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Active Lists Of Google Plus Communities and Hash Tags You should Know

Ahhh… Google plus! Google plus!! Google plus!!! By now you must have known that Google+ is one best social network to get some good amount of web traffic, right? In case you still don’t know, you can read my previous post to know how you too can get some reasonable amount of web traffic to your blog using this awesome social network.


On my last post I really did said some cool things which many find new and interesting. Some of my blogging friends even asked me to drop some of the active communities I usually hangout (share and submit my posts). I don’t want to hide anything from you guys, That’s why I write this post for most of you who’d love to join these active communities.

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My today’s post is not going to be too long or too short but it’s going to be in between 😀 . I am just going to drop some of the Google plus communities I love visiting that brings me some good amount of traffic to my blog. I will also talk about how you too can search for community(s) based on your niche incase the ones I drop is not in your niche (field).

Lists Of Google Plus Communities You Should Join

google plus community

The communities I am putting down are very active communities and they also have rules that govern them. So please, do read their rules before dropping your links so you won’t look like a spammer and please also make the communities as lively as possible by participating in their discussions.

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Bloggers World


Blogging 2

Bloggers y Blog

Guest Blogging


Blogging For Business

Blogging for Beginners

Blog Tips

Blog Community

Bloggers Hub

Bloggers Network

My Blog Guest

These are some of the communities i visits anytime i have new post to promote. I would have added more but i don’t want the list to be endless and pain in the butt 😀 .

The communities i mentioned helps me get some good amount of traffic and as well as faster indexed of my newly published posts 😀 aint that great?

Some HashTags You should Know

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Generating or using hash tag is not difficult but using hash tags that are effective enough to bring you some reasonable amount of traffic is what’s what 🙂 .

Some good hash tags i never fail to use are listed below:






You can add me your own hash tags that are working for you using the comment box below.

Note: If you are posting and don’t know the hashtag to use, just leave it blank and Google will automatically hashtag the post for you but based on your blog title. If your title doesn’t have any tag worthy words, they’ll leave it blank as well. Hope you understand?

Remember that all the communities and hash tags mentioned here are effective and highly 100% recommendable. So please be sure to use them well and follow the rules as possible and see how traffic will start flowing 😀

Over To You:

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Let’s make this post as lively as possible; what do you think about Google plus community? Are you using it? Are you not using it? Please do let us know by using the comment box below to provide the answers.

Do you have comments, questions and thoughts you’d like to share with us? Please do by using the comment box below. Remember that your comments, questions and thoughts are highly welcomed and appreciated.

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52 thoughts on “Active Lists Of Google Plus Communities and Hash Tags You should Know”

  1. Hi Babanature,

    Aha…I can see how you are enjoying joining the G+ communities through this post 🙂

    Yes indeed, there are so-so many communities to join, that you possibly can’t mention them all here. But think you for adding these many to this post, and I’m sure everyone would join at least a few of them and get started to get traffic to their blogs.

    Honestly speaking, though I’d joined a few communities long back, I rarely post anything on them as of now due to the lack of time, but I know this does work, which works as well as the FB groups that many of us joined.

    Oh yes…hastags are awesome ways to increase your reach, and whether you use them in your posts, while posting your content, or your comments, you are the one who’d benefit from it at the end of the day.

    So, thanks once again for the reminder – and I think I better go ahead and spend some time in getting to know these communities a little better.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    1. Hello Harleena,
      I am truly enjoying the power of the plus and hope you’re doing too? 🙂
      You should be frequent as you’ve been doing on Facebook because Google+ community really rocks as Facebook. I so appreciate your comment and do have a wonderful week 🙂

  2. It seems I’m finding more to love about Google Plus day by day. I love also that Google will automatically add a hashtag to my posts. Excellent post here.

    1. Hey Evan,
      Yes! Surely its great for Google plus to generate hashtags for you, but what if the hashtags don’t go along with your blog post? It is also good to add your own tags to your links. Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment. Do have your self a lovely week 🙂

  3. Babanature,
    Thanks for sharing these communities with us! Just too much to do in a short period of time. Marketing a post is not easy, at all!

