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10 awesome WordPress plugins to rock your blog this Holiday season

We are in the Holiday period and spicing up our blogs is just the right way to setup the mood for the season, right? If yes, I will be presenting you with my top 10 awesome plugins to rock your WordPress blog this holiday season.

10 WordPress plugins for the season

Do you want to bright up the mood of your WordPress blog this season, or put your blog in the Christmas and New-year spirit to cheer up your readers? Below are some plugins that I am sure will take care of that…

10 awesome WordPress plugins to rock your blog this Holiday season

The plugins I am about to mention here today are light-weight plugins. That means, they won’t affect the speed of your WordPress blog/site and they are responsive.

So if you are ready, I am starting off with;

WP Snowfall:

Talking of a simple, lightweight and responsive snow effective plugin? Then I am sure you’re talking about the WP Snowfall.

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This plugin helps create snowfall effects for your WordPress site. No configuration needed, just download, install, activate, and your blog readers will see the snow falling effect in your blog/site.

Tribulant Snow Storm

Just like WP Snowfall, the Tribulant Snow Storm gives you the power to display a snow effect in your WordPress site to bright the Holiday season for your readers and visitors.

Unlike WP Snowfall, the Tribulant Snow Storm gives you the permission to set the way you want the snowflakes to fall onyour WordPress blog.

Xmas Lights:

Trying to decorate your blog with Christmas lights on the header of your blog? Look no further because the Xmas lights are all you need.

This plugin adds a nice looking animated Christmas lights to the top (header) of your WordPress blog/ site, putting your visitors in the holiday season.

Holiday Message:

Want to personally welcome your visitors to the festive season? Then, the Holiday Message is all you need to light up the spirit of your readers.

This plugin allows you to add a popup message along with a holiday graphic, over the top or at the bottom of your site. It also allows you to choose between a numbers of holiday graphics, add a message and/or a countdown.

You can also change the colours, position and even add a snowfall effect. Aside that, it is a perfect tool for letting your visitors know about your Christmas offer or your office opening times over the festive season.

Christmas Ball on Branch

This plugin gives you the power to add nice looking animated “Christmas Ball on Branch” image to the top right corner of your WP site and enjoy Christmas season.

Snow, balloons and more

Want something more out of the box? Then I am sure you’re going to love the Snow, Ballons and More plugin.

Snow, balloons and more lets you set up snowflakes, leaves, lights, Santa and even Christmas trees to drift down your site.

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This plugin allow you to beautifully set snowflakes, leaves, drops, balloons and Christmas tree to drift down your site.

You can configure the number of snowflakes and limit the plugin to specific posts or pages.

WP Scheduled Themes

Do you have a theme specially made for this special season? Then, the WP Scheduled Theme theme can help you display it just for the season period.

This plugin allows a wordpress administrator to schedule a different theme to display on the website for holidays or special events for all visitors.

The theme will be overridden on the live site for all people who visit the site. Great for setting a Christmas theme!

New Year Countdown

The “New Year Countdown” plugin is a nice looking countdown to New Year widget that beautifies your blog and also gives your readers that season spirit.

New Year Firework

You want something totally different? The New Year Firework plugin can help you with that.

If visitors visit your site for the first time, this plugin will be redirect to the firework page. The plugin is 100% customizable.

Back to You

I have mentioned the top 10 plugin to bright up your WordPress blog…

Have you tried any of the mentioned plugins as a blogger? If yes, how was it? Please so drop your reply using the comment box below.

Have you used any other holiday plugin that I did not mention here today? Do let us know by using the comment box below.

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Do you have comments, questions, and thought you’d like to share with us? Please do by using the comment box below.

Remember that your comments, questions, and thoughts are highly welcomed and much appreciated.

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9 thoughts on “10 awesome WordPress plugins to rock your blog this Holiday season”

  1. Hi Babanature,

    Just what we needed! 🙂

    Yes, with the Holiday season just round the corner, these are the apt plugins to share with everyone. I’ve used a few of these, especially the snowfall one and the lights, but need to check out the others mentioned here. Always good to have lights up, isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    1. Hello Harleena,

      It’s indeed good to know.

      I am sure you’re going to love the other mentioned plugins as well.

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment. I really appreciate.

      Have a bless holiday season…

  2. Hi,

    Wonderful list of plugins, I guess I haven’t tried any of these plugins but will surely check them out.

    I really liked “WP Scheduled Themes” which seems pretty cool.

    Thanks for share.

    1. Hello Barry,

      Good to know that you liked the listed plugins to beautify a blog this holiday season.

      I am sure you’ll love it once you try it 😉

      Thanks for the comment. do have a bless holiday season ahead…

    1. Hello Padma,

      Glad you find the post interesting enough to comment.

      I am sure you’re going to love the plugin when you try it out this holiday season.

      Have a blessed week and a stress-free holiday, Padma 🙂

  3. Amazing post. It’s my first visit on your Blog but it seems like there is plenty of nice stuff scattered around. I will certainly refer it gradually.
    Thanks for this wonderful article about wordpress plugins, it is indeed a great help and a time saver. Gladly shared it on my timeline 🙂

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