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Strategy To Rank Your Articles In Search Engine To Get Free Targeted Traffic

Hey guys, Are you worried of not getting your article ranked in Search Engine? Are you worried of not getting Organic Traffic? Fine, because being a blogger or a webmaster, you need to be worried or else you are not supposed to call yourself a Blogger or a webmaster. These are the common worries you will have if you come into blogging and only if you overcome this then you will start to see your penny online.


So let’s get into the topic directly. I’m here to explain to you the method which would help rank your articles in search engine faster and sooner than ever, and also drive free targeted organic traffic. You can also call it a strategy which would be a continuous process for every article you will post in mere future. So here are the strategies for you to follow.

High Quality Contents with Keyword Research:

Every man who goes to school can write article(s). Even a lay man who knows English can write but we (as bloggers) should not be like that. We need to target some keywords which are likely to be the most searched quires by the web surfers and target them to rank. It’s simple to say that, we all know on what to write, but at the same time we also think that the same article will already be online posted by someone. Are you going to post the same crap? If so then who or why should people read yours when there is already a better article than yours online. So try to come up with some unique articles which would really solve your visitor’s problem or guide them in better way.

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So just understand the concept and utilize it in the best way. Everyone ranks their article for some keywords either short or long. So discover it and find which has low competition and target it to rank. You can use any keyword tools available online like Google Keyword Planner or the Long Tail Pro which are the most commonly used keyword search tool. Once you discover your keyword, then start writing by focusing on it.  Just try to cover all the information in one place and make the reader understand it in the easiest way.

Tips : Make use of SEOPressor Plugin in WordPress which is quite useful  to check your keyword density and the score of the article with your targeted keywords.

Do Blog Commenting:

Once the article is posted, your next step should be to build backlinks. Yes, building backlinks are just like making Google to understand your article has got lots of recommendations from other sites which would eventually help you in ranking. Generally, you have seen that recommendation from top people will be considered and given priority than a normal one. The same plays here also, so if you get a recommendation that is backlinks from top and high authority blogs then your article will be given priority to rank in search engine.

Tips : Always try to get backlinks from blogs which are of your niche and also has good Page Rank and Domain Authority. Also diversify your backlinks with both dofollow and nofollow.

Be Part of Blogging Communities:

Yes, hope you should have heard about Blogging Communities where you would get to be connected with co-bloggers in blogosphere.  So make use of it by connecting with bloggers of your niche and get interacted and also share your links to it.  Usually these communities will have good PR and DA and also has the voting options which would give us some good reputation and branding as they are highly visited networks from all over the world. Having more votes will also enhance your ranking in search engine. So never miss any opportunity which you get.

Tips : Get into membership with BlogEngage, Blokube, Dosplash, Bigsuzar which are some of the best world top Blogging Communities.

Get Social Media Signal;

You know, now the latest SEO trend is getting more Social Media shares for the articles which would again help in ranking. Google has initiated that good article will be shared by the visitors in all social networks and so it would sterilize Google to understand this article is worth enough to rank higher in search for the particular keywords. Make sure you use the keyword as the Hashtag while sharing in Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. So what we can do is, to get more social media share for the article you posted. Use Facebook, Twitter, Google,  Pinterest , LinkedIn etc  and try to get more likes, tweets and G+ from your blogging friends.

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Tips : Try to get more +1 votes from Google+ as Google gives more priority in ranking for the article which has good number of +1’s. Also use JustRetweet as platform to get more Retweet for your tweets from other people of you niche.

What else you are looking for? Don’t you think this is enough to get you ranked in Search Engine faster and sooner? Yes I hope these methods are more than enough to rank articles in search engine. Here, all the steps will be same for everyone and the result may vary from each, depending on the Keywords you choose. So be wise in choosing a keyword which would be the key factor to rank your articles in search engine.

Over To You:

It looks like i have said so much about so much on this topic, don’t you think? Now let’s make the post even more interesting by discussing our minds :).

Do you agree or disagree with the tips i laid down today? You can agree or disagree using the commenting box below. And let’s make it a debate 🙂

Do you have any more methods to rank our article online by outranking the competitors? Please drop your answer as well using the comment box below.

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Do you have comments, questions and or thoughts you’d love to share with us? then please use the comment box below to drop them. remember that your comments thoughts or questions are highly welcomed and much appreciated.

