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How To Stand Out From The Crowd, As A Blogger

Blogging is truly one amazing adventure every likeminded should explore or embark on, don’t you think? Being in the blogging world has taught me a lot of things, even more than I can ever imagine.


I am a full time blogger and a proud one; you can tell by the way I write 😀 . When I started blogging newly, nobody told me that blogging was going to be this hard. Yes! I almost lost my way and zeal to continue the blogging journey. Do you know why? Because I almost or should I say, I thought the market was filled up and i had no mentor to look up to. I saw other blogs with high alexa rank, great writing skills and incredible blog design that are in the same niche as I am so I wondered, how am i going to compete with these awesome guys because I had no idea of what I was doing as at that time.

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So before I embark on my journey of becoming a “successful” blogger, I did what we known as “visibility study”. I am a researcher by profession, so I research very hard to come up with a perfect (well not that perfect) plan to make myself known, because I know if I come out without studying the market properly, I will definitely crash. I also know that I don’t have that incredible writing skill, or that perfect (million dollar) blog, but I know I can provide one thing and that thing is; information that people will find interesting and helping. I came up with some few plans and decided to implement them to see how it plays out and to my surprise, it worked beautifully. But if you ask me what I did, I’ll say I stand out from the crowd and allow my voice to be heard.

As A Blogger, How To Stand Out From The Crowd


Standing out wasn’t that difficult because if you look closely, all the materials you need to be heard is already around you but you just got to reach for them… Below are the simple steps I took to make me stand out.

A unique blog design:

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I have a truly ugly, simple and bold blog, I know! I have created a lot of beautiful, white background blogs for so many clients and friends but i decided to make mine very simple. Let me tell you guys why I made my blog this way;

When I started the blogging world newly, most of the “experience” bloggers I met told me to have a blog that looks like what every bloggers have. You know, like making the blog background white and with black text so it’ll match and more clear to read, i was also told to make the design as modern and beautiful as possible so it’ll attract visitors. Deep down in me do you know what I felt? Copy cat. Yes! I don’t like copying other people or do what other people are doing, why? Because if you copy other people and that person you’re copying eventually fades away, you’re bound to fade away too (that’s reality). I don’t want to fall like so many bloggers are doing, so I did the opposite by making my blog as it is now. 😀

When you’re doing something good and different, people will always want to do what you do, right? So be the leader and not the follower…

Your writing technique:

How is your writing skill? Are you writing like you are somebody else? If you’re trying to write like Harleena Singh, John Chow or Adrienne Smith, you will never make it past the first stage of blogging, that means you will fail woefully because if those names i mentioned earlier had copied other bloggers writing skills, they would have never made it this far.

You might be afraid that if you write with your own voice nobody will read your post. trust me, most (if not all) bloggers got that exact same feelings you’re having now but what makes them push further is the art of not being afraid. If you don’t know, you’re losing a lot if you are standing behind that other man’s shadow, you might not feel the limitation now but someday you will, so take that big and bold step today.

When you write with your own voice and with your brain (idea), you will definitely get more engagements from your readers and they will always want to be getting more and more and even more tips from you. You might even get new bloggers who’d want to be like you. So be unique

Turning multiple ideas as one (Be unique):

How you deliver your post matters. As I have said earlier; no niche you will think of entering or that you’re in today that millions of people are not in and it will be hard getting post title that have not been treated before. Yes! That’s a fact that you have to put in mind but what can you do to make a difference? Make a twist to the whole thing, research on the post before you make it live, if you have had personal experience with what you’re writing, infuse it. After doing this? You will discover that you have made something different from what other people are doing and to make the post killer and irresistible, make the second step blend with third.

Let me give you an example of one of my post; many people have talked about windows 8 and how to crack it with activator, right? Because I know a little (a lot) about tech, hacking and command, I brought a trick that can crack windows 8 without using activator but by using command prompt and the post went viral. Now the point is, while every bloggers or people are copying their selves, I bring out something different from what other bloggers are doing and I got rewarded by Google for that. Again be unique

Be persistent and never give up:

I was told that accepting defeat and learn from your mistakes is what makes you a man. In life, you will always meet obstacles that will always want you to quite but the ability that makes you overcome that situation is what makes you who you are.

