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Top 20 WordPress Plugin I Just can’t Do without

Wow!!! WordPress have truly made website creation and blogging a lot easy than it used to. You do not need to possess any coding skills or go to the best web design school before you can actually use wordpress. There are millions of beautiful themes and plugins that are already there for you to take full advantage of, to make your blog practically anything you want.


I remember creating my first ever website with pure html. Yes! and the website took me up to five days to complete the desktop view and additional 6 days to complete the mobile version of the website. Today, you can create a website or a blog for just 5minutes (tops) using wordpress.

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Plugins really do help our blog to look more professional and appealing, don’t you think? Plugins are great for your blog because they make you achieve what you’re actually looking for, but too much plugins can cause more harm to your blog/ website than good. I am not here today to tell you the disadvantages of plugin but to discuss with you, my best WordPress plugin which I feel every bloggers should have and use.

If you’re a blogger and uses WordPress, there are some plugins that is a must to have if you’re making your blog more users friendly and sociable 🙂

My Best Top 20 WordPress Plugin I Just can’t Do without


Without taking much of your time, let’s just start with the top 20 plugin list every bloggers should have, Shall we?

Google XML Sitemaps:

I put this little plugin first because it’s supposed to be the first plugin any blogger should install.

It allows search engines to better index your site 3x faster than it would normally do. How this little gem works is; it sends notification to all search engines every time you create new content. Now tell me how awesome is that?


Love by many hated by all 🙂 This plugin as helped me fight so many spam comments since I started using WordPress and I must say that i am loving every bit of the plugin.

This plugin actually identifies comment that are spam and sends them to the spam section of your comment. This plugin is trusted by WordPress, that’s why they made it a default plugin 🙂

Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin:

As much as Akismet is watching my back for any funny comments, I still need to tighten up the security.

This plugin add a little check button below your comment box and anybody who’d like to leave a comment on your blog will have to “tick” it to prove that they are human.


Ok! If I have not recommended any plugin for you, I’ll recommend this little gem.

What can this plugin do? If you uninstall a wordpress plugin, that plugin will still leave traces and some of its parts which in time will overload your databases and eventually slows down your site. That’s where “clean-option” comes to play. Clean-option will completely uninstall your wordpress plugin and free your database from clusters. The big part is, it gives your blog a healthier life. 😀


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The images you use in your blog post can cause your blog to slow down if not optimized properly and we all know that nobody likes a slow blog.

This plugin actually reduces the size of your images by running them through and making your blog faster than usual. If you want to make your blog as fast, I’ll recommend you use this.


whether you like it or not if you are using wordpress blog, you will always have some broken tables especially if you are using commentluv plugin for your blog.

This plugin cleans your “post revision”, repair your “databases” and many more with just a click. This plugin is one of the most recommended plugin any good friend would recommend to you


The online world is being dominated by mobile users and as a wise fellow, it is good to take advantage of these steps.

Mobilepress will make your blog more mobile friendly and to make it more fun, it is 100% customizable and free to get. So if you’re trying to get the most out of your mobile users, I’ll recommend this little but most powerful plugin.

W3 Total Cache:

When my traffic went up, I almost got kicked out by my hosting provider, and then Google advised me to use a caching plugin to reduce my blog load. I tried W3TC and like a miracle my CPU and all other processes reduced and my blog became even more faster than usual

I love this little plugin because it has all what can optimize your blog just the way you want. Hey! If you’re not using this, I’ll advice you start thinking about using it now.

WP External Links:

Do you know that you can actually get penalized unknowingly by making all your external links a do-follow? If a blog is being black listed and you give that blog a backlink juice, it’ll affect you.

This plugin can protect your blog from being penalized by making all your external links a no-follow. What better way to protect your blog then this?

All In One SEO Pack:

Seriously, I don’t really know what SEO is actually all about till I read it here at my blog 🙂 . Even if I don’t know the full details of what SEO is truly all about or how to implement it on my blog, I still have this little plugin which do help me with all my seo stuffs. And if you ask me how do I know if it’s working? I’ll say, because it runs automatically 🙂

Limit Login Attempts:

With the recent rise in wordpress hacking attacks, it is best to protect your blog with any means necessary. This plugin actually limits login attempts.

The plugin alerts the admin via email that somebody has attempted to login to his admin panel. One other good thing is it bans ip automatically after multiple failed attempts. So I’ll advice you to get this plugin if you don’t have one yet to help protect your blog.

