Hey guys! Have you ever had any problem with your wordpress blog that gives you a big slap on your face? I had a problem with my blog recently which I’d like to share with you.

how crazy can it get

I woke up one morning and discovered that my categories, menu and tags are all gone, I mean not just gone but disappeared into thin air. All my blog post was uncategorized, I can make a post but cannot tag the post or add the post to a category but if I check my database all my tags and categories were still present. I haven’t encountered such a problem before and seriously, I haven’t heard anyone complaining of such problems so I searched the web using my best friend “Google” hoping to find some solution and after a long search, I discovered that this issue is not just happening to me alone. Many people who use wordpress have been complaining on this particular problem/ issue so since this is a global problem that is coming up, I’d like to let you in on how I got my categories and tags back so that you can know how to prevent it or know how to work around it when it happens to you.



Like a wise man would say “prevention is better than cure” as a care free man that I am, I don’t like things stressing me out rather I like things going easy but hey! Things cannot always go that easy or can it?

crazy boy

After seeing the issue I was confused so I checked around but couldn’t find a solution, so I tried some things out myself but it still did not solve the problem so I contacted my hosting company reporting the issue to them if they could help solve the matter and to be honest, they really did tried (thumbs up guys). My hosting company appointed a staff to look into the matter for me and after some trial and errors he still couldn’t pinpoint the actual problem but he was still trying while I was out there making my own research. I opened a thread in wordpress about the complaint to get anybody who have encountered such too help, finally a senior man (a moderator) showed up and we tried to resolved the issue but still couldn’t.

He told me to disabled my plugins because in most cases it is being caused by corrupt or unattended/ expired plugins but I have don that from the start before opening a thread here and it did not work. After everything, he told me to go to my PHPmyadmin to check if the wp_term_taxonomy table is populated. Seriously! To be honest with you guys I don’t know anything about database so since I don’t know about MSQL or phpmyadmin, I was like what the bomb is he saying, but with mind and courage I went to my phpmyadmin and saw the table he told me to check but everything in the table was fine and since I was still in my database I decide to inspect other tables to know if I’d see any problem. After the long search, i finally saw the problem and would you like to know what the problem was? One of my tables which is “wp_terms” was corrupt, I mean crashed. This was the message I got when I checked it out “wp_terms — #145 – Table ‘./one_wp/wp_terms’ is marked as crashed and should be repaired” so I was instructed to repair it which I did using MSQL and PHPmyadmin but still the table did not get repaired. 20hours of my time is gone trying to solve this complicated but yet simple problem and the only option here is to do a database restore but being the care free man that I was I did not have a backup of my database -“ I know what’s on your mind” but hey I believe everything is happening for a reason.

I called my hosting providers to help me restore my database with the most recent backup from them but the backup they had was on the 18th and I had this problem on the 20th, I had no choice but to ask them to go on with the database restore. After the restore, I lost some data’s but it is better than losing my creds… that was how I got my categories and tags back to normal.



√ If you have encountered such problem before or you are facing it now try checking your database for any problems.

√ Always do a database backup and a full backup because you never know when you’re going to need one of them.

√ Always check your database for errors and how do you do that? Go to your cpanel >>> click MySQL Databases >>> in the “Modify Databases” area click check DB. If it sees any problem you can use the Repair DB to repair the database.



Have you ever had any problem with your wordpress blog? How did you solve the problem? Please do share your thoughts and comment with us using the comment box below. Your solution might help the next brother man.

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