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How I Increase My Google Adsense Earnings With Matched Content. Are You Eligible?

I’m always trying to increase my Google Adsense earnings with every strategy I can get my hands on.

Since Google Adsense is my main source of income, I intend to always find ways to make more money with it. What about you? Do you always find ways to increase your Google Adsense earnings?

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A while back, the Adsense team introduced some ways to help increase our Google Adsense earning and one of the ways is “Match Content”.

Increase Your Google Adsense Earnings With Matched Content

If you’re wondering what’s Google Matched content: According to Google, Matched content is a free recommendation tool that offers you a simple way to promote your content to your site visitors. By offering your readers more content that’s relevant to them, you can increase your site’s page views, the time spent on your site, reader loyalty, ad impressions, and ultimately ad revenue.

The Matched Content can help increase your page view by showing your audience related contents. Aside showing related contents to your audience, it increases your ad revenue by placing ads to the related posts.

Although the Google Match content is not for every blogger using the Google Adsense program on their blogs, it is for some certain bloggers who’ve met their requirement to show the Matched Content.

If you’re wondering if your site is eligible to show the Match content, here’s how to know: to be eligible for Matched content, your site must first meet the minimum requirements for traffic volume and number of unique pages.

If you have enough of good traffic and unique pages on your blog, you will be eligible to show the matched content. But how do you know if your site is eligible?

Steps to know if your blog is eligible for Matched Content

  1. Firstly, sign in to your Google AdSense account if you’ve not done so.
  2. Click “Settings” found in the left navigation panel.
  3. Click on “My sites”.
  4. Under “My sites“, click on “Matched content”.
  5. In the “Sites” section, check to see if your site is listed.

Do note that if your site is listed, you can place Matched content code on any of your site pages. But if your site is not listed, then it’s not eligible to show Matched content.

If your site is not eligible, someday as long as you keep doing what you’re doing, you will be showing Matched content.

If at least one of your sites is eligible, you’ll see the option to create Matched content units under the “My ads” tab in your account.


This is another way to increase your Adsense earnings. Bloggers using the Matched contents are enjoying the benefit 🙂

On my next post, I will be discussing how to get the code and how to place it to increase your Google Adsense earnings.

Let’s Talk

Looks like I have said so much about so much about who’s eligible for the Google Adsense Matched Content.

Do you have comments, questions or thought you’d love to share with us? Please do by using the comment box below.

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Remember that your comments, questions, and thoughts are highly welcome and most appreciated.

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9 thoughts on “How I Increase My Google Adsense Earnings With Matched Content. Are You Eligible?”

  1. Hi babanature,

    Same as you, I have also the main source of earning is Adsense..
    This tip is really effective for my earning ratio 🙂
    I will try the match content strategy then after experience this give you my review.

    1. Hello Junaid,

      Good to know that AdSense is also your main source of income.

      If you do have the Matched Content enabled on your Adsense dashboard, try it out. you’ll love it 😉

  2. Well last month I had seen this type of ads and I thought they are from different network. I guess you shared an informative points about adsnese matched content.

    1. Hey Ruth,

      You are right OneNaijaBlog is amazing place when ever I visit the blog found something new. The match content is the latest technique and few blogger just share this.

      There are very less blogger who will tell’s you the real strategies.

    2. Yeah, It was on a beta face earlier. but now, bloggers are being given the chance to make money or increase their adsense earnings 😉

      If you’re a publisher, i’d advise you to try it out.

  3. Hey Babanature,

    Adsense is the modern monetization technique to earn money online. Adsense is helping millions of people to make money for their living. Google is adding more features day by day to increase the Adsense clicks of the publishers.

    Everyone is eagerly waiting for matched content, but they didn’t meet the traffic criteria to enable matched content. Google has not disclosed the minimum traffic required to allow the matched content. Eventually, thanks for sharing your worthy experience with us.

    With best regards,

    Amar kumar

  4. Thanks for your content. before now I thought AdSense match content reduce cpc earning until I come across your content ….This has really help me increased my earnings .

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