When I first started my internet journey in 2010, I started with a forum because forum was much easier to create and manage then. With no knowledge on how to manage the forum or even drive traffic to it, I began to lose hope and eventually I let go of the forum and continue with my freelance job. The point is; if I had the experience I have now the forum wouldn’t have fold up, right? But the thing is, I never gave up because while I was writing for people, I was getting knowledge of how to manage my own.

What makes a man persistent is if he has knowledge/ information about something before jumping in. Remember that losing hope is a sign of giving up and when you give up means you’re a failure. My advice to you is first study the market of anything before joining that particular thing, and then you won’t think of giving up.

Be truthful and be honest:

I know you’re a good writer but are you telling me the story as it is? Do you know what makes some bloggers excel even more? Because they say it as they see it. Yes! Check out your mentor’s blog, they tell you how they get their traffic, how they make their money and what strategy they take. Even if they don’t revel it all at least they give you a head start. You can learn from all this and make your story even more twisted and more flavored.

Give your reader what they want, be that problem solver and you will definitely get people coming for more.

Push yourself to the audience:

Now you have succeeded in standing out from the crowed of bloggers. It is time to take that bold step and be the best you can be…

Remember that standing out from the crowed will not only draw traffic naturally but it will give you even more credibility and you’ll be acknowledged by bloggers 🙂

I have said just so much about so much. Now it’s time to sit back and allow you to tell me some other things I have not mentioned that will be useful and very helpful to others that are looking for ways to stand out.

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60 thoughts on “How To Stand Out From The Crowd, As A Blogger”

  1. My personal concept of answering the question in the title is – Seo+Idea+design. That will make you blog really popular!

    1. Hey Martin,
      Design and idea+seo can help a blog popular but if the seo is wrongly done, you’re site will be worse than death. Thanks for stopping by Martin 🙂

  2. Hi Babanature,

    Wow! Thanks for the mention – you just made my day a lot brighter 🙂

    Awesome post I must say, and I was just nodding my head as I was reading through because all that you wrote is what makes you stand out from the crowd too!

    I agree with what you mentioned about making a plan or planning out how you are going to work with your blog, and we can all see that you are working to take your blog to greater heights. Ah…I don’t think your blog design isn’t good, in-fact it’s very neat and clean, and you can easily navigate around as well. However, if and when we feel the need, it’s good to keep trying and changing things – for the better. Change for the better as they say, is always good.

    Yes indeed, being unique and having your own voice is what’s worked for me I think. When you are trying to be different from the rest, you also need to do something differently and take those risks, or else how do you make yourself different – isn’t it? Yes, when we take those challenges and risks, most of which we don’t know will work for us or not, we are bound to make mistakes along the way too- but that shouldn’t stop us as all those are learning curves for us.

    Speaking of myself, perhaps I never really visited very many blogs of my niche, nor have I read many of the same kind as mine online – so the uniqueness remains in many cases. It happens that when we visit other blogs and like something, we try to copy that or feel we should also write something similar, which is something I’ve never done. 🙂

    Ah…we all do keep getting the feeling of giving up sometime or the other – happens with me too when things get overwhelming, but if you really want to make a mark – you will learn from your mistakes – stand up again – and carry on against all odds. Success never comes easy, and those who think it does are living in a false world of their own I think. It does take a lot of hard work, effort, patience, and just being so focused in your work- all of which I know you are great at – so your blog’s doing so well 🙂

    Being truthful and honest, and always ready to help is what makes a blogger stand out too, just as you mentioned.

    Thanks for sharing these great tips with all of us. Have a nice day 🙂

    1. Most welcome Harleena :),
      Some time back somebody told me that i have the most ugliest blog online. That word feels like insult but to me it was a complement because i wanted it this way and thank you for seing the blog as simple 😀
      The first time i checked your blog out, i was amazed by your writing skills. truly you write differently and unique like you’re talking to me face to face 🙂
      The best thing to make any business grow, is to do it differently and make push it extra miles and success shall come definitely. Thanks for stopping by and dropping your thoughtful comment as always. Do have a blessed weekend my friend 🙂

  3. I have always said that until you begin to write your views about anything without the fear of being criticized then you are not ready to become a problogger, apart from the design and layout of your blog, you should be able to develop a unique writing skill that speaks your voice so that your audience can identify you with such.

