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3 Ways to Drive Traffic to your Blog without Search Engine

Traffic! Traffic!! Traffic!!! I wonder why bloggers hustle so hard to drive traffic to their blogs. Hmmm… is it because traffic is so important to the growth of our blog or is it something ELSE?

drive traffic without search engine

Here’s what I know about traffic; without it, you can’t go far in this blogging world. Why? Traffic (either low or high) is the main reason you make money from your blog, it’s the main reason you have that energy and will to push forward. To make it clearer, traffic is the life source of any blog or website.

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Now, we all know that the three ways of getting traffic to our blogs are; direct, organic and referral traffic.

The three methods of getting traffic to our blog come naturally, but many do focus more on the organic side of traffic. That’s why you see bloggers doing SEO just to be on the front page of Google and other search engines.

But the truth is, if you can focus more on referral traffic the other two traffic source will come in naturally.

3 Ways to Drive Traffic to your Blog without Search Engine

Traffic is awesome and when your analytic shows you positive results, you’ll feel proud of yourself and the effort you’ve put into the development of your blog.

You can drive traffic to your blog without stress or much work but by following these simple steps below…

Blog Commenting:

Before you say this method is not working well for you, tell me the truth, how many good blogs do you visit and drop your comments per day? And how catchy or good is your comment? Let’s tell ourselves the truth here shall we? 🙂

Do you know that blog commenting is one undying ways to get some good amount of traffic and as well as loyalist to your blog if done well?

I know that you have tried making some comments on some few blogs and you didn’t see any result, right? Well, the reason you did not see any positive result is simple…

You only drop some couple of words like “Hello Babanature, What a nice post” or “I truly like the way you structured the post, do keep it up”.

Really? Do you really think anybody would be interested in whatever you got to share at your blog? Well, you might get like 1 to 2 clicks and that’s it.

Remember: You are not only looking for backlinks when you drop a comment on a good blog post, remember that you are also looking for traffic and loyalist.

If you want to see a good example of how blog commenting is done, checkout how Harleena of aha-now format hers 🙂

My simple tips to gain traffic from your commenting effort are;

  • Make sure you read the post before commenting or you might not drop a catchy comment.
  • It is better not to drop a two-line comment then waste your data commenting on what you will not benefit from
  • Be sincere with your comment. Say it as it is and adding your personal experience to your comment aint a bad option 🙂
  • And oh, before I forget, when dropping your comment on blogs, make sure you drop it like a boss 😉 .

Social Media

Social media is one beautiful place for gaining long-term traffic, don’t you think? No wonder social media has become the new SEO.

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What a lot of bloggers do is dumping links on all social networks they belong to but fails to carry out one important task called “Engagement”.

You will get some serious amount of traffic if you can use your social network the wise way, how?

  • Study all the social networks, how they works and focus on the network(s) that gives you positive results
  • Don’t just post links all the time, engaging your network by making discussions, polls and image posting is not a bad idea.
  • Remember that it’s not all about you. Try posting other bloggers post that will be beneficial to your community.
  • Write a catchy and brilliant excerpt when sending your links to your groups

Hey! If your social sharing is not reaching the right amount of audience you’re hoping for, try out some social sharing communities like;



Both communities will surely get your post across a larger network.

Top Sharing Site

I am not as active on all social sites like I used to, that is one fact. But I do know the social sites that bring in more traffic with little effort.

Social sharing sites are one good way to drive good amount of traffic to your blog without much stress. I have used more than 200 social sharing sites but now, I have settled for 4 of them, why? Because, these four top sharing sites can drive in huge amount of traffic to your blog without much tasks or stress.




Scoop it

Trust me, the above sharing sites works like a charm… you’ll truly be benefiting from them, but as long as you follow their golden rules.

If these sharing sites are not working for you, then, you’re doing so many things wrong, don’t you think?

Some few words

Do you know why your traffic strategy is not working well for you? You are not doing it the way you supposed to…

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Don’t just read some blog post that talked about how to get traffic and you don’t practice it and be expecting miracle to happen, or you did follow the tips but were doing it wrong, how? By spamming all known method of traffic generation.

Try to go over to the sharing sites, take your time and read how they tick, what and what not to do and see how your traffic journey will change for the better.

Final word

The 3 kind of traffic we receive to our blog comes in naturally (Even traffic from search engine). It is good to balance them so when you have a problem with one, the other sources can still back you up. I do hope you understand what I am trying to say, don’t you?

Let’s talk

Looks like I have said so much about so much on how to get traffic without depending on search engines. Now let me pass the keyboard to you guys.