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69 thoughts on “Strategy To Rank Your Articles In Search Engine To Get Free Targeted Traffic”

  1. Hi Shathyan, and welcome to Babanature’s blog 🙂

    I liked your strategies and tips to rank articles in the search engines. Well, speaking of myself, some of my articles rank much better when I don’t use any keywords too – wonder how that works. 🙂

    Also, I’ve noticed that if you use too many tools, which I personally don’t use, other than the Google Keyword Planner, you tend to get all jumbled up about what works and what doesn’t work. Sometimes when you have tried everything and your post is well optimized, still it doesn’t rank , while at other times you do nothing and just write a good content that your readers love – and without any keyword it reaches on Google’s Page 1 – it’s happened SO many times with me that I’ve really begun giving up on searched SEO keywords now. More so, with Google’s recent updates that happen so often now, variation is the key, isn’t it?

    I agree about having a strong social media presence, and that can do wonders for you. Well, regarding commenting on niche related blogs, I honestly don’t believe that’s all that important, or else I wouldn’t be on this blog…lol…

    I think having good friend’s in the Blogosphere who visit each others blogs, even if from different niches, is much more important. Yes, if you have from the same niche, nothing like it, but nothing like having friends from ALL over – more the merrier…not to mention the number of friend’s you make this way, and the amount you learn from each others blogs.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead, both of you 🙂

    1. Hi Mam,

      Thanks for it. Yes it depends, its not that always our articles will rank either by researching with keywords nor not researching with keywords and writing articles. As I said, it all depends on the keywords with which we write. And also even if you don’t do keyword research and write, you will unknowingly targeting some keyword in it and that will be ranking for you better in Search Engine or your website will be having.a good authority online for your niche.

      Actually according to Google’s current update, it is good to write articles which solves people needs than concentrating on any keywords.

      Thank You.

    2. Hello Harleena,
      My own definition of seo is writing good and important stuff your readers can relate to. Same as me, i have never for once search for once but my posts do get ranked on Google first page.
      My way of seo is – write interesting post with great title, share your contents to all social networks and do blog commenting… 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by my friend. Do have a wonderful weekend…

  2. Love your post Shathya coz every strategy is neatly explained.

    I feel good that am doing all which you’ve listed here and am a bit lazy in doing keyword research properly.

    Will do it properly as you told and try to drive more organic traffic with the keywords.

    Yeah, i agree with your tips and will do share as you told.

    I need to ask about the Forum participation, is it not essential for us? at least tell some useful forums to participate and to generate backlins.

  3. Hi Shath,

    Each tip is quite simple to follow. Use them! Love your advice buddy. If you stick to the basics you will see an uptick in traffic.



  4. Well explained article shathyan, thanks for the informative post, please if anyone here has a detailed article on how can make a keyword research, post i did like to read it.

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for the compliment. Guess, I don’t have nay detailed article on Keyword Research, soon will write one on it and will let you now.

  5. Hello Raja,

    Since i started blogging, i haven’t of doiin keyword research :). But i do follow other tips you lay down here.

    By the way, this is indeed one interesting topic. Thanks and have a good day…

    1. Hi,

      Success is always dependent on your hard work what you do. So if you are following the others steps well, then sure you will find what you need. 🙂

      Thanks for checking out this article 🙂

  6. Raza welcome to Babanature blog, hope we see you as often you can.

    I like your tips, I don’t know how much signal send “shares” from articles to search engines but if you say so than your source must know is true.

    See you next time. Kind regards from I. C. Daniel

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for the welcome. Yes Social Signals play a major role in SEO now a days. So if you articles get good social shares, then Google that your article is good quality content and so people are sharing and recommending on Social Media. So indirectly you gain recommendation which is one added advantage to rank in Search Engine.

  7. Hey Shatt,

    This tips are really golden ones…I do all this except I’m not really active in the communities. I’m sure this tips will help neebie bloggers.

    Thanks for sharing.


    1. Hello Sam,
      This tips will not only help newbie bloggers but it will also help bloggers like you that are trying to get organic traffic and not performing this tasks.
      Thanks for the comment and do have a lovely weekend

    2. Hi,

      I would advice you to use Blogging Communities more as it will help you to gain more online presence and also engage with other bloggers of your niche. It will also help you in ranking and gain reputation.

      Happy Blogging 🙂

  8. Hi Shathyan,

    How do I say this politely? I was kind of taken back by your opening statement that we can’t call ourselves bloggers if we’re not concerned about getting organic traffic. I’m going to disagree with you about that, it’s just not true.

    I don’t worry about optimizing my posts for the search engines or even getting on the first page of Google anymore. I stopped obsessing over that because of how Google continued to change things over time. I focus mostly on referral traffic and all the other things you mentioned will definitely get you in front of enough people for them to take notice and come and visit.

    I do agree with all the methods you’ve shared here though and I still get organic traffic to my blog without me even trying. Of course it’s four years old now and I’ve been building backlinks for years now. It’s earned it’s place for sure.

    Thanks for sharing and hope you both have a wonderful weekend.


