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How To Write A Blog Post That Pays

Writing and getting paid in the process is the most loveliest and most interesting job I have ever done since I started my online journey 🙂 . Seriously, it feels great writing and seeing great results in the process, like; thousands of people reading your blog post, getting paid writing for people and also writing for yourself, getting valuable comments, and many others…

how to write blog post that pays

The only thing that can keep any blogger active and wanting to write more and more and even more, is when he is being paid for his service(s). The truth is money is the motivation of anything 🙂 but when you are not being paid for your hard work, you’ll eventually give up and drop your shoes.

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When I started blogging, Google adsense was the only source I know of making money through my blog. I had problems with my previous hosting provider so the whole process of migrating my blog to another host slowed me down, but the main issue here is; I got paid 400 euro (approximately 84,808.08 in my country’s currency) by Google adsense the first three months of launching my blog. At least I was doing something right if I can earn like that on my first three months, right? I tried to step up my game and look for effective ways to earn even higher than the previous months. And after the plans and strategies, I’d say currently, I am earning from Google adsense way more than I did when I started my blogging carrier.

Seriously! I did not change the style or ways I drive traffic to my blog, nor did i do any extra tweak to my blog. The secrete of what i did, was changed the way I communicate with my blog readers.

The content of your blog is what will give you loyalist and traffic that will stick with you for a long time, right? If you have not been making money off your blog, don’t you think you’re doing something wrong? Well, it is time to check well and step your game up or you’ll just be that unsuccessful blogger that gave up without eating from his labor. Nobody which to be a quitter so be wise and not foolish 🙂 .

How To Write A Blog Post That Pays

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I want you to put this in mind before we continue: Out of 100% of people coming to your blog, 85% don’t give a darn about your design as long as they read and understand your post, while the remaining 15% will complain about your design but still be coming back if you have great blog post that they are benefiting from. Now let’s continue shall we…

child writing great article

Always put feels and feelings to your blog post:

Do you know that people can easily detect if your article has feelings or not? Yes! If you love doing what you’re doing, it will always show through what you do (that’s a fact).

Do you know what makes the blogs you love reading today more interesting and always makes you go back for more? Because they are not boring but enjoyable, and why is it so? Because they actually love what they are doing which automatically puts their heart to the articles they write. The thing is; when you love what you’re doing, your blog and articles will become flavored and interesting to others. 🙂

Write a compelling blog title:

Why do we need a catchy blog title? If you are good in writing articles, that’s good for you but if your title is not worthy of the post how will you get traffic?

Now remember this; We have 3 kinds of people visiting your blog, namely; the kind that comes through search engines, the kind that comes through social networks and the kinds that comes through blog commenting. These people come to your blog through those means because of your catchy title. We do need these three kinds of people to count (increase) our traffic but the people that can truly pay for your effort and time, are those who visits from search engines and social networks. Yes! The ones that comes through your blog comments are either just there to pay you back your respect or get some juice from your blog and nothing else… (but some will be your friend)

Try to write a blog title that catches the eyes of your audience. Remember that your blog title is also one great factor of a great post…

Write like you’re talking to your real life friends:

Nobody wants to read a long manual they don’t understand rather, everybody wants to read what they can relate to. And the only way to do this is to put humor and feel to the post so the readers can relate to what you’re saying in your post and automatically wants to always come back for more of your posts and articles.

I have been talking about this from the very first day, so I will not be writing much on this. The one thing i’ll say is; don’t bored your fans 😀

You have personal experience relating to the post? Share it:

People online are ready to trust you and buy whatever you want sell to them, but you just got to give them reasons to trust you. What are these reasons, before anybody will want to buy something from you; they want to know if you have tested it and was it okay for you. Remember that if you have not used the product before, the people will know because no matter how you do it, it won’t just have that feels and feelings inside.

Like before i started with this post, i use my self as an example to show you that this tips are working for me right? That’s how it should be. At least you might not say it as it but add your own twist so it’ll bring the flavor of what you’re saying out.

What makes any love story, just blog post, article or whatever your write more interesting and “contagious”, is the personal experience you attached to it. Make your story real today by adding personal experience(s) to it.

Be real and always say it as it is:

One of the things that make people grow interested in me and my blog is because I always try as much to keep it real as possible.

Try to say it as it is and if you have discovered a secret way of getting traffic (or which other thing you blog about), share it with your audience. Hey! I did not tell you to share all of your findings with your audience, but given them a head start is one great way to earn your audience trust.

Always go deep in research:

Even if you use a great blog title, you are being real, tell your personal experiences, making your post interact-able and you are putting feel and feelings to the post, it will still be a waist if you do not research on that topic properly…

The only things I will say is; always go deep in topics you treat and use the element that forms a well written post and people will have no choice but to love your work.

My Whole Points:

There is no blog owner I know of and read their post that does not use the above tips, either knowing or unknowingly (according to my observation). And also note that blog readers are looking for these qualities, a blog that they can connect with.

