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10 Powerful Ways to Make Money Online as A Blogger Pt2

When I started my blogging career, there were not much blogs as it is today. There were many forums and static HTML websites at that time… Having a mentor to help you back then, was a hard find 🙂

Then, the main platform(s) we were using to create our blogs and forums was the blogger platform and the MUF platform (WordPress was not as popular as it is today).

I jumped into blogging and forum discussion without a plan but with the knowledge I have about computer plus my basic hacking skill 🙂 .

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I did manage the blogs and forums I created quite well, but hey! Even with my traffic, I wasn’t getting paid, why? Because I did not know how to monetize the traffic I was having as at then.

And also I did not have the plan of making money as a blogger except giving my readers and my forum members the things they want and need.

Make Money Online as A Blogger

Getting my first pay cheque was unbelievable and quick. I was blogging for the fun of it till a friend introduced me to Google adsense and how they work.

I decide to give them a try, applied for an adsense account, got approved immediately, and implemented the codes to my blogs.

Within my first 2 months, I got my first pay check… I felt happy and blessed. Its awesome being paid for something you love doing.

Now I have expand my reach and I have included some other making money strategies to my income stream… and today, we are going to discuss some good ways to make money online from either a new blog or an older blog.

10 Ways to Make Money Online as a Blogger Pt2

Without wasting much of our time, let me show you how you can make money online as a blogger, so are you ready?

Set up a “Hire Me” page:

One of the smart ways to make money online as a blogger is to have a hire me or advertize with me page.

As long as you are a blogger and you have traffic coming in your blog, you will always have people who admire your works and some will wants to do business with you.

As long as your business defines you, you will make money and more money when your job is neat and meets targets…

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Remember: As long as you are a human and have something to offer, people will always want your service(s).

Do you have any special skills that you know people will want? Then why not create a hire me page today? But first, show them what you can offer in your blog posts

Making money through Direct Advertising

If your blog is getting the right amount of traffic, private companies will want to advertise on your blog, some might want to do sponsored post or review on your blog.

To attract private bodies for business, try creating an advert page – displaying your traffic stats in the advert page to attract more eyes aint a bad idea you know 😉

Applying for a third party ads like Google Adsense etc.

This is the first step almost all bloggers stepping into the blogging world take when they want to make money online. At least I am one blogger who apply for the Google adsense and got paid almost immediately 🙂

You can make money with these third-party advertisers but it will only work well for you if you can place your advert codes strategically and if you have a good amount of page views.

Hey, do you want to make money with these third-party ads like adsense and the rest? I am presently writing an e-book for that, so do watch out…

Accept sponsored posts and reviews

If you have a blog that is doing well and having some good engagement, people will want to run sponsored guest posts at your blog, and some will want you to do review on their products.

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Trust me, as long as your blog is doing well, they will definitely contact you through your contact me page or through your advertise with me contact (if it’s different from your main contact page)

I’ll advice you; since you’re new, I wouldn’t suggest you turn offers down. Accept but make sure you have terms and conditions for stuff like this. And also, do not accept sponsored post that is way off your niche. Because if you do, you might hurt your blog.

Affiliate Marketing

This is also one of the brilliant ways to make money as a blogger.

I just joined the affiliate world sometime last year and since then, I have tried to hit the market.

Well to be host with you, I have made some few hundred dollars with my affiliate earnings but I must say not as rewarding as my other money making streams.

I know many bloggers who are making millions using this method. So I strongly recommend you also try joining the affiliate world and see how your luck goes.

To get started, first register with some affiliate sites like CJ and Clickbank… etc.

Freelance writer

Are you good in writing? When I say “good in writing”, I don’t mean bloggers that doesn’t know how to compose a good blog post I am talking about bloggers that knows what English is 🙂

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If you know you are good and confident, there are just so many companies out there looking for a freelance writer. You can apply with these companies and get paid for every post you send or you can create a page for it so people will ask for your writing service(s) directly when they need you.

Publishing Videos on YouTube

I had to share this, because I have seen some good luck since I started doing video blogging.

Yes, I am doing video blogging now and I have made some few hundred doing it.

Why I love this way of making money is, it’s free, no stress doing it. Just create the video – upload it, do some simple SEO, publish the video and the money starts rolling once people start viewing your video.

Sounds simple right? Well, I have only been making money through Google adsense for video for now and I have gotten one direct advert for now. Let me push the boat a little further and maybe I’ll write a post about it someday 🙂

Designing logo

Logo is one wonderful way to make money online as a blogger (If you know how to design).

Well, I am not good in doing logo design, so I asked Harsh Sha to design one for me 🙂 .

You can simply make yourself known to the top bloggers by first designing a free logo for them. When and “if” they like the logo, they will definitely write a post about you and maybe recommend you to their friends. That’s how your money starts come in… and once you give it your all, believe you me, your name will be out like a wildfire.


If you have started gaining influence in your community, then starting a consultation business might just be the next great idea for you.

You can make money providing a one on one help to people who are in need of it.

Many bloggers are in to the consultation business and trust me; it is rewarding (depending on your influence). Why not start a consultation business today and tell me how it goes.


Apart from the mentioned above ways of making money there are still many more ways to make money online as a blogger. The only reasons I mentioned this 10 is simply because I have tried them out and they all are working perfectly well.

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Just remember that the best way to make money online is to first build trust from the traffic you receive. 🙂

Back to you

Looks like I have said so much about so much on this post right? now let me pass the keyboard to you guys.

