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Why Trying to Make Money Online Can Be Dangerous to Your Health

Wow, this one might wake you up a bit. Let me tell you a bit about me. I have traveled Southeast Asia for the past 2 years. I lived in Bali, Phuket, Penang, and a host of other tropical paradises.

Angry man

I love my life. I feel grateful to have prospered online. I live the internet lifestyle. But things were not always so rosy. Trying to make money online damaged my health at one time.

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I had 4 cents in my pockets 3 years ago. I lost 35 pounds because I ate little bags of peanuts for food each day. I was sued by one creditor. I went bankrupt. I was depressed, sick and miserable.


It was a sickness. An illness. I worked 18 hour days. I refused to get a job to pay bills. I refused to do online stuff – that I hated doing – that would have helped me make money.

I wanted to make money online with cash gifting and my inspirational ebooks. Because I focused only on these channels I closed off all other monetary channels, and to make matters worse, I ignored my health.

I lost weight fast and did not eat right and did not take care of myself. I finally woke up a number of months down the road. I did the online gig I hated at the time and made money and helped myself tremendously. I was eating healthy, exercising regularly and prospering.

The Reason Why I Share this Post

I know many struggling bloggers who are suffering in the health department and financial department. This is not normal or natural. If you are trying to make money online you might get rich quickly but chances are it may take you months or even years to bring in steady cash flow.

Do not ignore your health. Do take care of yourself. Make money offline through a job to pay the bills and boost your savings, or maybe do something online which you might not be happy about but hey, at least you can put food on the table and pay your bills while building your online business.

The Real Issue

tired researcher

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If you try to make money online while you have virtually no money you are in trouble. Why? You do desperate things like spamming, scamming which scare away money. Few people on earth can do what rich people do – like creating awesome content and making powerful connections with leaders – when they have 4 cents or 10 bucks to their name.

I know. I learned this lesson the hard way. You ignore all the wonderful practical tips you read on this blog, all the money making tips, because your mind is filled with terror, and anger, and fear, and anxiety, and depression, all due to your low finances.


If you struggle financially or your health is suffering because you are obsessed with making money online, take a break, Take a deep breath, Slow down, Calm down, Then figure out if you need to work an offline job to make some money, or maybe you can work some online job.

There are many ways to make money and if you are learning your craft swallow your pride, take a job, put food on the table and a roof over your head, and take care of your health.

Learn from a Guy Who Has Been There

I needed to write this post because yep, I can share 1001 practical tips with you that I learned over the 4 years I have been making money online, but this is perhaps my most valuable lesson. I also see many online entrepreneurs make the same terrible mistake, and want you to learn from my errors.

Your Turn

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Did you ever become obsessed with making money online?

Did you ever ignore your health because you spent too much time on your computer?

What is your take on this issue?

Please do share with us using the comment box below. Remember that your comments and thoughts are highly welcomed and appreciated.

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46 thoughts on “Why Trying to Make Money Online Can Be Dangerous to Your Health”

  1. Hi Ryan, and welcome to Babanature’s blog 🙂

    What a pleasant surprise to see you here today. 🙂

    That was a touching story you shared about all that you underwent long back, and because you faced all of that, today you can share it with all of us, especially those who are in the same boat.

    This is so true – there are so many bloggers I also come across who in the race to make money don’t realize what they are doing to their health and personalities too. I would say, some of them become split personalities, because their online work and world is priority to them, and when they are offline they are totally different and some of them don’t even take to the offline folks well because they are so used to the online world.

    Speaking of myself, my aim has never been to earn money from my blog (not so far at least), but to help people. But yes, blogging is a full time job too and requires lots of attention. Moreover my writing projects do take a lot of my time online, and you are right – because it’s my source of income – I do tend to neglect my health. There is lack of sleep at times, irregular sleep patterns to be more specific, and not to mention sedentary lifestyle, weight loss or weight gain, poor body posture – and so many more problems – IF you don’t take care.

    The solutions are also always right in-front of our eyes – we just need to see them- isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing and making all of us aware. Have a nice week ahead, both of you 🙂

    1. What a wonderful comment and super message. Make your intent to help people, and all else falls into place. Thanks Harleena!

  2. Hi Ryan,
    this is part of the mistake every blogger make online, not only blogger but also internet marketters…
    Some years back when i was also trying to mingle myself with the rich guys online, i spent so many cash buying Ebook,video guide etc, but guess what the money in my account are going out, no money coming in…….

    I forget to have secure an offline job for myself, even if the money is not much, atleast they can pay the bills and put food on the table…….

    All things become better for me after i get myself an offline job, the money was a penny, u can imagine how much u making working in a cyber cafe, but working there give me a better experience, i got a website design contract there and so many business oppourtunity…

    I still worked there till date, But the money i make online is enough to pay my boss salary lol…

    Thanks for sharings this info…

  3. Hi Ryan,
    Welcome to Babanature’s blog. I loved this post. This is the kind of motivation we need at this moment in time. To make money online is not easy, we all know it. It comes with HARDwork.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Nothing really worth ones health… Neither success nor money. if you see that something makes you feel worse just leave it and move on. Life is so many sided and gives you so many possibilities and chances that it would be a crime to miss all of them just doing things that don’t bring you a pleasure.

    1. Evan, I hear this big time today. I have been violently ill the past few days and this post puts it into even more perspective. Thanks!

  5. I can relate to this one Ryan. You must also have a stomach for the ups and downs with the internet sales. Google has made so many changes that it really has turned everything upside down. We can’t obtain sales without our health, one time I could not type due to pain in neck and arm from pinched nerve. That really made stop and think. Our health must always come first. Great post Ryan.