    1. Hello Seun,
      Seriously, nothing is easy 🙂 But the main thing is to cut our coat according to our size. My aim is above what an ordinary man is thinking so that’s why i am working this hard. Hope you get it? Thanks for the comment buddy 🙂

  4. This is pretty cool bro, I’ll definitely try out those communities. Thanks for sharing, and do have a wonderful weeks ahead.

  5. Hey bro,
    thanks for keeping to your words. I joined some few communities over the week. I was also expecting this list as you promised last week. So I’ll check them out and join.

    Thanks for making the list available 😉

    1. Hello Bro,
      I know the list will benefit all that’s why i had to published it. and i couldn’t turn down a friend request 😉 Hope you’ll find the list helpful and entertaining. do have a nice week start 🙂

  6. I can see you are taking advantage of Google+ like i do, and with these hashtags you can easily connect with other bloggers and join blogging communities. I belong to a couple of the listed communities but my favorite is Active Sharers, a Google+ community where members share and +1 other members posts.

    If you are a blogger and you are not taking advantage of the opportunities Google+ presents, then you need to do a lot of work because there are a lot of advantages to using Google+ just as Babanature has highlighted some of them in the past in this blog. Explore Google+ now and take advantage of its awesome features in promoting your blog.

  7. Will join the listed communities soon.
    I didn’t had used and visited Google+ for a long time.
    Hoping to get some extra traffic from Google+ communities 😉
    Thanks for sharing the list bro 🙂

    1. Hello Sriram,
      If you use it well, you will definitely get some reasonable amount of traffic. You can also read my previous posts so you can use it effectively. Thanks for the comment and do have your self a lovely week ahead 🙂

  8. Thanks for sharing this secret freely to all of us. I will surely us ALL the Hash tags from now onwards.
    Sorry to take you back, please how can one search for communities on Google+ that align with his NICHE. (Eg) Entrepreneurship or branding?

    1. Hello Nnadozie,
      Thanks for asking the question, I actually did forget to add it to the post 😀
      On your Google plus home, click communities to take you to where recommended communities are
      Look by your right hand side, where they write “Create Community” you will see a little search box.
      Now click the search box and type the niche community you’re searching for. Hope The instruction is clear?

      Thanks for the remembrance and do have a nice gogle plus traffic 🙂

  9. Hey Babanature,

    Well aren’t you becoming quite helpful when it comes to Google+.

    Now I know that it’s been suggested to join a lot of groups but I hate joining something I don’t really have the time for. I know it’s important to connect with some new faces and this is the great place to find them right!

    I just shared a post last week that taught people how to remove the automatic hashtags that Google generates for you since you might not always like what they share. I wasn’t aware they were doing it until recently.

    Thank you for another valuable lesson on Google+. It’s a site I can stand to learn more about.


    1. Hello Adrienne,
      I got some few ideas on Google+ that i implemented and was working for me beautifully and also got some few coaches from my brother. Now it would be bad for me not to share it here, right? 🙂

      Being in some of these communities really did boost my traffic and it also made me more visible in Google search, and this is one great advantages of the G+ networks. I do see your posts on some of the communities i am and i feel that you’re also cranking it up 😀

      Yea the automatic hashtag is really not that good for people like us who want’s to reach some more audience. I am also not using the default hash tag and its advisable to remove it and use yours for a wider reach.

      Thanks for your valuable comment as usual. do have a stress free week my friend 🙂

  10. Very few bloggers share their secret with their readers and one of them is you ..I know some of the communities you’ve mentioned and visit them often to learn something new ..#blogger and #wordpress are the two hashtags that i use often …would be trying the other one’s that you’ve mentioned .


    1. Hello Pramod,
      Glad you know most of these communities and some lovely hashtag, do join the rest and maximize your traffic reach. Thanks for the lovely complement, and do have your self a blast week 🙂

  11. Hello babanature, it’s really very nice and helpful article for those who want use the power of Google+. But I have a question with a bit different context. I have heard that Google plus has some inner relations on SEO. Is it true and if it is then what is that relation or how these two are related to each other. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    1. Hello Umesh,
      The reason we do SEO is because of Google right? now Google have come up with something that would be beneficial to all bloggers and webmasters even if you do not perform does SEO directly on your blog. I am not too SEO kind but what i know is, Google plus is indeed the best SEO strategy out there…

      1. Thanks for the reply buddy. I checked some other articles of yours and some of those are really helpful for me. I will bookmark your site will come again to check and learn.

