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10 Killer Ways Of Getting 2000 Visitors Per Day: Traffic Study 2

my blog statistics

Traffic is like a treasure which every bloggers, webmasters and even hackers search for. Web traffic is the ultimate goal (not for some) that most bloggers strive for. Today! I want to show you how I get 2000+ targeted traffic naturally without applying SEO but a little form of tweaking. But before I move further, let me show you my Google analytic so you won’t think otherwise.

my blog statistics
My traffic stat

Yep! I know the statistic is not that huge for some but for some it is a big task and on this short but detailed post, I am going to show you the methods I took to get me 2000+ visitors per day but before I proceed, let me ask you; why do you need traffic to your blog? Because I heard that traffic does not equate money!



I am going to be discussing more ways on getting targeted and continuous flow of traffic and at the same time, getting backlinks from high PR sites on this article. Many of you must have known or heard about the methods I am about to drop but the question here is; have you applied it on your blog before? If not you must have a good reason but is it possible to share your reason with us?

Before I get carried away, let me drop them fast


I love; I mean we all love and would click titles that attract our eyes, right? So as search engines! If your content is great and your title is not attractive, it will surely make those precious visitors you called “traffic” pass you by without even checking you out. Is that a fact or just a saying? Even with crappy content but great title will surely attract visitors to your blog.

Tips: I usually spend time creating my blog’s titles to give it that tastes and flavor. I make the title the way I would want to search it online (search engine). So why not try the same methods!


While other bloggers love setting their keyword to get higher ranking, I love focusing on my tags because the tag you’re seeing on your blog can go a long way than just a tag. At the earlier stages of website, tag is so essential that search engines use it to rank your blog/ website, but letter on its effect on sites became minimal. But since nobody is paying more attention to it, don’t you think it might have revived its self?

Tip: No tip 🙂


On my first traffic article I mentioned this step and I am bringing it back because this step is so effective and a very useful tool to all bloggers and web masters. Social bookmarking sites gives you a high PR backlinks and as well as traffic. The main reason I advice any blogger to submit their website to all social bookmarking site they can find, is to gain credibility and quicker indexing of one’s blog/ website.



Believe it or not traffic also deals with load time and how responsive a blog is. If you want to get organic traffic, you need to make your blog as healthy as possible. But how can you make a blog healthy? Easy! By checking for broken links and fix it, making sure your blog is not attacked by some malware or viruses… hmmm… and what other?

Tip: Make sure you have a Google webmaster to check your site health and more and always keep your blog free and flowing 😉


This is one oldskool ways of getting tremendous traffic to your blog; it has been forgotten and now it has been brought back as an untapped source and you too can tapped from this source and see how large your traffic will become.

How this works: There are some sites out there that are meant to help you get conversion potentials or feedback on your site’s layout. To get a link and as well as traffic from these websites all you need to do is submit your website/ Blog with a little description of how you want to improve it.

One good thing about this step is, your link will be on a high PR do follow websites.


This is another untapped source and this is far my best ways of getting traffic and as well as high PR backlinks.

How can one achieve this? You will create an application that has a link back to you and submit it to some high PR software vendors Like Cnet, Brothersoft, softtonic and many more…

You don’t know how to create app or software? That’s ok, because nowadays you can create a customize app without the knowledge of coding or any designing idea. There are some sites out there that create a puzzle game for you with just a click, site like; can create a free puzzle game for you.



Traffic is a natural gift from the “web” 😉 it’s like a fountain, every bloggers, webmasters can get as much as they want and there will still be more for others who want to take from;  There is enough traffic for everyone right? Why do you write for search engine when “natural-ity” pays even more? I don’t write for search engines, I only write for myself and the things I encounter and guest what? I was rewarded for my “naturality” by Google 🙂 . So I’d say all my post that I write has authority. This is to show you that natural stuffs pays even more

traffic increased by google


blogging is a constant thing, you might be posting everyday and I am posting once a week and I am getting way more traffic than you. The traffic source is not from your post but from how constant your efforts are. Web traffic deals with constant promotions and well monitored eyes 🙂 or what do you think?