  6. Hi Ryan,
    So happy to see you over here man, thanks Baba for allowing him to share with us this awesome post.

    Yea, i remembered i use to be awake all through the night just working on my blog to the extent that it started causing me some health related issues. Although, i still do same sometimes now, but not like before again.

    Making money online is a gradual process, and you can make it when you’re in a haste.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Oh how is this for ironic, I just got really sick and was up all night, I thought I learned lesson LOL…well at least I was not worried about my blog. Thanks buddy!!

  7. Hi Ryan and Babanature,
    Making money online is never a quick game, its a pity that most of us has been lied to before that the easiest way to make money is online, i must tell you that, that statement is a lie of the highest order.

    It takes time and dedication to see result. I’m also totally against anyone trying to make money in any form at the expense of his health, its totally wrong and we shouldn’t even try it.

    There is a saying that health is wealth and i truly agree with that.

    Thanks for sharing Ryan,

    1. Valentine, you are spot on dude. Health is the first wealth, because once you feel good, you are rich, and you can add money and other things to your life with ease. Thanks!

  8. Hello Ryan and you are highly welcome to my mentor’s blog.
    I do relate to your article Ryan. The best time i’ll advice any man to put his whole in blogging is if he starts to see the possitive part of blogging, like the payment and outcome. Thanks bro

  9. Hi Ryan,
    You are an inspiration for all of us!
    It takes a lot of courage to admit that you started your career as a security guard and only a STRONG person like you who has immense faith in his capabilities can do that!
    You are right to point out that we should not get obsessed with the idea of earning money. And I would like to add here that trying to earn too much of it in a very short span of time by offline ventures can be as damaging for your career and health in the long run, if not more.

    1. Ambika, thanks so much and yep, that is true. Trying to make money too quickly online or offline can be dangerous to your health.

  10. First of all I would like to say Earning Money through Online is not an easy task and it takes time and offcourse it consumes lots of yourr mental health too.

    For anyone who want to earn should take care of health and then only start doing anything and offcourse in initial step only, it is the problem, after that everything will be allright.

    Siddhartha Sinha

  11. “ignore your health” – yes, not proud of this but what to do when I see so many money making methods around me.

    Best regards from I . C Daniel Romania

  12. I started to feel you, Ryan, in your posts. I guess I’ve already read much from you in recent days.

    I truly like the idea of shaping the post to some topic still connected strongly to the primary niche. Learning a lot from you!

  13. As I was reading this post Ryan you’re the guy I immediately thought of. So I scrolled down to the bottom to see if this was being written by Babanature or who! Imagine my surprise when I saw it was your guest post.

    This is what I love about these types of posts. You’ve been there, you’ve done that and you’ve taken those roads. You are walking the talk and can share your story with others or what not to do.

    Most people come online wanting the internet lifestyle yet they wanted it yesterday and we all know that’s just not going to happen that way. Learn from other’s experience and you’ll get there much faster. I appreciate you sharing your story with us and so great to see you here.

    You guys have an awesome week.


    1. Thanks Adrienne, lol you are the 2nd person who said that about this post, I guess I am finding my voice 😉

  14. Hi ryan! everything above is very true, and it’s exactly what I’m going tru! Will definatly implement what you Just said. thanks for sharing .

  15. Money can NEVER buy LIFE, even if you make all the money online and lose your life its all VANITY! So one should always try and find a balance between this two, always check your health status, money can wait.

    Thanks for such a wonderful article, you have simply reminded me on the need to always check my health and always consider it a priority above any other. This is indeed a wonderful advice i wont hesitate to share it with my other blogger friends and hope they learn from it too.

  16. Money is not worth it. Money will never be worth it. True. I’ve seen so many horror stories about people working their butt off for bucks and end up in the hospital paying those hospital bills. Thanks for reminding us here in Bizsugar!

  17. It will only give you problems if your not enjoying. And that is the dangerous part. Happy emotions improves the works and lesser the bad side effects. And also working in the land field is more dangerous (prone to accident) than working online.

  18. Thanks Ryan for sharing your story. I can totally relate. It’s a lot of hard work to make money online and it can be stressful if you don’t give yourself a break. I think it’s good to do a little bit everyday that way you won’t be stressed so much. It’s easy to try to do everything at one time because I find myself doing that sometimes. However, nothing is worth our health. If we don’t have our health we won’t have anything.

  19. Great story Ryan,

    It shows what can happen if you do not keep things in prospective. We all do want to make money online, however as you illustrate in your article, it is important to keep our priorities in order (mainly health, relationships and finances). This way even if growing an online business takes a little longer than you might have expected, you will be able to enjoy the benefits much, much longer.

  20. I learned a lot from your site that I am very grateful to you the information that I have learned very useful day

  21. Hey Ryan, pretty good site you have here. Thanks for share. Tell me, what kind of things would be a good choice to sell online? Things that people really need.

  22. Hi Ryan, thanks for sharing your journey. I totally agree with you about looking after your health. No point trying to become the richest person in the cemetery. It’s too easy to be consumed by your actions when you pursue your dream so looking not only after your health, but your family and friends needs to be a part your plan.

  23. Thanks to you bro. Baba
    actually i came to this blog to learn how to make money online but the heading of this post caught my attention amongst others so i decided to read it 1st.i’ve learnt a lot from it and I’ll like to add this that “time management’s crucial”.very impostant to both your health and blog.

    Once again,thanks to you all buddies and i wish you success in your blogging career.

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