With a blog post that has style, you can increase your traffic with less effort, your Google adsense and affiliates return will increase and also companies that are looking for freelance or ghost writers are also looking for that same quality.

We might not be around for long, but our posts will definitely impact knowledge to those coming up. (Hope I make any sense 🙂 )

Over To You:

I have said so much about so much, now I will leave the discussions to you guys. Please let’s make the discussion worthwhile.

What do you think about the post? Do you have anything to contribute to the topic? Then please do by using the comment box below.

Do you have comments, questions or thoughts you would love to share with us? Then please do by also using the comment box below. Remember that your comments, questions and thoughts are highly welcomed and appreciated. Thanks

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44 thoughts on “How To Write A Blog Post That Pays”

  1. To put feelings in your blog post is very important, if you write without inspiration and have a bad mood rather get out the table go out and look for some good things . Only after this you can sit and write. Readers feel when there are good karma of the text or a bad one. I know it for sure.

  2. HI Babanature,

    Ah…I’m glad I managed to take out time to be here, even though I’m currently travelling, so a little late 🙂

    Your post is SO right and apt because these are very reasons why it all pays off at the end. Let me add the fourth kind of people who visit your blogs – those who love what you write and it adds meaning to their life or because they get something new to learn from your posts. I guess I would add up into that category because I visit some blogs because I like what they share with me.

    A post without feelings, or without you putting your heart into it is almost like an automated post that you might find all over the Internet. What makes your blog separate from the others is how much of yourself and your experiences you put into your posts. Yes, the perfect one would be based on your personal experiences as people learn a lot from that, while a one that’s also got a little research attached to it with your experience, works well.

    I’m glad you added the point about writing as if you are conversing with a friend, because that’s how it should be. I guess that’s why my posts go beyond the normal word count at times! And so do my comments 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this with us. I couldn’t agree with what you said. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    1. Hello Harleena,
      It is really good seeing you here despite your tight schedules 🙂
      You’re just so right, we have four kinds of people visiting our blog and you just gave me the fourth people and it all adds up 🙂
      A blog post without feelings is not worth to be called an article or a blog post and your articles got all the mentioned attributes that’s why i love reading your blog post. thanks for the comment and i which you a safe and lovely trip my good friend. do have a great weekend 🙂

  3. well bro , i’ve been reading your blog posts very closely since the day i discovered your blog ..i learned many things from your articles and the way you structured them …and i started trying to do the same on my blog(the way u wrote your articles and structured them).All the suggestions you’ve mentioned are geniune ..if anyone doubts them ..they should read some more of your posts.


    1. Hello Pramod,
      Thanks for trying to write like me. I am only writing from my heart and if you’re also writing from your heart? then you’re also sure to concur. Thanks for stopping by and do have a lovely weekend ahead 🙂

  4. I agree with you that for blog posts to bring you monetary returns they must be able to touch the heart of the readers. Of course, as marketers have always told us, we buy with our feelings!

    But beyond that I really think that why many bloggers are not making money from their blogs is the mindset and wrong knowledge. And if this is not taken out of the way, that dream will remain nothing but a dream! I’ve just wrote a post on this. There are so many tips on how to make money blogging but not many are really doing so and so if this issue of mindset is taken care of, the problem will be easier to handle! You may want to read the post.

    1. Hello Chedrack,
      You can’t make good returns if you do not put your heart in what ever you do. i’ll say you are also right. but putting your heart in what ever you’re doing is the final ingredient to any mans dream. Thanks for stopping by and do have a wonderful week ahead…

  5. Thank you for these tips man.
    Really apreciate your time to share with us your experience.

    Best regards from I. C. Daniel

  6. You always want to get started right with a compelling blog title. This is going to determine whether people click on your post or not. As many blogs there are out there in the internet, people have many to choose from, and if your title doesn’t flip the bill, then you’re out of luck.

    When you said put feeling in your blog, to mean that means being human. Despite our race, creed, religion, color, etc.. the one thing that we all have that makes us one is feeling. I learned this from watching an Barrack Obama interview and this was one of his goals as a leader to put this thinking out to the public. When you do this in your blog posts, it makes it easier for your readers to connect to you. Why? Because they relate 100%

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hello Sherman,
      Putting feelings in whatever you do will always give you attention and achievement. Thanks for the add up and thoughts you put to your comment. do have your self a lovely weekend 🙂

  7. i must confess, your post took me off-guard. i thought am gona read a hidden secrete. i never knew the process of writing and being paid is that simple. thanks bro for this.

    1. The hidden secret of making money online using blogging (in long time), is by giving your audience what they want. If you can write and you’re getting feedback, then you’re doing something good…

  8. Hey Babanature,

    Well I definitely know that if you can’t get people to your blog and interested in what you share then it’s going to be very difficult to build a relationship with them which we all know leads to trust.

    I do a lot of consulting as you know and so many people want to make money today. I totally get that and there are ways to make that happen but to me those people won’t end up being long time return customers and we all know that word of mouth goes a very very very very very long way.