I have drop some more ways what do you think about these ways? What other untapped ways do you get your traffic from? Please do share with us using the comment box below to learn even more because we all want to take from that fountain 😉


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59 thoughts on “10 Killer Ways Of Getting 2000 Visitors Per Day: Traffic Study 2”

  1. Any website without traffic is dead bro
    I get goo traffic from social media, blog commenting and SEO.
    These methods you share here are very effective. I think a good and attractive title is key. This is often what people read first before deciding whether to click a not. Sometimes, it takes more time to craft a title than writing the post itself

    I’m going through some of the resources you have mentioned and thanks for writing such a valuable post

    1. you’re right bro, a website without traffic is as good as dead…
      social media and blog commenting can really play a big roll in ones blogging carrier.
      Thanks for the comment love bro and do have a good week ahead

  2. Hi Babanature,

    Those sure are killer ways to get that many visitors daily – and your graph surely is rising – congratulations indeed. 🙂

    While I do most of what you mentioned, I wonder how one can share the content on all the directories unless you have some software or plugin for that (as I saw your other blog link of 250 bookmarking sites!) It would surely take a lot of time doing that, though I agree the more places you share your work – the more the traffic. I haven’t heard about software/application submission nor website feedback and would checking out those ways as well.

    I agree with your last tip of always writing for yourself and not the search engines, and I guess those who can achieve that do well for themselves. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    1. Hello Harleena,
      I manually shared my blog to all social bookmarking sites i listed but it was surely a hard work but worth it. Yes there are some software, application and directory that offers automated pinging but these act may penalize your blog, that’s why it is best to do it manually.
      Thanks for the complement Harleena and do have the best of what’s left of the week 🙂

  3. Hi Babanature,

    Great Post as always Babanature. Those stats speak loud about your traffic. Good job.

    I do some of what you mentioned here but I need to work on some more points to increase the traffic to my blog. Traffic is very important for the success of any blog.

    Thanks Babanature for sharing these great points with all of us. Indeed they are killer.

    Be Blessed,


  4. So let me ask you this Babanature, is your 2,000 visitors a day consistent? How is your bounce rate is you don’t mine me asking that either.

    I use to submit my post to the bookmarking sites but I never really got any traffic from those. I chose to use the sites I enjoyed the most and had more traffic from so visiting bookmark sites and reading other people’s content was not my idea of fun. I’ve heard that over time they don’t work as well as they use to. I have no idea if that’s true or not since I don’t use them anymore I certainly can’t say.

    For the most part I do a lot of the rest though. Not all but most.

    Thanks for giving away the goods here, I know everyone appreciates that too. Who doesn’t want to get that kind of traffic coming to their blogs daily!


    1. Hello Adrienne,
      Now let me answer your question with an honest answer 😉 1. yes my 2,000+ visitors are constant and you can tell by the graph. 2. My bounce rate is moderately normal because of the tactics i applied and the visitor are targeted ones. The best way to get traffic, is to do it the right way so you wont get penalized or bounce rate.
      social bookmarking site do not drive traffic to your blog, but it gives your blog attention and faster indexing and the most important part “credibility”. i still feel that social bookmarking sites are still effect “especially the high PR ones”…
      Doing what gives you fun is the best way to live ones life, right? Thanks for the wonderful comment and do have a great weekend ahead…

  5. Another award winning article! My blog is just less than 4 month’s old and I am getting very good/massive traffic, and the PR is 3.

    All the points mentioned above are pretty good and so true.

    I think the powerful two are the title and knowing how to do the SEO perfectly.


  6. A very amazing post Babanature,
    I’m doing most of the tips you mentioned here already except that of submitting to social bookmarking sites. Just like Adrienne said, i was not saying any result from that when i was doing it, so i had to ditch it.

    One issue i normally encounter a lot is the issue of broken links. How do you normally manage and correct yours?

  7. Good tips. Broken links can really effect your traffic and PR. One should take care of these things. If one is spending his valuable time in writing a blog and he is not getting a proper result then it is such a wasting of time. Hard work is good but smart work always wins. Blogger must take care of these things. Thanks for writing all these informative tips.

    1. Hello Sheilesh,
      There is nothing more important than a healthier website. Fixing your database checking and repairing your website links are part of keeping your website healthy. doing this will make your traffic and it’s source stay even longer… Thanks for your wonderful comment and hope you’ll stop by some other time

  8. you’re really have some serious traffic to your blog o babanature. this is quite impressive. i’ll try the steps to see if i can also get some more…

  9. Hello Babanature,

    Those are really some good tips. If we can put them together perfectly then as you said getting 2000 visitors is nothing. If we put more effort into it then we can push this number more further, and we all want that, Right!

    Traffic is blood line for our blog without it we can’t survive here, so working for it is only option we have. But knowing that you’ve to do something, and knowing it how to do it is 2 completely different things, and you put these 2 different things together here, so newbies can really survive and able to make a place for themselves.