What do you think about traffic generation? Do you think spending your time on one source of traffic is actually the best strategy? Please do drop your comment using the comment box below.

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Do you have comments, questions and thoughts you’d love to share with us? Do use the comment box below and say what’s on your mind. Remember that your comments, questions and thoughts are highly welcomed and most appreciated.

Be social

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34 thoughts on “3 Ways to Drive Traffic to your Blog without Search Engine”

  1. Hi Babanature,

    I agree with all your ways indeed 🙂

    Yes, nothing works better than these three ways, as you mentioned. You know I’d always vouch for blog commenting! I guess I say a great deal, but that’s just how I am – must say it all from the heart, or not say it at all. Thanks so much for the kind mention in that regard.

    Social media is the second best thing that’s always worked for me, after comments, as I hardly know much of SEO, nor do I use any tools or softwares. I guess building the relationships through visiting each others blogs, commenting, sharing, and being there for each other is the key, and a great way to drive traffic to your blogs without the search engines.

    I remember that post where you mentioned how you shared on 200 places, which surprised me a great deal as I hardly get the time to be all over myself. I think targeting a few limited ones that really matter is the key, and now people are liking the ABC too, one small blog community coming up that helps bloggers as well 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    1. Hello Harleena,

      Till now, many bloggers still don’t believe they can get a good amount of traffic doing valuable blog commenting. They wonder why people don’t drop comments on their blog, but not knowing that they are their own cause.
      You are a perfect example of how bloggers should drop their comment, so you deserve the mention 🙂

      Ah… indeed the ABC Community is doing pretty well and gaining good reviews. I haven’t been that chanced ever since my venture was launched. but soon, i will definitely storm the community 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment as usual dear friend. Do have a brilliant weekend.

  2. Nice summed up post. I love Blog Commenting as it is like a Win-Win situation. By the way, did you mention StumbleUpon?

    I think it is not good for Blog Traffic and you should avoid using it. You may get couple of clicks from StumbleUpon but overall it shoots your Bounce Rate, Because what people are doing is just hitting the Stumble Button without interacting with the Blog.

    Anyway, it is a great thing for getting new content ideas 🙂

    1. Hello,

      Yeah, blog commenting is awesome and has good traffic benefits.

      Stumbleupon is one major place to get traffic from, as long as you have your stumbleupon page(s) set up and you update it regularly, i don’t see any problem in it…
      well, some bloggers have reported that stumbleupon gives them negative bounce.

      Mixing your Stumbleupon traffic with Reddit traffic, is a powerful combo. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment, i really did appreciate.
      Do have a blessed weekend.

    1. Yes, Hanif,
      You can drive traffic with the 3 method mentioned here. As long as you perform it religiously.

      Thank you for stopping by and dropping your wonderful comment.
      Do have a blessed weekend ahead…

  3. Exactly all the three tips brings us more traffic without google or yahoo. I personally had seen useful results by doing social bookmarking and blog commenting. But inorder to get long term traffic we should concentrate on search engines.

    1. Hello Vino,
      Yes, focusing on search engine is good, but without social media, that optimize post might not get to Google’s front page. So focusing on social media and other social sites pays more.

  4. All 3 options are great but is much better if you can concentrate your effort on some social network when using that option depending on what kind of blog or site your running don’t just be a jack of all trade and a master of non and don’t forget; you need good content to get quality traffic.

    1. Hello Charbens,
      You have made the post clearer with your own words. Jack of all trade kills.

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your wonderful comment. Do have a good week ahead…

  5. Baba baba your name sounds like a father’s name, cos you’re really a father to newbies bloggers.. There was a time I went through all your post, I really found cute things in there.. But what made me sad was that it was like a while since you dropped your last post.. I enjoy reading all your new ideas.. My boss am loyal sir… Hope my site learns to learn from your site very soon.

    1. Hello Tochukwu,
      Now that’s a funny one 🙂 . It is good to know that my fellow Nigerian bloggers love and read my blog.

      I still do make posts. But instead of my twice a week, i have started dropping my article once a week so i could have the time to do some other online and offline works.

      I’ll definitely stop by your blog. Thanks for the comment and do have a wonderful weekend

  6. Hi BabaNature,

    Yes these three options are useful to bring some traffic to your blog, extending your reach to more blog comments, more blogger communities, and social media can bring traffic without depending on search engines, thanks for sharing this information.

