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That One Reason You Need a Mobile Theme for Your WordPress Blog

Have you take a look at your traffic stat lately? If you have, you will discover that a large amount of mobile users are visiting your blog, right?


Now we are in the mobile world where mobile internet is gradually dominating the online world and not taking advantage, is like saying – “hey, I don’t need your kind of people here”. At least, that is what I feel 🙂 . Stop sleeping, stop chasing things that doesn’t matter and start pursuing things that will give you positive result.

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If I ask you why you’re not using mobile theme on your blog, the best and only answer you will give me is – “because my theme is responsive”. Seriously, do you really think your blog is that responsive enough? This is the best time to start showing your mobile visitors love by showing them what they want to see. And what do your mobile readers want to see? They want to see a neat blog that is very easy to navigate.

Let me ask you this – have you tried checking,,, etc. using your mobile phone? Though, their desktop view is very responsive but still, they have a mobile template to complement their mobile visitors.

I have already talked about why it is necessary to get a mobile theme for your blog but if, let me start again 🙂

That one reason #1: To attract more mobile traffic

Sometimes last year, I learned that mobile search engines favor sites with mobile template more. Right now, if your blog has a neat mobile template, you will get even more favor from mobile search compared to responsive theme.

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What I’m I saying? Your blog will be more visible to mobile users when they search for a query that matches or relate to your blog. Now with this way, your traffic will multiply and income increased for both mobile and pc users 🙂

That one reason #2: To help your new visitors navigate your blog properly

Okay, people use their mobile phone to search for stuffs regularly and most of the time; search engine brings these people to your blog. If these mobile readers finish reading your blog post and they want to see more of your awesome posts or they want to navigate through your blog for more resource, how do you expect them to move freely when your blog mobile view doesn’t have navigation sense?

Some days back, I visited a blog using my android device. After reading the blog post, I decide to browse through the blog if I’ll see some more interesting stuff but after trying so hard, I just couldn’t find the menu bar. Maybe because I was using opera mini to browse the site but when I check the blog on my pc, it came out well and beautiful.

Remember that your mobile readers can also do business with you and they can also increase your traffic 3x. So giving them the same option as you give your pc users is just the right choice.

That reason #3: satisfying your mobile readers

I know that you have checked your site on tablet and or IOS platform and you think that your site design look awesome on mobile, right? But have you tried checking your site on phones like the java and Symbian OS? If you have, you will discover how ugly your site looks on them 🙂 or try viewing your responsive blog on a mobile phone using “single column view” and see how it goes…

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In case you don’t know, people still use the java and Symbian phones especially in Africa. And these sets of people search for stuffs online and they even buy things online as well, so why lose those traffic?

That one reason why you need a mobile theme for your blog

The one reason you need a mobile template or theme for your blog, is to get more traffic from the mobile front. It also helps your mobile users browse your site freely without them wasting so much bandwidth just to get access to your blog.

Back to you guys

If mobile template/ theme are not awesome, Google wouldn’t have implemented it for blogger blog users’ right? So now you do the math 🙂

I know that this post might not convince you enough to have a mobile theme or template for your blog but hey, you have the choice to do what you want, right? But I am just so glad that I voiced out my mind today.

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25 thoughts on “That One Reason You Need a Mobile Theme for Your WordPress Blog”

  1. Hi Babanature,

    First of all, let me respond to your first 2 questions from the first paragraph:

    1) yes, daily
    2) wrong – I have more blogs and most of them get max 10-15% mobile traffic. Not a large amount of mobile users 😉

    On the other hand, some responsive themes remove the 728×90 top banner. Add to that the fact that all responsive themes move the sidebar at the bottom, where almost no one will see its content. People check the sidebar ONLY IF it’s under their nose – for example, in case of desktop visitors, when they get bored of your article and their eyes move quickly on the right hand.

    Therefore, if you want to make money with your blog, a big part of your money making arsenal disappears for mobile users. So why bother replacing a very good non-responsive theme? What do you think? 🙂

    1. Hello Adrian,
      Seriously? You don’t get that much mobile visits? I do believe that people with mobile theme do get favor from mobile search engines, especially Google.

      As you said, responsive theme are only awesome for web browsers. That’s why it is good to have a mobile theme so you can better monetize it for your mobile visitors and to get more favor from Google mobile search 🙂

  2. Hey BABA

    Well it is really important to have a mobile version of your blog/site. There are many ways to do it but according to my point of view the simplest and the effective way is to use responsive theme. I use responsive theme on my blog. So it doesn’t matter if the user is browsing the site on 4K display, ipad, iPhone it will work just fine.
    I am getting almost 40% traffic which view my site on Mobile device. So it is important to provide the best of it. Giving them the best experience

    Thanks for sharing this awesome information.

    1. Hello Ashi,
      The thing is, responsive theme can not come up well on mobile. and why did i say that? Because the sidebar always shift to the bottom of the mobile and the menu bar as well won’t look nice. And the most bad thing is, it exhaust bandwidth that much.
      I hope you do check your mobile view using Google speed checker and see how it goes 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your wonderful comment as always. Do have a wonderful week ahead…

  3. Hi Mr. Nature,
    It’s really nice coming accross this great article, it’s really neccesarry having a cool and flexible mobile view of your blog, this can sure boost your traffic, looking for one cool mobile theme for my new blog.

    1. Hello Larry,
      Glad you see the post as a great one 🙂 . Have a flexible mobile theme for your blog is indeed the right way…
      Thanks for the comment and do have a wonderful weekend 🙂

  4. Hey Babanature,

    While I do believe that if you have people coming to your site via a mobile device then it’s best to make their experience on your blog a good one. We never want to lose readers because they can’t access your blog.

