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How To Get Your Blog Noticed Without Breaking A Sweat

As I always say; blogging is one of the most beautiful things that have happened to the internet. Yes, blogging has provided a steady income and made millions of bloggers be their own boss.


Blogging is all about traffic. Without traffic, you can’t possibly make money as a blogger. There are two ways to getting traffic to your blog; the ‘PAID’ way and the ‘FREE’ way.

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Since you are a new blogger, the paid traffic option is not the real option for you. So the next step is to think how you can get your blog noticed the “free way”.

Because if you can get your blog noticed, you will automatically get traffic and with that, you can make money either through third-party ads like Google AdSense, InfoLinks or you can make money through affiliate marketing.

To get your blog noticed, there are some steps you’ll need to take and believe me, without following any of these steps your blog will remain a graveyard.

Except if you know more about SEO and how to rank your blog using SEO… but if not, the below tips will help you and your blog grow without practicing SEO.

But again, this process will only take a bit of your time. So should we go ahead?

How To Get Your Blog Noticed Without Breaking A Sweat

Okay, if you’d like to get your blog noticed, first thing is to help your blog lose weight…

Fast Blog attracts both humans and Search Engines

As a blogger, building a blog that is pretty fast should always come to mind… when your blog is slow, it automatically drove away your potential clients and blog readers.

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Nobody wants to get access to a blog that is taking forever to load. If you have a slow site, put yourself in your reader’s shoe. How would you feel if you’re browsing your site and it is taking forever for a page to load? You’ll feel bad right? You won’t even go back to your blog again because of its sluggishness.

Now to make your blog run fast so search engines can visit and your readers can have a good time visiting you, you will have to do these little things.

  • Reducing the size of your blog images (both the blog background and blog post images)
  • Getting a premium theme
  • Reducing your blog plugins to its least

Uniqueness can get you noticed faster than you think.

Being yourself is one of the things that can make you better in life. One true fact is people accept originality. The best way to be original and more productive is to be you.

You don’t expect me to come back to your blog when you are clearly copying articles from other blogs and websites.

If I can find the article from the right blog or website, why would I want to re-read that same article at your blog? Even if you change the title, I will leave your blog immediately.

Copying contents from other blogs or website can lead to;

  • Losing your Google ranking
  • Getting low CPC
  • High bounce rate
  • Lesser return readers

You can get ideas from other blog posts but copying their contents word for word is called plagiarism. And plagiarism my brother is a big crime in this online world of ours.

Be unique and see how you and your online business will turn around for the best.

Do you want to get notice? Start being everywhere.

You can’t sit at home and expect to make friends, except if you want to be friend with your TV and phone.

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To make friends, I mean real life friends that will make your life easy, you must go out there and get socialize, right?

That’s how the blogging world is; you don’t expect to create a unique blog and not tell people about it. Nobody will show up if you do not put yourself out there.

do you want to get noticed? Start putting yourself out there by;

Commenting on other people’s blogs: Commenting on other bloggers blog posts will spark the interest of those blog readers and they would want to come to your blog to see how you are doing. And if your blog is unique, they’ll become your blog loyal blog readers as well.

This process takes a little time from you but it sure worth your every time.

Always make sure you reciprocate: after you must have started seeing results from your comments, people will want to comment on your blog, and when they do comment, please try to reciprocate if they are bloggers.

Reciprocating brings in friendship and connections…

Take your relationship to Social Media: one good way to get noticed is through social network. Yes, social-network can get you noticed and help you make more blogging friends.

When you make friends and share their contents on your social networks, they will also reciprocate. Yes, many bloggers do reciprocate just to show you that they appreciate you.

Imagine if 50 bloggers share your contents on their social media and drop a comment on your blog post, how would that your blog post look like? It will look professional, right?

That’s why being everywhere commenting on other bloggers blog and sharing their content is important and will help you greatly.

So tell me, what are you waiting for? Go out there now and start making you known to people who matters.


This is the part one on how to get your blog noticed without breaking a sweat. Trust me, you’re going to love what i have compiled in the part two of this post. So do keep it a date with us 🙂

Your Turn

Looks like I have said so much about so much on how to get your blog noticed. Now it’s time pass the keyboard to you guys.

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Do you have comments, questions you’d like to share with us? Please do use the comment box below.

Remember that your comments, questions, and thoughts are highly welcome and most appreciate.

Be social

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10 thoughts on “How To Get Your Blog Noticed Without Breaking A Sweat”

  1. Hey Babanture,

    You have provided some great tips for the newbies who can get noticed in the crowd.

    Blog commenting is the best way to let people know about you. You should always reciprocate.

    Thanks for sharing with us.
    Have an awesome day.

    1. Hello Ravi,

      Indeed blog commenting is one of the key to get your blog noticed faster. But many new blogger don’t do blog commenting for reasons best known to them… and still they want their blog to be known, i wonder how.

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment on this. Do have a beautiful weekend 😉

  2. Hi Babanature,

    Yes indeed, you are right about all that you mentioned 🙂

    As bloggers, we can easily get our blog noticed if we all that you said above – and as Ravi said, blog commenting has so far been the best way we have connected with each other, and with so many other bloggers as well, isn’t it? It may be time-consuming, but it works well.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    1. Hello Harleena,

      Yes, blog commenting is time consuming but it sure pays at the end.

      Though many new bloggers are too lazy to comment on other blogs but want their blog to get recognized.

      Thanks for the input on this…

      Do have a lovely weekend over there dear friend…

      1. Commenting is a old tech. to get notice very quickly. Newbie don’t comment because when they comment, they spam and then there comment didn’t get approve. They frustrate then they don’t comment. SIMPLE 🙂

  3. Hi,

    Once if we are new to a blogging journey getting our blog popularised is a tedious thing. But if we follow the process and consistent in doing that then getting the blog noticed os easy

  4. Commenting is one of the easiest way to get our blogs noticed and the most beautiful part of it is that it is totally free.
    Outside this, developing a particular writing style is key. What this does is that even in the midst of a thousand posts, people will still recognize your blog .

    1. Hello James,

      You are right, our writing is also one good way to make our blog known. But without the initial push, our writing style won’t have value.

      So blog commenting and other means should follow after your good content…


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