WordPress Security:

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I love securing my blog both manually and automatically. Like the wise would always say – Prevention is better than cure. WordPress Security helps in accessing your blog and telling you where need fixes against hackers. It gives warning and always stays on guard.

FeedBurner FeedSmith Extend:

if you are planning to use feedburner as your blogs main feed, then this is the best option I’ll recommend.

This plugin makes it easy to automatically redirect your feed to feedburner without stress or errors. Like if you type, it will automatically redirects you to my feedburner feed. Now tell me how awesome can that get!

Contact Form 7:

This plugins helps you to create a perfect contact form for your blog. you can bend the plugin just the way you want it; like adding new space, adding radio button and many more. Every blog needs this pluging.


Every bloggers’ favorite. This plugin makes your blog more sociable and attracts even more comments to your blog.

How does commentluv work? It visits the site of the commentator while they type their comment and retrieve their last blog posts which they can choose to include at the bottom of their comment when they click submit (authors own words). 😀


This is one of the best social sharing plugin I have laid my hands on. It does practically everything you are expecting from a social sharing plugin.

This little plugin can monitor your social sharing activity, knows and suggest when to share your post, it has hovering bar and it has even more feature that will make you say wow!!!

nrelate Related Content:

Keeping a low bounce rate while we fight for traffic is what every bloggers are doing. If your blog bounce is above 90%, you will have some little problems with search engines and it will also put your blog in harm’s way. What better way to reduce your bounce then to use “nrelate Related Content”.

This plugin shows some related post below or above your blog post. I’ll say that this is the perfect tool for you. Check below my post and see what I am talking about 😀

The Slide by SimpleReach:

When you’re making comment on most blogs (like mine) and you scroll down the blog, suddenly a “Recommend This For You” slides out from the right, this little plugin is responsible for that. This plugin reduces bounce rate by showing your readers and comment lovers a slide out recommended post. I would totally recommend this plugin to all that have not started using it


This plugin changes the old <- Back | Next -> pattern by adding numbers instead. If you are looking for a plugin that will allow your readers to navigate your blog swiftly and reduces your bounce rate, you should try this little plugin.

Plug-in are great for your blog but my advice to you is to minimize the way you use plug-in because too much of it will cause harm to your precious blog.

Note: All plugins i mentioned in this post are free and they can be found at wordpress plugin directory

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Are you using any of the above plugin mentioned? Do you use some awesome plugin that are not listed here? Please, feel free to drop your comments using the comment box below.

Do you have comments, questions and thoughts that you’d like to share with us? Please do drop them by using the comment box below. Remember that your comments and thoughts are highly welcomed and appreciated.

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111 thoughts on “Top 20 WordPress Plugin I Just can’t Do without”

  1. Akismet is simply the best!! Seriously. This is must have plugin for ANY blog site! Your list is superb cool) Thanks for sharing with us! Made my Monday!

    1. Hello Martin,
      Akismet is one awesome plugin i will advice all bloggers to use because it actually prevent spammers from ruining your blog. Thanks for stopping by and landing a comment 🙂

  2. I use basically all the listed plugins on this post and i must say there is no way you can run a blog without them. This is an awesome share i hope you include plugins like NoSpamNX, ReplyMe, WordPress Backup to Dropbox etc. Thanks for the list, a lot of newbies will find it very useful and i wont hesitate to direct them to this post.

    1. Hello Nwosu,
      Ahhh… I did not mention one of the most important of all which is the “wordpress backup to dropbox”. replyme has been integrated with commentluv so that’s why i did not mention the plugin. Thank you very much for the contribution. Do have a blessed week bro 🙂

  3. As going through your list, it appears we are way apart when it comes to plugin usage.
    Most of the plugins there are new to me.

    I for instance use contextual related post plugin instead of nrelate.

  4. A great resource of WordPress plugins, Babanature!

    It’s of more importance because it comes from a person who’s using them, so we know for sure that they’ll work good for us too. I changed over to WordPress some two years back, and since then I’m awed by it’s plugin repository. I used to use many plugins initially – at one time upto 40 plugins! But I got to know from experts that more plugins slow down your site. Since then, I’ve reduced on them.

    There are some plugins in your list that I don’t use anymore like Google XML Sitemaps and All in One SEO Pack because I use Yoast WordPress SEO. Since I use Wordfence Security, I don’t any longer use Limit Login and WP Security plugins. I used The Slide, nrelate Related Content, and WP Page-Navi on my previous theme, however, now my new theme has some of these as built-in features. But like you, I keep using CommentLuv, Share This, Feedburner Feedsmith, Akismet, WP, WP Optimize, WP External Links, and W3 Total Cache. Since I use CommentLuv, I don’t use Growmap Anti Spambot plugin. One plugin that catches my attention is Clean-Option – that would really make the database light.