  7. It’s been a long time i visited this blog. I remember i used to learn a lot when i was conversant with this blog. Now that i’m fully into blogging, i’m back again. Thanks

    1. Hello Sherif,

      It is good to know that you are once an avid reader of onenaijablog. On your absence, there might be some lovely post you’ve not read… reading them now would be a good idea 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment. Do have a wonderful weekend

  8. Hey bro,
    Blog commenting and social media are great sources of referral traffic. Why I like these two is because they also help you build relationships and that’s more true for blog commenting.

    With sharing sites, you have to be active on active sites to see results. Sometimes your entries can just get buried and lost.

    In y latest post, I wrote about using broadedNet for referral traffic, traffic without Search engines or social media. The feedback has been great.

    Thanks for the value in this post. Do have a wonderful weekend man

    1. Hello Enstine,

      Yes blog commenting help builds relationship with other bloggers, which also helps in spreading your blog even further.

      On sharing sites, as long as your heading/title is catchy, other member will surely vote for you. and once you have the required votes, you might end up in their front page and that my friend, leads to more traffic.

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment, do have a wonderful weekend

  9. Nice post bro…have been read your posts I discovered you a nature creative blog thumbs up. I also write a similar Post on my blog…

    1. Hello Francis,
      It is good to know that you have been reading my blog and i do hope that you will soon apply this method and see how it will workout with you and your blog.

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment. Do have a blessed weekend

  10. Good points. According to me, building a consistent stream of organic traffic is just a matter of building quality backlinks AN& Thanks for sharing article! One of the ways to get traffic is to comment on the blogs with good recognition and page rank. This helps a lot to expose you to the community.

  11. I found this blog post more interesting. But only thing that I was more inclined to ask about is about Scoop it. I’ve been adding many scoops from various sites that I own but wonder it doesn’t add much of a value in generating traffic. I hope one of the reasons may be that people are very less acquainted about it.

    1. Hello John,

      If you are scooping on your page alone, you will not get the expected traffic you’re searching for. Try searching for scoops, topic or readers that blogs relating to what you blog and share your topic with them.
      If your scoop it accepted, you will get some good amount of traffic and if not, you will have to try again. T
      he more your topic get rescooped, the more your traffic.That’s how to get traffic from

      Any further question, do not forget to ask.
      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment. Do have a good weekend

  12. Hello Babanature,

    Those are some great ways to get traffic. I haven’t had as much luck with blog commenting though. Maybe, I’m not doing it right or often enough. Only a few bloggers will visit my blog after leaving a comment. I don’t know. 🙂

    I like Triberr and because I go there and interact with bloggers. I get lots of feedback from People always leave quality comments. However, I get more shares from Triberr. I think the key with anything is being consistent. You have to keep plugging ahead.

    Thanks for sharing this with us!

    1. Hello Maketta,

      You said it right, the key to a successful blogging is consistency.
      If you comment more often on blog other bloggers will definitely wants to check you out and wants to comment on your blog post as well and maybe share the post after finding it educative and informative 🙂 . and that brings in traffic…

      Triberr is a good community that has good network and depend on how you reciprocate.

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment. do have a good weekend

  13. Hi Babanature,

    Long time no see.

    It’s interesting how Reddit is still a traffic generators, but it really works online if we know how to use it properly.

    I’ve used to for years, but I know there’s still room for improvement as far as I’m concern.

    Thanks for sharing this. Just found this post on Bizsugar. Hope you come see me again sometimes and I’ll be sure to do the same.

    Love your blog 😉

    1. Hello Syviane,

      Good to see you here once again…

      I love the reddit platform because it gives good amount of traffic that doesn’t shoot your bounce rate high. and its traffic are very engaging and can be insulting when or if they find something wrong with your blog.

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment. i will surely do the same 🙂

      Have a blessed weekend

  14. Love SU! I have been using it for years! It tapers off sometimes but other times it BOOMS!!! 🙂 And blog commenting is the best because you can make new friends that way! Some of my very best friends are fellow bloggers that I haven’t even met before!

  15. Hi,

    As we know that search engines is a best way to increase more traffic and traffic is the resource to make money with our blog.In this post you share different method drive traffic to our blog without search engine.If we want to get massively term of traffic we should concentrate on search engines.I follow your 3 ways to drive traffic.I hope it will proof good for me.Thank you so much.

  16. I totally agree, StumbleUpon is the dark horse of social media! I did a guest post on a blog that got posted on SU. My post got 600 views. I thought that was awesome for a social media outlet. I’ve been hooked on it ever since!

  17. Hi,

    As we know how important traffic is for any blog. To get more traffic we do SEO, Blog commenting and social media marketing and many more, but many of us don’t get desired results. I found this article useful for me. Hope so these 3 ways to drive traffic will help me.

    Thanks for sharing such an amazing and useful post.

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