What other method do you want to add that is working well for you that I did not mention here today? Do drop your reply using the comment box below…

Do you have questions, comments or thoughts you’d love to share with us? Please, do use the comment box below. Remember that your comments, questions and thoughts are highly welcomed and much appreciated.

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22 thoughts on “10 Powerful Ways to Make Money Online as A Blogger Pt2”

  1. Hi Babanature,

    Informative post indeed 🙂

    These were some apt ways to make money through blogging, and I am glad you wrote about them. I have just about recently started thinking on the similar lines, though not yet gone fully ahead with it, but it’s good to learn all the various sources of earning.

    I heard about video blogging and would love to read your post about it – how you really manage to make a video that goes viral and earn from it! Yes, I see all other videos alright, but blogging is a different game altogether, isn’t it?

    I know about freelancing, as that’s what I’ve always done, but now one’s become more of a blogger and less of a writer…lol…so need to learn other ways too.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    1. Hello Harleena,
      I am currently writing about how to make money through video blogging and the simple ways to get views and click without much stress. i am sure you’ll find it useful when its out 🙂

      Thanks for the comment dear friend. and do have a lovely weekend…

  2. Trust me this affiliate thing is like doing own business or opening your own shop online. And the one big way to get success in affiliation is to make something unique always. I am very new to affiliate but can say I earn a beautiful income selling very low commission products.

    1. Hello Rahul,

      Yes, making money through affiliate is one brilliant ways and it is no different from the offline market 🙂 . As long as you know your audience and they trust you, making money through affiliate won’t be a problem.

      Thanks for the comment… and do have a wonderful weekend

  3. Thank you for the excellent article. I have a blog as well. It is only three months old and not getting a lot of traffic yet, so I’m not making any money yet with it. I actually took the Adsense ads down and will leave them down until I’m getting a significant amount of traffic online.

    Creating YouTube videos is actually something that I want to start doing. I think that it would be a lot of fun and a good way to get traffic to my blog. I’ll have to have a look at your YouTube channel.

    One way that I have made money online is through freelancing on Elance doing general transcription. Also doing transcription work for a company. I have a post on my blog about this as well.

    Keep up the good work with your blog. Look forward to reading more of your posts.

    1. Hello Christopher,

      In the adsense world, traffic do have a huge role, so getting traffic is a must :).

      Ha… video blogging is one smooth way to make money online and aside from the money, it helps bring referral traffic to your blog. So i will strongly recommend you have a youtube channel as well 🙂

      Thanks for the comment and do have a wonderful weekend…

  4. Hello Babanature, thanks for sharing this tips, i find it very helpful and i will try and do something to my contact and advert page, although i don’t have much traffic coming in, and am currently on blogger platform which i have an average of 1k – 1.5k pageviews daily and the niche is Entertainment i don’t know if am doing Good yet, i will appreciate if you can give me more tips on how i can make more money with my blog, Thanks once again for the post.

    1. Hello Eedris,
      If you are receiving 1k daily page view, then you are doing good for a start…

      Now converting your little traffic to a money making blog is the next step you should carryout.

      You should tryout other tips i have laid down that might help you with your making money journey.

      Thanks for the comment and do have a wonderful weekend

  5. Hi Babanature it’s really a nice post you have got here, very informative, I started my blog long ago and I don’t make money from it, if you visit my blog you will notice I don’t display any ads bcos of d low traffic, I am planning to monetize my blog by promoting affiliate products, just recently I found out one has to invest money into his blog. Thanks.

    1. Hello Ali,

      The truth is, you don’t need much traffic to make money as a blogger. 100% unique and loyal visits can make you money… you just need to know how to utilize what you have.

      Blogging is a business and you need to invest in order to make money.

      The above mentioned steps are working 100% and at least i am a testimony 🙂

      Thanks for the comment and do have a wonderful weekend…

  6. What a wonderful article….

    Making money in blogging seems very sweet and cool….

    It was hard for me receiving my 1syt adsense cash but thank God i have received it…

    I will love to see your post about youtube videos monetizing…

    I really wana start it to know if it will be so cool..

    Thanks for this post once more…

    Its very wonderful..

    1. Hello Anyinature,

      Yeah, Google Adsense is a good way for bloggers to make money as well. As long as you know how it works, you will make some good money with it.

      I am currently writing a long book on how to make money with YouTube. I bet you gonna like it.

      Thanks for the comment and do have a wonderful weekend

  7. Hi,

    Money is the first need of peoples and here you suggest 10 Powerful ways to make money online for bloggers.In the blogging journey many tasks for make us a successful blogger.I will try your 10 ways. I hope will make me successful.

    1. Hello Varija,

      I do hope you carryout the suggested ways to make money online and i believe they will definitely work out for you.

      Thanks for the comment. Do have a faithful weekend

  8. Blogger can make money directly and almost instant on their blog by creating and marketing their product such as Ebooks, Video Tutorial, Caoching etc.. Thanks for the share, I always love what you share here and your tips are much helpful.

  9. Well I’m also on the list of people who vote for affiliate marketing when we talk about online money from blogging.

    You’ve shared some really wonderful tips!

  10. babanature, am glad u still kept the light burning. It’s been a while I last visited and am glad to be back. You really hit the points on the head. One other thing I want to mention is that we shouldn’t wait till our blogs become so popular. Rather than wait for advertisers to come for us, we can go to them. We are business men and women and we must learn to sell our business (blogs) to them.

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