    Anyways, Thanks for awesome read. 🙂

    1. Hi Romy,
      traffic is what every blogger strive for. the more you get serious with your blog, the more your traffic increases. traffic deals with research, trial and errors and mostly a healthy website/ blog.
      many bloggers see tips but neglected to follow the tips, maybe because they like their traffic just the way it is, but my advice to any bloggers is to always try out new legal and legit stuffs.
      Thanks for the comment and do have a blissful weekend ahead 😉

  10. I am using a few things to drive traffic but these are also great opportunities as well to push things up to the next level. Good grief, again, you have reminded me of how much work I need to do. Thanks so much for getting me motivated 🙂

    1. Hello D,
      At some time back i ask a friend what is the best way to get traffic and he said; the best way is the art of never given up. Getting traffic is all about trial and errors and also picking from mistakes. This tips here infuse with the art of never given up will definitely drive some crazy amount of traffic to your site. Thanks for stopping by D. and do have a lovely weekend ahead…

  11. Great tips! I have learned another new technique from you today – Software App submission! Never thought of it or tried it! I need to write these ideas down, because I don’t have time to do them all right now, and I don’t want to forget!!!
    Can’t wait to try it… thanks for sharing!

    1. Hello Ruth,
      Yeah… Submitting of software is a process that is advisable to do because even after a long period of time, it will still attract traffic to your blog. Thanks for stopping by abd do have a blissful weekend ahead

  12. Do I have some cleaning house to do on my blog Babanature!

    The only thing I am well familiar with is writing my own content. As I read this post I am mindful now that I need some spring cleaning on my blog.

    If you do this as a service, please email me – I do need help with this one.

    Thanks so much,

  13. Hi Babanature,

    Thanks for sharing all these tips. I do some of these, but not all and I must admit, for some of the more technical ones I really need more step-by-step advice. You’ve reminded me I need to check for broken links, but my first adventure with the link checker has been quite confusing – on one page it’s identified as having a broken link, I can’t figure out what the link is from the source code. I need to get better at interpreting all the stuff that goes on behind the scenes.

    Makes me realise I have lots of work to do!


    1. Hello Sue,
      When the broken link checker identifies your broken link, it shows you the page where the link is so what you’ll do is to go to the page and either remove the link or replace it with a suitable link.
      Our blog needs to be healthy in all cost and doing monthly maintenance is the best call for this. Thanks for stopping by Sue and do have a blessed weekend as well

  14. Hi Babanature,

    Great share!

    These are really the awesome ways to great traffic, your stats appear to be amazing and I’m wondering whether I can reach that number in next six months or not? congratulations for this one.

    I’m doing many things but there are few which I’m still missing, need to work on them as well.

    Thanks for this great share.


    1. Hello Sapna,
      Thanks for the complement 😀 i am just doing my best to get traffic. the main tip of web traffic is to always try out new things and not limit your self with just one source.
      Thanks for the comment, do have a great weekend Sapna

  15. hii babanature this is really good and best article to drive traffic ..but sharing in 250 socail media sites is bit difficulty..but i will also try this to get traffic for my website i am new to blogging looking for some best ways to get traffic this helps me..thank you..!!

  16. Enjoyed your points about increasing visits to the website. The SEO keywords have to be tackled in the correct way along with quality content. The issue for some of us is figuring out the formula for the chemistry/SEO problem. You are right, however. Targeting directories and promoting your blog daily lead to success.

    1. Hello Jennifer,
      I use tags very much but when i am using it, i don’t put SEO at the back of my mind. i just put what i feel people are searching for. well i guess my mind is playing the SEO part 🙂 but hard work and smart work leads to a successful blog. Thanks for your comment and do have a lovely day 😉

  17. Nice post you came up with. I was wondering if you’d discuss a bit more about the website feedback type of link. I’d be game for that one like now lol. What would that type of site be classified as?
    I agree with promoting your content, what’s the ideal way of doing that?


    1. Thanks, the category of the website is called website feedback, you can Google it to find tones of it. but i will expand more on it on my next traffic tips. i have set up a must read, you should click on them and see the “promoting your content” and how to go about it.

  18. Sincerely, you got a great tips here I must confess, though I have been kind of doing skeletal work on these part of traffic generation but you blog post has given me so many reasons why I should concentrate more on this source of traffic mean. I really appreciate the in-dept article you write here.

  19. Howdy Babanature,

    A debt of gratitude is in order for imparting all these tips. I do some of these, yet not all and I must concede, for a portion of the more specialized ones I truly require more orderly counsel. You’ve reminded me I have to check for broken connections, however my first enterprise with the connection checker has been truly confounding – on one page its distinguished as having a broken connection, I can’t make sense of what the connection is from the source code. I have to improve at deciphering all the stuff that goes ahead off camer

  20. hi BABANATURE,

    iam searching for this useful article from many days,thanks for the article,hope i will utilize this tips to increase traffic

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