    I’ve heard all sides of this really but I wrote about this same topic last month with a video showing you how to check your stats and I’m thrilled to say that most of my visitors are still on their desktops or laptops when visiting my blog.

    I do have Thesis though so I’m not sure if it’s my theme but if they don’t switch off the mobile viewing version while on my blog they will see my entire blog. Of course the lettering is very small and I wouldn’t be able to read it but if some people are worried about their opt-in boxes not showing or whatever, they have to realize that the majority of the people so far won’t even comment on your blog from a mobile device because it’s too time consuming. Heck, I even hate texting if I’m honest with you. Mine is mobile ready though so they have a choice when viewing mine.

    This will be the wave of the future though but I think it’s going to continue to improve with time.


    We’re headed in the direction of more and more mobile devices granted but for now I think we’re still pretty safe knowing that at least most of my visitors don’t access my blog while they’re away.

    1. Hello Adrienne,
      You know, i have been using mobile theme on this blog to serve my mobile visitors right from the start. Maybe that’s why i am seeing that high rate of mobile users.

      Yeah, you do use a mobile theme and that feels god anytime i stop by your place using my mobile. With that, i don’t have to exhaust much bandwidth 🙂

      Thank you for the lovely comment my friend. Do have yourself a lovely weekend ahead…

  5. Hi BabaNature,

    You’ve said it all without leaving a piece for contribution.
    Well, applying mobile theme for wordpress is always a good move, coz it keeps ur blog mobile frndly and easy for navigation.

    It also helps to give you plethora rate of traffic on your site 🙂

    Thanks for sharing anyway 😉

  6. Hello Baba,

    There are lot of reasons to enable mobile theme for a wordpress blog but the important one is users from mobile or tablet can easily navigate or browse the posts of our blog.


  7. Hi Babanature,

    The use of mobile web is seeing an exponential rise these days. A good chunk (30-35%) of my blogs’ visitors are using mobile web to access it. So, having a mobile template comes real handy, because it helps me keep the mobile visitors happy!

    These days, responsive themes are what many bloggers rely for catering to the needs of mobile web visitors. I must admit that some responsive designs are not up to the mark. Many times, they just re-scale the theme, that’s it. Crucial aspects like text size is still ignored by many responsive themes. That’s when a dedicated mobile template comes handy.


  8. I agree with you Adrienne, some people love to see the full site and everything on it but if you use a mobile themes, most of the things that Display on the Desktop view won’t show via the Mobile View. Thanks Babanature for the post.

    1. Hello Sam,
      Even if you use a desktop view on mobile most of the things will hide their selves… that’s a fact.
      Thanks for the comment and do have a wonderful weekend

  9. Hello Babanature,

    I won’t be agreeing with you on this one. All the WP themes I use on my blogs are responsive except one. Now, because they are properly coded, when they are rendered on a mobile device, they are perfect, without any challenge at all.

    Now, my primary blog, Notopoverty runs on a theme that is sadly not responsive and I have a mobile template for mobile users. Sadly, it embarrasses me more than it gives me course to be proud of it. Because of that, I am seriously contemplating a theme change!

    It’s my bet that the theme you browsed on was responsive, but very poorly coded!

    Enjoy your weekend!


    1. Hello Akaahan,
      I have browsed on just so many blogs that uses responsive themes and to be honest with you, i don’t like none of the responsive mobile views. Because the menu sense won’t look as it supposed to be, the side bar will go down the post, in result, it exhaust your mobile data very very fast. And it is also difficult to monetize a responsive theme mobile view 🙂

      Well, everybody has their own view of the word “Look good” right? Well that’s just mine… and you can view your blog on Nokia Asha 22100 or any Sony Ericson earlier mobile editions (the java kind) and tell me how it goes

      Thanks for the comment, it was sure appreciated. Do have a nice weekend over there

  10. Hi Babanature,

    I have two things to say: (1) All, responsive themes are meant to put the sidebar at the bottom of the site during mobile view. It is simply that way. The main purpose is to present the site in a one column layout so that the visitor can read the website on his mobile device easily. As regards loss of mobile data owing to this feature is concerned, I am not in agreement with you. The data which is used on a desktop version of a site is more or less same as the data consumed for mobile view. So where is the extra loss? Moreover, given the enhanced usability aspect of the site by using a responsive theme. even an extra consumption of data is worth bearing.
    (2) Secondly, if somebody’s blog is not responsive, he can use the wordpress plugins to make his website mobile friendly. Mobileview is one such free plugin I am using right now for one of my blogs and it is excellent.

  11. Hi Babanature,

    Indeed, as you said, mobile theme or responsive theme is very important if we want to have the traffic becomes more widely. Well, I’ve made ​​about this article, though 🙂

    I like your article. Since this time many users are using smartphones, information like this will be useful for many bloggers, right?

    Thanks for sharing this informative article, Babanature.
    Have a splendid weekend for you.


    1. Hello Nanda,
      Glad to know that you find the post interesting. We all need mobile theme to satisfy our mobile users as well.
      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment, do have a wonderful week ahead…


  13. Responsive theme isn’t a mobile theme. They’re two totally different things and there are few debates about which one is better. One of the main problems with responsive theme is the slow loading speed for mobile users. Most mobile users will experience this is the website don’t properly remove unnecessary elements for mobile views, which means mobile users will load the exact same things that the site loads on desktop

  14. I believe you when you say that mobile appearance is important. But I can’t say I’d know what to do about it. So far, I think my blog has been performing pretty well for mobile. I view it on my Android phone and tablet periodically but most of my changes are made on the desktop view.

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