    This is indeed a nice article and i bet any blogger who follow it will definitely stand out.

  4. Great post! I have enjoyed reading it. I suggest choosing a unique topic and writing with your own tone what makes a difference.

    I am expecting another great post from you.

    Amrik Virdi.

    1. Hello Amrik,
      One of the key factor that makes most bloggers fail, is the writing similarity with other bloggers. If you can’t provide me with extra tips, why come to your blog? Your voice is the main key of standing out… Thanks for your comment buddy 🙂

  5. Oluwaseun Babajide

    Just another wonderful article on how to stand out from the crowd as a blogger.
    I totally agree with all your points most especially be persistent and never give up. We sometimes feel like giving up. I will advice bloggers out there never to give up their best. Keep doing it and you will see great results.
    Thanks for sharing..

    1. Hello Oluwaseun,
      The main factor that makes a blogger wants to give up is ; if the blogger has not make a dime from blogging or not making enough and if the blogger doesn’t have traffic coming to his blog. You can make this change if you actually follow the simple steps i laid down. Thanks for stopping by buddy and do have your self a lovely weekend 😉

  6. Hi Babanature,

    Really encouraging post. Agree on all of your suggestions. Persistence is the most important one. Furthermore, we should never afraid to hit publish if we want to stand out the crowd. Because, the only thing can hold ourselves being stand out is ourselves.

  7. Hi Babanature,

    Pushing yourself beyond prior limits is the quickest way to stand out from the blogging crowd. You must go beyond each and every day to make a serious impact.

    Take the time to list out your limits. I can only blog once daily, etc, etc….then blast through those limits. Prove yourself wrong. Post twice daily, then 3 times and you will be amazed at how scared, frightened and terrified you were as a blogging baby lol.



    1. Hello Ryan,
      Pushing your self beyond your limit can work beautifully but can also make you crash at the long run but being smart will last you for ever. what actually brings the traffic is the way your blog look and your writing skills. If you write junk post you wont get that traffic as person writing unique post. Nice to see your comment bro and do have a nice day 🙂

  8. I can definitely relate to what you said at the beginning. I was very hesitant in starting my blog. I was too busy comparing myself to others instead of just getting started LOL…. We novices become so self conscience and forget that others before us had the same feelings.

    You have a great list here. They all stuck out to me and everyone that’s a blogger should definitely read this. One thing I would add is to get excited about your next post. I just got excited from just reading this post here and it gave me a couple of ideas, like getting excited about my next post lol… Thanks for sharing Babanature!

    1. Hello Sherman,
      Like the saying goes; imitation leads to imitation. Newbie should be enlightened and informed about this…
      Ahah… Glad i could be of service bro. do have a nicer weekend 🙂

  9. Hi Babanature,

    When I use to read posts like this one I was always waiting or them to give me some secret that no one else had shared because I seriously use to think there was something to this. Little did I know that to stand out from the crowd it does only take what you just mentioned here. Oh and by the way, thank you so much for that mention, I’m truly honored because it seemed to take me forever before I found “my voice”. I didn’t think anyone would want to hear what I had to say but see how wrong I was. If anyone else reading this comment is feeling the same way I did then I say just jump in because you’re going to be pleasantly surprised.

    Wonderful encouraging post and thanks for sharing your own experiences here. This type of information I believe is how people will benefit the most so thank you so much for that.

    Enjoy the rest of your week okay!


    1. Hello Adrienne,
      first of, let me say; you’re welcome 🙂
      When i first saw your blog, i was glued to the blog because of the originality of your blogs contents. you speak the truth and you write it like you are communicating directly with your readers… Your blog as a whole really did inspire me and my ways.

