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How To Fix “Call For Service F2-04” Error On Sharp Or Any Digital photocopier

Your photocopy machine was working perfectly fine yesterday, but today when you switch it on, it starts showing the error message call for service F2-04. And now you are wondering how come?

call for service f2-04 error

Well, you shouldn’t be surprised, it happens. Before a machine will develop a problem, it will give you signs. If you see these signs, troubleshooting should come to mind first before any other thing.

Why You Are Seeing Call For Service F2-04

The simple reason you are seeing the call for service f2-04 error is because of the photocopy toner cartridge. Yes, the toner cartridge is either broken or is not installed correctly.

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But instead of getting a new toner cartridge that would cost you a lot of money, you should try the below steps to get it fixed.

Solution To Call For Service F2-04 Error

If you are seeing the call for service f2-04 error message, see the below step to resolve the issue.

Simply remove the cartridge from the machine and insert it back. It should work, if not, remove and insert it again.

If you are still having the f2-04 error message after performing the above step, which means the sensor to the toner cartridge is broken.

The sensor is located at the end of the toner cartridge. Just unscrew it and go get a replacement.

This will definitely work perfectly without having the problem again.


Now you know how you can overcome the call for service f2-04 error problem when you see it. But if you’re still having a problem with this, do not hesitate to let us know using the comment section below.

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  4. Hi- Thanks for the info regarding the F2-40 error on the SHARP Printer, but the sensor you are referring to which is located at the end of the toner cartridge, is it the micro -chip? Because here in South Africa we cant get lose chips or refill toner, we have to replace or buy a complete new toner cartridge. Thank you – (I have the the Sharp DX-2500 colour machine.

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