 … Thanks for stopping by and do have a nice week…

  2. Hi Wilson, and welcome to Babanature’s blog 🙂

    I liked your frankness about the Adsense account, because that’s such a common thing newbies do but then that’s also how they learn the right and sure way – isn’t it?

    I couldn’t agree more with your reasons, and they are indeed all ‘top’ ones too. I also strongly feel that those who blog only for money are in the wrong profession of blogging as there are many other ways to make money other than blogging. If it’s not your passion, or it’s not something you love doing – then don’t get into it – period!

    Blogging isn’t easy, and it does take more than just having a full time job where you go and come home after a certain time and can sit back enjoy, while you wait for your months pay-cheque. It requires you to keep tweaking and working on your blog all the time till you get it really going for itself, and even after that – to maintain and sustain it – isn’t easy.

    Even your last reason is a very important one – patience. Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor will your blog be. Just as everything takes time, so will your blog! I guess it all comes down to enjoying your blogging journey and being passionate about it. If and when money comes, well and good, and if it doesn’t, you are still doing what you love doing. However, once your blog ranks well and you have been blogging for a while, you do start earning a little from your blog too. Yes, many bloggers earn a great deal too, and that’s good for them because they have earned those pennies by going through the right way.

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a nice week ahead, both of you 🙂

    1. Hello there Harleena, It feels good to be here :D. I’m really happy you loved this article. Thanks for you awesome contribution, I might add it to this post LOL. Thanks for stopping by. DO have a nice day.

  3. Hi Wilson, great post man! I think my personal draw back is I don’t have the patience. I always find myself in a hurry to finish a post and ti’s something I’ve been working on getting better with. I know if I can get some more patience with publishing my content it will help in the long run for quality of reading materials.

    1. Hello there Brain, Happy you enjoyed this post :D. Stuff like that also happens to me, I feel I must complete a particular post in one day. but I can’t really do that, so I just sleep it over. Anyway I hope we get the better of that problem :D.

      Thanks for stopping by. Do have a nice day sir.

  4. Blogging means freelancing in most of the cases. And first you have to come to the conclusion that you really want to be a blogger. Only after this decision you can think as success. If you are multifunctional and dunno where what and how to do with your blog, then it doesn’t make sense…

  5. Oluwaseun Babajide

    Welcome to Babanature’s blog
    I think we are on the same page. My story is similar to yours.
    I started blogging with the hope of making millions in the first month lol..I think I read too much without thinking.
    Blogging is interesting, challenging and fun! You meet so many people and make cool money in the process.
    If you are blogging for money, don’t bother, because it takes time to make money online.
    Thanks for sharing..

    1. Heloo there Babatunde. it’s really awesome being here :D. Well I guess thats what makes us “UNIQUE” Bloggers bro. I’m happy you found this post useful sir.

      Do Have a pleasant day sir.

  6. Hello wilson
    Great work man
    Yes, You are absolutely right that blogging is fun. you have to do it for fun, money will automatically follow it. Patience is significant factor in blogging as you say.Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success. 😀
    keep sharing like this man

    1. Hey there Rajesh, I’ happy you found this post useful. Thank you for your contribution bro.

      DO have a nice day.

    2. Hello Rajesh,
      I couldn’t agree with you more… Blogging and making money with your blog is a gradual process. As long as you use your passion to follow up your blog, money will automatically follow. Thanks for stopping by and dropping your thoughts, i truly appreciate it 🙂

  7. Hey Wilson,
    One other reason is that we were told everything can be done without spending a cent. Yes, that’s possible but requires a lot of work and energy that’s not furnished by many but if we take the other way round (buy some awesome tools, join paid professional communities, etc) we’re going to see and maintain success.

    Thanks for the post here bro

    1. Hello there Enstine, Thanks for you contribution sir. I’m happy you enjoyed this post.

      Do have a nice day sir.

  8. A very interesting post Wilson,
    And I’m happy you’re the one writing this because it shows you’ve learnt a lot on your blogging journey.

    You see, the number one reason why most bloggers fail to get going is because they focused first on the money even before starting. They’ve been lied to and therefore developed the mindset that you can make $$$$$$$ within your first month of blogging which is nearly impossible.

    Therefore, when they’ve blogged for some time and did not get what they expected, they will simply give up.