    1. Hello Adrienne,
      As you, i also don’t do seo because to me, it is a waste of time. But what i do is, write what i think people will relate to and a killer title…

      Once you start writing interesting posts, and your referral traffic increase, it will also make your post visible in search results automatically…

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your part on the post. Do have a wonderful weekend 🙂

    2. Hi,

      You don’t worry about organic Traffic, then it means you gain a good referral traffic and also your income is not based on Adsense. Then only you can be relaxed over it. If you are based on Adsense and just by referral traffic your CPC will b damm low where you will not make much money online.

      Also I think you should have a good number of email subscribers and also offer services to clients online. But if you start a new blog and depend on Adsense, Organic traffic will be the only way to earn good.

      Than You

  9. Hi Shathyan,
    Welcome to Babanatures blog these are sure simple steps that i think if u follow regularly it will help your article in search engine. Tnx for sharing.

  10. Hey Shathyan,

    You said a mouthful. These are some excellent tips. I’ve been doing most of them except for the hashtags. This will be a smart move to include these hashtags since they are targeted. Besides that, these are simple but yet powerful steps to follow. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for the information. Yes, I do agree with you that these are simple yet powerful steps which can really make changes to your traffic and ranking. And Hashtags are ow a days the latest trend to find out the hot news online. so when look for it, our post will be ranked in top as we also use the same hashtags.

    2. Hello Sherman,
      Harsh tag is one best way to target brands and get traffic with it. If you can use harsh tags very well on all social networks, you will indeed drive some quality traffic to your blog.
      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your wonderful comment, do have yourself a wonderful weekend.

    1. Hi

      Yes, Social Media plays an important role and now the current SEO trends check out for the Social Signals for your articles to rank well.
      Yes, I have to have been using Triberr for past some days and getting good response from it.

      Thanks for your comment 🙂 Have a great Day..

  11. Hi Shathyan,

    I agree with all the strategies you suggest here but, like Adrienne, I mainly focus on referral traffic – I get quite a bit of organic traffic, but don’t make too much effort over SEO, beyond the basics, because it’s too complicated and soul-destroying and my priority is to write interesting content that people want to comment on and share.

    I do my best to write posts that engage people and encourage participation via the comment stream – I’d rather get traffic that way than by smart placement of keywords. I just can’t write like that 😉

    1. Hello Sue,
      You know, there is no traffic i’d say is better than referral traffic because if you focus on organic alone, it might disappoint you when Google roll any new updates :).

      AS you and Adrienne, I love referral and direct traffic more but when you do what you’re supposed to do, organic traffic will flow in naturally.
      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your wonderful comment. Have a faithful weekend…

    2. Hi,

      If you have a strong base of subscribers or readers, then you wont need to worry about it. But being a newbie, this would be only way to gain online reputation. As a newbie, referral traffic will not help us to survive.

  12. Hi Shathyan,

    The points you shared here are quite great and if followed, will get anyone quite huge organic traffic. But the problem is that organic traffic is not king and when an update (like Hummingbird) goes live, your blog may be a victim. You may lose not only the traffic but also your income with it!

    I’ll recommend a healthy combination of organic, referral and direct traffic. That way, you cannot go wrong!

    – Terungwa

    1. You are so right Akaahan, mixing and combining the three source of traffic is indeed a wise man thinking. Nobody wants to regret it once Google has release their update.
      Thanks for the comment and do have a lovely weekend… 🙂

    2. Hi,

      I should make clear here that you should not worry about Google Algo update if you really care more on quality contents. Yes, writing quality contents which solves the visitors or readers problem will not get affected by any Google Update.

      Yes, we can diversify our sources for traffic but always make clear that Organic Traffic CPC will be high than direct or referral traffic.

      Thank You

  13. Said it all, said it all. Did you mention writing optimized and catchy post title?
    let me help you out. Not only should you use keywords in your content, but right from your post title.
    The way you right your title matters a lot, that is why on cases, I’ll advice you should check for ur keywords at google planner before you write posts, so that it will be in demand.
    Raja, that was a wonderful article…. ☂HªŋKs.

    1. Hi,

      Yes you are right. We need to concentrate on keywords both in titles and contents. Thanks for your input which adds more information to this article.

  14. Hi Shathyan,

    I’m not such an SEO kinda gal! However, before I put up a post I will do a search to see which words may rank highly. I like to use it in my title and once or twice in my blog.

    I am more dependent on my comment section. I do belong to 2 blogging groups and one of them is on a rotation basis so the same people don’t come each and every time.

    Yes, most are in my niche but a few are not. That’s OK because I’m into internet marketing and that encompasses many different things. My techie friends teach me so much (I’m so not a techie he he)

    Social networking is my middle name. I do have a plan whereby I go to several social sites every day for 10 minutes each time. I do this 2 -3 times a day.