      Thanks for liking the post Adrienne, that means a lot. Do stay safe and have yourself a wonderful weekend 🙂

  10. Not copying everybody else is definitely a good thing – Everybody has their own DNA, however it is a must to follow common standards. This will help others to use your blog comfortably because they get the things in expected locations.

    You blog is looking nice and user friendly. Still, I’d like to see a bit smaller and nice looking blog logo rather than full width site banner 😀

    1. Hey Suresh,
      What are the common standard you’re talking about? Blogging came out just one day and it was one blogger that started the common design you see. Why not be that blogger with change!

      Thanks for the suggestion Suresh but i love it just the way it is 🙂 Thanks for the contribution and do have your self a lovely weekend bro 😀

  11. Hmmmm.. Wat a great word of encouragement, blogging is not a thing to jump to without having the knowledge and wat it takes.

  12. Nice post for the bloggers.

    Following the own style and keep themselves updating with the new stuffs would help the bloggers to perform well in the blogosphere.

    As you told, exceptional writing skill, genuineness and persistence are the essential qualities of the blogger to thrive in blogging.

    You are really good in composing these types of post, keep doing it 🙂

  13. I think the best ways to stand out from the crowd and get a head on the pack is by having a unque blog design and impressive writing skills speechless they are the best ever to dominate the blogging area
    thanks for sharing this thought-provoking post
    have a nice day 😀

  14. Hi Babanature!
    I have to admit that you have subtly exposed the hardly-mentioned challenges that every great blogger had to go through; often times we forget that even the great JOHN CHOW had such an uncertain and squeamish start in to blogging. I am happy that, like some enchanted book, this post of yours will serve as a source of encouragement for so many should-be bloggers who are still in the grips of FEAR and uncertainty.

    I would like to use this opportunity thank you especially for all your advice and support during my start up days. You guided me and so many others through the whole battles of “traffic. seo, monetization and all”. Thank you.

    My website has a greater chance at success now because of people like you.

  15. Being truthful and revealing all the secret can be difficult sometimes, especially if you have some secret methods under your sleeves to make money. One needs to find a perfect balance between what to reveal and what not to.

    1. Hello Rahul,
      Yes! i agree with you. You can tell your readers the truth but not the whole truth. Given them a head start is the perfect step to take. Thanks for stopping by buddy

  16. Hey bro,
    Very good points!
    You cannot stand out if you are tying to do like others. You must identify your uniqueness and amplifier them. That’s it! Be your self and be strong. Stand firm and not give in to negative suggestions. Most importantly, identify your what makes you unique and strengthen it.

  17. Hi Babanature,
    I so so enjoyed reading this one, I assure you!
    I have been through that phase, of holding on to what you believe when the whole world is against you- just because YOU firmly believe in yourself.
    When I started with this blog of mine (MyMagicMix), I went against all ‘blogging norms’ and started a multi-niche blog.
    Every ‘sensible’ blogger tried drilling some good sense into my thick head, but failed.
    Now that I am beginning to get a good traffic and beginning to get appreciation for my work, I am so glad that I persisted and did what I wanted to!!

    1. Hello Ambika,
      That means we both had similar stubbornness. If i also had collected the advice given to me then, i wouldn’t have reach this stage. To me, doing what your mind tells you is the best 🙂 . Thanks for the comment my friend and do have yourself a lovely weekend…

  18. Hey Bro,
    I do agree the stuff which you have mentioned about standing out of the crowd,we should always share the unique content with clear details which should not be fetched here and there that’s doesn’t sounds you have a beautiful unique name to call so same kind of stuff should be given to your blog too so people will be remembered always between enjoyed your post

    1. Hey Shameem,
      When writing a unique post, it will not only attract just humans, it will also attract search engines and your traffic will increase 3x the normal. But writing similar to your mentor will only give that mentor the credit and not you. The main key here is; write with your own voice. thanks for stopping by bro and do have a beautiful weekend…

  19. A very inspiring post Babanature, too many bloggers give up before they start their way to success. I like how you mention we can’t be expected to write like others, (and those 3 are great writers!) we have to be unique. Be ourselves and honest. It’s always the best way!