    Thanks for sharing man.

    1. Hey there Thoedore, Thanks for your contribution. I’m happy you found this post interesting.

      Do have a nice day sir.

  9. Wilson,
    This is really the type of post everyone that is trying to venture into blogging need to read because, it will not only give them an insight of what they’re getting into but, it will also serve as an eye opener to them.

    The main attitude that we bloggers need to learn in order to be getting our desired result is being focused and consistent.

    A very informative post man, thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Peter, I’m happy you found this post informative, Thanks for your contributions sir.

      Do have a nice day.

  10. Being patient is one of the important aspects of blogging. If you are not patient and want to earn fast, then blogging is not an option.

    1. Hallo there Rahul. Patience is the Key to building a successful blog, without it I don’t think a newbie blogger can succeed. Thanks for your comment bro.

      Do have a nice day. 😀

  11. Hey Wilson, welcome to Babanature’s blog!

    We do live and learn don’t we and I think it’s really sad that there are so many people out there still receiving the wrong information.

    I came online for the same reason you did but I wasn’t familiar with blogs at that time. I was given false information and lead to believe that this can be obtained quickly. I hate that I feel for any of that but I was naive and vulnerable back then.

    I think patience is the main key ingredient that most people miss out on. I’m not a very patient person I admit so this took some time to understand that this is just like anything else in life. It’s not going to happen overnight. The rest I think will come but you’re right, if they don’t have any of those things they’ll have a very difficult time having success here.

    Appreciate your honesty!


    1. Hey there Adrienne, I’m happy being at Babanature’s Blog. Yea you’re equally right Adrienne, Patience is the KEY factor. Without it no success for any blogger :D. Thanks for your contribution ma’am.

      DO have a wonderful day :).

  12. Applied Adsense before publishing post? Huh?

    Yea, but it’s true. You need to blend Ad pieces in your blog design and very obviously, you must fix them while in designing phase. So, its natural man!

    We talk a lot about blogging success without considering properly, what this blogging success is?

    Perhaps, we should fix some goals and measure the outcome against those goals. Earning good money from blog might not mean blogging success but at the same time a huge traffic with no money is again useless!

    Thanks Wilson for the discussion.

    1. Hey There Suresh, Thanks alot for your contribution sir.
      Glad you found this post intereting enough to comment :D.

      DO have a nice day sir.

  13. yea, nice point you have mentioned. Some so called bloggers are just to super eager to make money because that what they were informed that blogging is all about.

    So when the money refuses to show frustration comes in. nice post babanature

    1. Hi Damilare, I’m happy you found this post interesting. Thanks for taking your time to comment bro.

      Do have a nice day.

  14. Nice post wilson and thanks for dropping it here at Babanature’s blog.
    You really did speak well. so many people are in to blogging for the sole aim of money. making money with your blog is just like a process you take. thanks

  15. I did like you did. I applied for adsense without content :)), what a fool I was.

    Thanks for these reasons, I’m not blogging yet but I’m preparing something.

    Best regards from I. C. Daniel

    1. Hey there Daniel! Ha.. ha, I guess that’s a natural thing for newbie bloggers :D. I hope when you begin blogging you’d become a successful Blogger.

      Thanks for stopping by bro.

      Do have a nice day :).

  16. Hey Wilson,

    I always say passion + action = attraction (money, readers,etc..) so I totally agree with you as far as passion. If you don’t have any passion for anything that it shows within your action which doesn’t equate to the attraction. More like repelling.

    Another thing is patience. If you’re too eager to get paid, then you’re not going to get paid. Instead focusing on being patience, focus on the fun of blogging. Just do it because you like it. If you don’t, then find something else to do. Simple as that!

    Thanks for sharing Wilson!

    1. Hello Sherman, Thank you for your incredibly contribution :D. And yes once you have the passion for blogging, I think the sky is your starting point. Thanks for taking your time to comment bro.

      Do have a nice day.

  17. The money factor is the source of downfall of many bloggers.
    Providing quality should be the key and all that follows must be secondary.

    1. Hi Emmanuel, You’re right once an individual is blogging solely because of the money, Then there is a tendency that he/she will fail.

      Thanks for stopping by bro.