    I applaud you for what you’ve accomplished so far and what you’ve been able to do with your blog. You are proof that when you stick with it and put in consistent efforts then it will start to pay off and only get better from here on out.

    You’ve just given them the blueprint of how it’s been working for you and isn’t that who we all want to learn from! The ones that are getting the results and telling us how! Bravo my friend.


    1. Ahh… Adrienne, Thanks for your lovely words 🙂 I realize that to truly make money online for a longer time, you must have loyalist who truly trust you and what you do because without loyalist, you’re not going to be around for a longer time than you should have. So it is best to advice most bloggers to start building their trust. Thanks for you lovely comment as always and do have your self a stress free weekend 🙂

  9. This post is indeed superb. If i say that i didn’t love this post, then i am not truthful 🙂

    What you said is actually right. Content skill is what actually advertise you as a Blogger. Thanks

  10. Hi 🙂

    I enjoyed your post, thank you for sharing.

    I am new to the blogging world and I worry about coming across as boring. My first couple of posts seem awful when I look back on them now… However, I find that my confidence grows with the more I write and I find that I’m putting more of my personality in to it now.

    Hopefully it will get better for me!!

    Lauren x

    1. Hey Lauren,
      Like the old sayings goes “Practice made perfect”. Many bloggers you see today did not come to the blogging world as a writer but as times passes by, they became progressive in their writing skills. Writing a good blog post will lift your blog from what it was to the next level…

  11. Hi Babanature,

    Have had a “blog” almost two and a half years….
    Big problem…didn’t really know what a blog was or how to use…Mostly did
    reviews of Internet marketing thing I had bought…

    Especially since I became acquainted with Adrienne Smith, I have begun
    the long road to changing what I put on my Blog!
    I still like doing reviews, but I am finding out that people are more
    interested in tips or just reading what you have done and if it works
    for you!

    You covered a lot in this post, but to me the most important thing is to personalize what you write and talk to your friends…not potential customers who may be seduced into buying something!


    1. Hello Cararta,
      Do you know what? People don’t actually love reading tips, “but some people do”. People actually love reading what they can relate to…
      Every tutorials and blogging tips you see today, have been treated by a blogger some where which you’ve not heard or have seen his blog but still you still have traffic and people interested to read what you got to offer, now the trick behind that is how you interact with your audience. If you continue to do what you do with passion and creativity, you will surely get readers that will always visit your blog.

      The best tip any advance blogger would give you is, Always write like you’re discussing with your friends in real life…
      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your wonderful comment, do have a splendid week ahead 🙂

  12. Hi Babanature,interesting and superb post,but you mentioned something about design which i want to say something about ;user friendly,uncluttered and easy to navigate design goes a long way to improve the time spent on a website and the readability of the content which must not be neglected in any way.

    1. Hello Falola,
      Yeah designing of your blog can truly go a long way and a simple design can truly make any blog unique in its own way. What makes up a money blog is the writing style and a brilliant blog design. Thanks for stopping by and dropping ya comment. Do have a great week ahead…

  13. Hey Babanature, you’re killing it man.

    Adding personal experience, and talking a bit about yourself in your post adds a different taste, and believe me makes readers enjoy the post. I’ve tried it myself. I always include a paragraphs or two about my own experience on each of my post on any topic because that makes my readers feel “He knows what he’s talking about”.

    Enjoyed reading your post.

    1. Hello Ehsan,
      Adding your personal experience will give your audience a special connection and will make them to trust and believe you.
      Good to hear that you’re also applying it and it is working brilliantly for you. Thanks for the comment and do have a great week ahead… 🙂

  14. Very good info. I especially like what you said about needing to put feeling into your blog posts. I believe that is very important as well. Putting your own unique spin on things is what is going to attract people to you. It is very easy to see the feeling that you put into your post as well.

    I also like what you said about putting your own experiences in there. People like to see that you are a real person like them who has difficulties too.

    Thanks. Take care.

  15. Hi Babanature
    It is always good to hear from you. I have been through exams so couldn’t checked the blog and everything else. Its good to be back here. Well you have mentioned all points in a tremendous way. Gonna follow them in my future work
    Thanks a lot .
    Keep up the good work : 🙂 🙂

  16. Hi Babanature,
    This post gives a true picture of your blog.
    One more point I have learnt is the way you give links to your other posts as ‘ Must Read ‘ in the middle of the post and also at the bottom with images. I would surely adopt this in my blog.
    Thanks and have a great week 🙂

  17. Hi)
    What a nice and truly inspiring post. Special thanks for the pic – this little boy with a big pen made my day) This is exactly how I felt when writing my first posts

  18. The post is evergreen and appears as if is just lunched. A post that pays and attract readers must be in depth. As you said, factual figures from experimental research makes content writers looks more professional.

    If personal experience is shared, sense of personality is entrenched within the contents. People likes to know whom they are interacted with.

  19. Before I even finished reading, I hopped over and made a post about my first presentation.
    Thank you for your advice.

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