  12. This is a killer post and I can’t thanks you for sharing this with the community. This is big thank you for Nature Boy and I hope you very soon get 20k visits a day.

  13. A very interesting post as always man :),
    Yes, i will not doubt you at all that Google plus is a nice and effective place to grab some awesome traffic :).

    But, the main truth is that I’ve never been so active on Google + to notice that but, its like I’m missing out a lot here 🙂 so, i will certainly check out those communities and Hashtags then, i will let you know of my own findings.

    Thanks a lot for sharing man 🙂

    1. Hello Theodore,
      You should really try them out and see wonders of what they can truly bring 🙂 . I will be waiting for your feedback and do have a nice time exploring 🙂

  14. I am using Google plus but not so active on it. I’ve join communities but didn’t know what the benefit I can get from them. And I never thought that Google plus helps to gain more traffic. I was thinking that those social sites were use in vanity.

    But thanks for this post Babanature. You change my point of view and starting today I’ll gonna use those popular social media in the useful way. Thanks for waking me up. Keep on posting good article.

    1. Glad that this post gingered you up to take advantage of the Google plus social network. You can check my previous post to see how you can take even more advantages and traffic from Google Plus. Thanks for stopping by and do have a wonderful week ahead…

  15. Thanks a lot for the hash tags and google plus communities. But participating in those google plus communities will be challenging for me because of time constraints.

    1. Hello Wilfred,
      First let me ask you this; are you a part time blogger? You need to cut some time for your blog or you blog will not be able to benefit what blogging has for you.

  16. Hello Babanature,

    Thank you for sharing those google communities. I’m going to have to join some of them myself. I have a google community too, but I’m still in the process of growing it. I used hashtags for the first time. Again, thanks for writing a very informative blog post!

    1. Hello Maketta,
      The pleasure is all mine 🙂 Glad you find it informative enough. Remember that you should set a rule in your community so it will active and positive.

  17. I read this post already and shared on my network last week.

    But how I forgot to leave my comment here, sorry for it.

    Thanks for the good G+ communities, really am searching for it from long.

    Will join there soon to get its benefits. Thanks for the hashtags tips too.

    Am not using the hashtags in G+, hope it is an useful post for me to utilize the G+ media effectively.

    Thanks for presenting the needful post 🙂

    1. Hello Nirmala,
      At least you have landed a comment right? 🙂

      G+ is one of the most effective ways i i am using to drive valuable traffic to my blog and it is great doing it with ease. To help you get more from google plus, follow the manual given here. Thanks for stopping by and do have a wonderful weekend ahead 😀

  18. Thank you very much indeed. As I am now only making my first steps on Google plus, this list is exactly what I needed. I’m sure that it can be a good push forward. Really appreciate it

    1. Hello David,
      It is indeed a good push forward. Google+ is here to stay and it is one good place to get some good amount of traffic and as well as search engine favor. Do have a good week ahead… 🙂

  19. Hi Babanature,
    I am late to this article. I am just reading a post by Adrienne and she linked here. I just started Google+ and found it to be a little bit of a learning curve, but I asked a few questions from a group and got on the right track. I really like that you share! Thank you for listing some groups for us to look in to. Barb

  20. Hello Babanature,

    Quite an intresting google plus community list you compiled here. Many bloggers have written lately that google will soon include its google plus metrics to rank pages, how true this information is i do not know, but whatever the situation is, we should always keep our fingers crossed since google is the king of search engine.

    Thanks for sharing.Philip

  21. Hi Babanature!

    Definitely an useful post for us! Yes, we can drive good amount of traffic from google+ communities. Here we need to be active more and engage with others to get good results.

    Anyway, thanks a lot for sharing this great list bro!

    Happy blogging!

  22. Howdy, babanature
    I always use to add post and post url to Google+ but i never use hash tags. Today i learn to use hash tags.

    Can you advice me how may i increase content writing skill..?

    Thanks for posting this type of article..! Keep it up..!

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