  18. Hi Wilson,

    You need to be in love with this gig – blogging – for you to become successful. I am digging the tips.

    Passion! Precedes greatness in any endeavor.

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. Hello Ryan, Passion is all that a blogger needs to be successful. Thank you for your contribution. Thanks for stopping by.

      Do have a splendid day.

  19. Consistency, passion and patience are the 3 biggest factors to being a successful blogger. Being a blogger is more than hitting the publish button everyday, it takes more than the urge to create a new content to be a blogger. Your article is quite explicit and i liked the fact that it proffered solutions. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Nwosu, Thank you for adding those factors bro. And thanks for reading this article.

      Do have a nice day :D.

  20. Hey Bro,
    If you don’t have patience and passion about blogging sure cannot succeed in this blogosphere.Blogging needs engagement if you follow all the pattern sure you can increase your reputation thanks for the post

  21. Lovely one Wilson Bro. Being Eager for money via blogging is a more reason people fail because when the money doesnt come It makes them Impatient, thereby lossing the passion for their blogging Career. Good tips bro.

    1. Hi antoni, Thanks for stopping by bro. also thank you for your contribution bro.

      Do have a wonderful week sir.

  22. Hello Wilson,
    You have jotted down some great points. Blogging for money, that’s the most important reason why most bloggers fail. If a new blogger doesn’t make some quick cash from his blog, he will very easily lose all interest in blogging.
    I myself am a new blogger, and your points will be really helpful for me.

    1. hey there Sourav, nice seeing you here…. I’m happy you loved this post enough to comment. Do have a wonderful week sir

  23. Hi,
    well i’ve the qualities which u have mentioned in this post !! I am trying to overcome those qualities and concentrating on my blog content !! Thanks for sharing !!

    1. Hello there Sirkanth, I’m happy you learnt something from this post. Thanks for stopping by.

      Do have a nice day.

  24. Baba Nature….great post and some helpful advice. I’ll definitely keep coming back as I’m planning on starting a blog on a topic I’m passionate about.


    1. Hey there Nelson, Glad you found this post useful. Good luck on your blogging journey :D.

      have a wonderful week

  25. Great thoughts! Having a passion for blogging and helping people through your blog is so essential. I believe if we first help and add value to others the money will come.

    Also unsuccessful bloggers are often not consistent about publishing content or what they do publish is not quality content.

    1. Hey there Dan, I’m happy you found this post useful enough to comment. Thanks for your contribution bro.

      Do have a wonderful mid-week 😀

  26. I totally agree with you that anyone who makes profits the only goal to start blogging is doomed for failure. It’s better to quit even before they start posting low quality something ‘regularly’ waiting for the miraculous revenues. Reasonable explanation on why some of us fail even before we start)

    1. Hello David, Thank you for your awesome contribution. Thanks for stopping by bro

      Do have an awesome mid-week 😀

  27. Soumitra Swapan Chakraborty

    I also did like an amateur blogger and i got frustrated because Blogger won’t approve my blog as it has only 10 posts, I am an programming student in India.And did the same mistake of many bloggers. After reading your blog i got some mental strength. But sir can you teach me some Search engine optimization tricks.

  28. Read helpful comments here. The very next thing i did on my blog after setting it up was applying for adsense. i got bounced. I later developed passion for it. Even though am yet to get the approval, am enjoying it. Wouldn’t mind the approval though.

    1. Hello Cynthia,
      Adsense can indeed be frustrating at times and it can even make you loose focus when you are all about money… Glad you put the adsense behind you and move on. Thanks for the comment and do have a bless week 🙂

  29. i could relate to this, at first im all just for the money thats the main reason why i enter the world of blogging. i always dreamt of fast cash to come into my lap in just a click. then im wrong…thank God im still pursuing what i love and thats blogging! be patient even though if you’ll just earn a cent, at least people are getting interested on your blog.

  30. Howdy, Wilson

    I agree that i should have passion for blogging and helping people using my blog. I use my blog to teach simple internet working tutorial. i have started my blog 2month ago. Just i was reading adsense tutorial where i know that i should have large content and have 6month old, But problem is that i have not content writing skill. i always use picture tutorial for article. Can i be able to get google approval if i have not much content.?? Also tell how many (min.) word should have in one article .?

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