  20. Hey bro,
    I can clearly sense the uniqueness and how thought provoking this post is.
    Being your own voice in this whole blogging is indeed supreme.

  21. Hi Babanature,

    Great Inspiring Post!

    I totally agree with you that for a person to Stand Out from the Crowd is to become comfortable with who they are, has the confidence to be unique and to let their individuality shine which means that they’re not afraid to speak their mind and to avoid following others.

    Thanks Babanature for a great share! I will definitely share this post. Very inspiring.

    Be Blessed,


    1. Ahhh… 😮 Neamat, You always know how to clear the scene with your lovely comments. Thanks for your lovely input on this and do have your self the best weekend ever 🙂

  22. Hi Bro,
    I love this point “Turning multiple ideas as one” as i am newbie in blogging and often stuck with multiple ideas.This post must sort it out my dilemma.
    It will be great if you could review my blog and send me some feedback.

    1. Hello Himanshu,
      Your blog is ok to me, but you’re you so i’ll advice you to do what’s in your heart and that will make you unique…
      P.S. Go get your self a gravatar to people will take you serious.

  23. Blogging for money is difficult, Blogging for passion and if from there some money come out is ok.

    Best regards from I. C. Daniel

    1. Hello Daniel,
      Blogging for money is not that difficult because most affiliate marketers open a niche site solely for money which they make at the end of the day. But in a long run, the site doesn’t last because that is what the affiliate marketer wants.

      Blogging for passion can make your blog grow and reaches a stage where it will be generating money and relationships for you. But the ultimate is if you can stand out from the crowd of blogger and make your voice be heard. thanks for the comment buddy 🙂

  24. Hi Babanature,

    What a great post! Any new or struggling bloggers absolutely need to follow and take on board what you say here.

    I agree that it is especially important to be yourself and to be honest. Just doing those two things will help you to stand out. So often people worry about what they have to offer, but everyone has something that no-one else in the world has – themselves! Marketing yourself and establishing yourself will draw people to you for sure.

    I like the point you made about the design of your blog. Many people will often have differing opinions and will each tell you something different about what they think is right/wrong. I believe that so long as you’re not doing anything that could directly harm your efforts then you should do what feels right, what you’re happy with and that, again, reflects YOU.

    I also think that it’s important for a blogger to do something that I notice you are doing and it’s something that I do also – to reply to each comment your visitors leave. This lets them know that their comment is valued and appreciated and helps to build engagement with them. It shows that you are active on your blog which, not only helps in the eyes of the search engines, but is more attractive to a visitor.

    Kind regards,

    1. Ahhh… Glenn, You have said it all. Indeed we all have something that the next man doesn’t and if some can realize this in time, it will save a lot of people both in the online world and off-line world. Thanks for stopping by Glenn, and do have a fabulous weekend 🙂

  25. Standing out from the crowd of bloggers is the necessary thing to do in this industry. With millions of people competing against each other, one must do a lot of different things to help yourself.

    1. Hello Wade,
      I must say that you are definitely right. Standing out from the crowd is one thing every blogger should think of doing.
      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your wonderful comment, do have a lovely week 🙂

  26. Hi Babanature,

    Thanks for recommending this post in your “5 Key Ingredient On How To Become A Better Blogger”.

    Ahha…this article is pretty comprehensive and am sure, so sure if every blogger, especially nebie bloggers should implement this technique the way you have highlighted it here, success will surely come.

    I will surely implement this once I start blogging. Thanks so much for sharing this with us boss – you should have yourself a beautiful and blessed week.

    I love you 🙂


    1. Hello Sam,
      Good to know you like the post :).

      Yes this post should stand as a pillar for all the newbie bloggers so they can get their act together and be successful on their blogging journey.

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment. and you too have a good week 🙂

  27. HI babanature,

    New or struggling bloggers absolutely need to follow and take on board what you say here.New bloggers should implement this technique the way you have highlighted it here, success will find his own way.Ways has been defined in a logical manner by you so we can at least know what to do and how to do.

    I appreciate your effort for writing this article.


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