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  1. Yeah babanature !
    This logins attempts become very risky now days, bots and hackers tried to break the security of Wp Sites, I’m also using a plugin for this but not remind the name of that plugin but after this comparison I will like to use
    All in One WP Security. Glad to know all these facts of both plugins.

    ~ Junaid Shahid

    1. Hello Junaid,

      Good to know that you’re planning on using one of the mentioned security plugin mentioned here. They are the most downloaded security on the WordPress platform.

      Thanks for dropping your thought on this. Have a faithful week ahead…

      1. Hi Babanature,

        I have another thing to asked, did you know any plugin which is used as the timer, I mean if any editor is idol on site for 10 min then by default they have to login in again. I need this for security purpose.


  2. Hi Babanature, Thanks for sharing these 4 WordPress security plugin. Really now days WordPress security is the major problem. Keep sharing your knowledge with us. Thanks again.

  3. Hello Babanature,

    Wordfence is a great security plugin that has just so many features.
    I have also tried out Limit Login Attempt.

    If you want more security options, Wordfence is a good choice… and if you want a light weight security plugin, Limit Login Attempt is a good choice as well.

    Thankx 😉

  4. Hi Babanature,

    Presently, I use WordFence.

    Not because I consider it superior to others. But as at the time I made the switch from Limit Login Attempt to WordFence, WordFence seems to be updating more regularly than Limit Login Attempt.

    So I chose to go with a tool that is regularly looked into to meet with today’s technology demand and cyber security.

    That’s just one of the reasons I chose WordFence over others WP security plugins in the market.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hello Shamsudeen,

      Indeed wordfence do bring updates regularly and also adding new features anytime these updates is rolled out.

      Thanks for dropping your comment on the 4 best WordPress plugin on the market.

      Have a good week ahead…

  5. Hello,

    I had never used any security plugins in wordpress blogs and I guess after reading this post I’m compelled to install few of the suggested plugins as its important.

    1. Hello Rajkumar,

      Then how do you protect your site if you do not use a plugin?
      Good to know that you will be using security plugin after reading this post.

      Have a beautiful week start

  6. I’ve heard lot of positive points about wordfence but never used on any of my wordpress blogs. I’ll try all of these plugins once.

    1. Hello Ruth,

      The security plugins mentioned here are the most downloaded security plugins. And they have enough features that you won’t find in your average security plugin.

      I am sure you’re going to love any choice you pick here 😉

      Have a good weekend…

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