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How to start a profitable Blog: Attractive Design That Makes Money Part 2

Blogging is awesome right? Yeah, I know… at first blogging might look really hard but with time, after getting the hang of it, you’ll feel the simplicity of blogging.

profittable blog post

We started the series on how to set up a successful blog last week, and if you didn’t get to check it out, you can use this link to do so: How To Start A Profitable Blog: All You Need To Know About Blogging Part 1

Starting a Profitable Blog

If you’ve successfully installed your WordPress blog using our guide, then on our today’s post, we are going to discuss how to create a successful blog that loads fast and looks attractive.

Selecting a Theme for your blog:

A theme is important to every blog. In fact, our theme helps us to cover the nakedness of our blog 😉 … without it, there’ll only be just a funny looking website.

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Getting a good-looking and responsive theme does not only increase your blog traffic, it also determines the speed of your blog.

How to get a good theme

By now you must have known that there are two types of WordPress themes, namely; the free WordPress themes and the paid WordPress themes.

The free WordPress themes are themes designed to help bloggers who do not have money to purchase a paid theme.

The free WordPress theme comes with limited design and many of these themes are not responsive to serve your mobile or tablet visitors.

Getting a free theme for your blog is not advisable, but if you must do so, getting a theme from a trusted theme shop is just the best choice. The only site any pro blogger would recommend you to shop for a free theme is from theme shop.

The reason any blogger won’t advise you to get a free WordPress theme outside, is simply because, 99% of the free WordPress themes out there is virus infected.

Installing a virus infested theme will leave your blog vulnerable to attacks like;

  • Your WordPress blog can easily get hacked
  • Your site might get marked as virus infected by Google and other search engine
  • Injection of advertisements and other harmful stuffs…

If you can use the tools I mentioned here then getting a free theme from theme shop won’t be a problem.

Getting a paid theme is always the best, why? Because they are responsive, they come in different awesome design to suit your need and to top it off, paid theme load 10 times faster.

There are lots of sites to get a paid theme that has a good design and awesome speed. But the trusted sites any blogger will recommend you to get a premium theme from are;

  • Theme forest
  • Studiopress

Most bloggers use premium themes from the above sites because they have proven trustworthy times and times again.

How to create a blog that loads fast

Do note that to have a blog that loads fast, you must have a host with good quality. If your host is poor, your blog’s load time will also be slow, so I will suggest, you choose a reliable hosting provider to host your WordPress blog.

Aside your host, the other major things that normally slow down a blog are;

  • Large resolution images
  • Blog posts images
  • Blog’s background image
  • The amount of plugins you use

You can make your blog run fast by tackling the above problems. To know the best tools to compress your blog image, read this post… Best WordPress Image Optimization Method

Plugins to Use for Your blog:

Plugin helps you add functions to your blog that your platform or theme can’t offer.

As awesome and helpful as plugin can be, it can also kill your blog if you misuse it.

I have seen bloggers who’ve used more plugins and at the end, it got their blog crashed… the truth is, installing plugin is addictive because every plugin you install has its usefulness.

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Installing and using WordPress plugins is awesome but using limited plugins for your blog can help your blog in a great way.

What Plugin should I use?

The type of plugin you use totally depends on you but the limit of your installed plugin shouldn’t be more than 10. But if it should exceed 10 plugins, let your max installed plugin be 15 and not more than that. Doing so, your blog will load fast and look more appealing.

There are many plugins out there but the below plugins are plugin any pro blogger would recommend you to install. These plugins are;

WordPress SEO by Yoast – This plugin helps you get your blog on Google front page by following its suggestion.

Google XML Sitemap – This plugins gives you an XML version of your blog, so you can submit to search engines like; Google and Bing. So these search engines can easily index your blog the fastest way possible. – This plugin helps speed up your blog by compressing your blog’s images

Sharethis – This plugin gives the option for your visitors to share your blog post to their social networks

Revive old post – This plugin helps you to easily share your blog post content throughout your social networks automatically

Contact form 7 – This plugin helps you to create a contact form for your blog

FeedBurner FeedSmith ExtendThis plugin helps you to use the Google feedburner instead of its default.

Using the above plugin, will help your blog positively and drive in traffic…

Now that we have selected the perfect theme and using the only needed plugins for our blog… Now it’s time to add menu to your blog.


What people search and click after reading that epic post of yours, is your “About Me” Page and then your “Contact” page.

In your menu list, the first pages you should think of adding before others, are;

About Me page: This page allows your reader to know who you are and what you represent

Contact Me page: This helps the reader to contact and get personal with you

Advertise or Hire me page: This allows private companies to contact you for business

Having the above pages to you blog is also one of the important steps to carry out when setting up your blog.

To be Continue

On our next post, we shall be discussing more on menus, how to drive traffic to our blog and what monetization option you should use as a new blogger.

Back to you

Do you have comments, questions and thoughts you’d love to share with us regarding the topic? Do use the comment box below and we’ll give you a reply ASAP.

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Do you want to share your experience so far with us? You can also use the comment box below to do so.

Remember that your comments, questions, and thoughts are highly welcome and much appreciated.

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8 thoughts on “How to start a profitable Blog: Attractive Design That Makes Money Part 2”

  1. Very interesting and informative post, so glad I came across it. I have gleaned a lot from this post and will certainly be visiting from time to time to read updates.

  2. Hello Baba,

    This series is truly amazing… Teaching bloggers like me how to start a profitable blog.

    Thank you for dropping such an awesome post.

    I’d truly love to read next episode … Have a good one Baba

    1. Hello Bello,

      Good to know that you’re enjoying the series… there are more coming and hope you will follow the series all the way.

      Have a nice week ahead…

  3. I’m enjoying your informative posts and am about to launch my first website on WordPress using either eHost or Siteground. I do have a question though: I’ve noticed that some people suggest buying a shared host plan and not a WordPress plan. Do you know what the reason is for this? They suggest that paying for a shared host plan and then adding the free WP installation is what is best. I’m not that tech savvy so I don’t understand this.

    1. Hello Sandy,

      Buying a hosting plan and then installing a self hosted WordPress is the best. why? A self hosting plan with WordPress installation gives you the freedom and flexibility a WordPress site won’t give you.

      I’ll also advice you buy a shared hosting plan from either Siteground or any reliable host and then install a self hosted WordPress… You will definitely love it more this way.

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