    My rankings are high and I think it is because of that. I enjoyed this post and meeting you,


    1. Hello Donna,
      I can see that your strategies are well in place :). I too don’t do keyword research but i do spend alot of time writing my post title. Because i feel that title is very important to a blog post…
      I haven’t joined any group that helps each other but from what you said, it looks that those group are functioning pretty well for you :).
      We all just love social networks because it indeed makes our traffic search more easy…
      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment. do have a beautiful weekend…

    2. Hi,

      Hope you have more knowledge and experience in it. It would be nie if you can share those communities or groups which you are part of for comments as it would be useful for other readers here.

  15. Raja, I love your tips you just shared. The one I love so much is building relationship.

    When we build relationship by joining targeted blogging communities, we discover that once we create incredible content we have people to share it.

    Even Rand in a recent interview with Joseph Adediji confirmed this.

    Thanks for this article.

    1. Hi Peter,

      Building relationship with bloggers always help us in many ways. We can learn from each other and also know some tips and tricks which they use. Also they will share our contents to their readers and we can also do the same which is a mutual benefits for both.

      So engaging in Blogging Communities are very important especially for blogers who are into Blogging, SEO and Online Marketing niche.

  16. Hi Shathyan,

    Having good rank in search result page is dream for every blogger because it can bring flood of free traffic. Sometimes keyword research will help us a lot in achieving this. If we create an articles which is in “high competition keywords” we may not rank well in search engine.

    Great tips

    1. Hi,

      Yes choosing High Competition Keyword will not rank well in Search Engine and also you need to build more quality backlinks for it. So that why I said, the ranking of articles may vary depending on the keywords you choose.

  17. Getting traffic from search engines is my delight, so i must do everything recommended to get it. Search engine traffic are the best for any blogger no matter what you are blogging about.

    Thanks for this post!

    1. Search Engine traffic is what everyone aims at. So achieving your aim through hard work will be paid off soon. All the best, do follow all these steps and let me know your traffic increase soon.

    1. Hi,

      Hope your struggle come to an end after reading this article. Make sure you implement all the strategy and get the best out of it.

  18. Hi Shathyan,

    Nicely matched content in beautifully managed blog….loved each and every points of your blog… and I’m totally agreed with all of the points indeed….A blogger must be extrovert in order to taste success in these field…..To stay connected with fellow bloggers is the main key for sure…social media engagements, participation in the major blogging communities, blog commenting and guest blogging these are evergreen methods to build an authoritative blog for sure….

    1. Hi,

      Yes Too much research on keywords or adding more keywords which would increase the Keyword Density would spoil the quality of article. Always remember Content is King. So just focus simple keywords and write articles which are useful and solving the problems for the readers ad visitors.

      Thank You

  19. Great tips and good to see you here Shathyan,

    you’re really doing a good job. I agree with you on the aspect of blog commenting, that a good off page strategy to increase the ranking of a particular blog post. Content has a role too and communities. Great timing, i just wrote a blog post on communities and how they can increase our ranking. Have a wonderful week ahead buddy.

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for the compliment. Yes Blog commenting plays a good part in off page strategy for ranking.

      Oh thats great..Will check out your article on Blogging Communities which will be really useful to engage with some new bloggers and get some traffic from it.

      Thank You

  20. Hey Shathyan points are really worth which we need organic traffic always and more +1 will boost us in ranking.I also agree that once you publish the post need to do blog commenting for back links which Google too crawl easily between enjoyed reading the post

  21. Hey Shathyan,

    Well written! Personally, write great content and do some SEO. Don’t overdo SEO though. And always … avoid black hat.

    Using black hat cause more harm than good!

  22. Hey Shathyan,
    very nice post, this is the first time that i’ve visited your blog and this post impressed me the most.
    This strategy will help not only newbies but also for people who feel tired in this competition.
    thanks for your sharing.


  23. Hi Babanature, the only thing i like about this your post is the #1 point which is to do keyword research before writing any posts. But none of the keyword research tools listed above was helpful for me. Could you please suggest more that you use?

      1. First, i can’t use SEO pressor plugin because am not on wordpress. Google keyword planner seems too complicated for me and it’s not yielding too many results.
        However, i have found a keyword tool by wordtracker, so there’s no need to find one for me now.
        Thanks for your interest in solving my problem.

  24. I especially like your recommendation for blog commenting. The more I do it the more I get from it. You get a backlink, which is cool and all, but more importantly you build relationships and learn a great deal from reading all the posts.

    Keyword research obviously doesn’t hurt either.

    Al Green

    1. Hello Al Green,

      Commenting can indeed bring quality backlink, connections and as well as some good old traffic… That’s why webmasters and bloggers don’t ignore this way anymore.

      Thanks for the comment and do have a wonderful week ahead…

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