    As part of few other important plugins, I use BackUpWordPress, Broken Link Checker, and JetPack Lite to have some handy stats on my WP Dashboard. But I’ve one question for you – since I’ve a responsive theme, do I still have to use MobilePress?

    Thanks for sharing and revealing your favorite list of WordPress plugins, because now I know that I’m on the right track! 🙂

    1. Hello Harleena,
      From your list, i can see that you have switched to W3TC, doesn’t it feels great? To tell you the plain truth, i don’t like plugin that has so many functionality because i feel they put more weight on servers than just one little lite plugin (to my own understanding). But hey! keeping a minimal plugin is always the best, right?

      On your question: If you look at most bloggers that has responsive theme, they always get a mobile theme because there are some advantages and customizations the responsive theme can not achieve that the mobile theme can. For example; Adrienne has a responsive theme right? but she’s using WPtouch as her mobile theme. I think the choice is in your hand 🙂 But your blog looks good on my mobile phone 😀

      1. Thanks Babanature for your reply.

        Well, if my blog looks good on your mobile, then I guess I’m better without MobilePress and have one less plugin. 🙂 W3TC is very good – it makes a lot of difference to my site. And, I’ve tried WP Super Cache too, however, W3TC excels. I agree with your take on the plugins, that’s one reason I dropped the official Jetpack plugin.

  5. Babanature,
    I can’t do without these plugins myself! I discovered Limit Login Attempts recently. I must say it is a must have plugin for everyone out there.
    Thanks for the share.

    1. Hey Seun,
      Good to know that you also use most of this plugins. Limit Login Attempt is just so great because it actually informs you when wrong login is going on.

  6. Hello Babnature,

    You make my day. I am using almost 16 plugins out of these twenty. Some of these plugins I am not using. In them Clean-Option is awesome for me .

    Many thanks for share bro

  7. Powerful list bro!

    What I notice is that most of these plugins are bundled into one or two. I think that’s what plugins developers should be doing. Rather than filling the blog with plugins, one or very few should be able to do the job of many. That way, you get less load and risk.

    Thanks for the nice read this Monday morning

    1. Hey bro,
      That is exactly what i feel. Even in the provided list, most of the plugins do almost thesame work. But hey! at least we are getting most of these for free right?

  8. Nice to read your list of using WP Plugins.

    As am new to WordPress, I don’t aware of the few plugins which you’ve listed here. But am using the most important plugins to manage the needful stuffs.

    Thanks for sharing the list, will try to use some of the missed ones;)

    1. Hello Nirmala,
      These plugin are advisable for wordpress users. But before using any of the listed plugin, i’ll advice you run your own research before using them.

  9. Hi Baba!

    It’s a useful post. It is always interesting to learn what plugins our fellow bloggers are using and how they find those extensions.

    By the way, 20 plugins is a bit too many, don’t you think so? It is better to reduce the number of plugins as many as possible for the good health.

    I do not suggest Akismet for WordPress blogs. It is a devil that eats too many comments and often the good and genuine ones. If you can afford the commentLuv Premium has GASP – that’s the most effective solution.

    1. Hello Suresh,
      As you, many bloggers do hate akismet but i so love it because it actually do help my blog 🙂 . I don’t feel 20 plugin is much because my blog is running fast.
      commentluv is a all in one plugin and i love the plugin for it multi functionx 😀 Thanks for you comment and thoughts as always. Do have your self a pleasant week ahead 😀

  10. Awesome list of plugins Baba!
    I use quite a number of plugins but my favorite have always been All in One SEO pack, Commentluv and Google XML sitemaps.
    I dont use Akismets on any of my blog, I use FV antispam instead!

    1. Hello Joseph,
      All in one seo is truly one amazing gem that i’ll advice all to get. Why do most people hate akismet? well i love them and i am proud of them 🙂

  11. Great list. Almost all of them are unavoidable, though I dont use the GASP now because Comment Luv Premium has this feature already.
    Also, I use Zemanta instead of nRelate for Realted posts.
    Can you suggest me a good plugin for interlinking the posts?

    1. Hey Ambika,
      Good to know that you have started using the commentluv premium. The list are awesome and they can make any slow blog move faster than usual.
      For your question: I have not used any interlink plugin before so i wouldn’t know. Thanks for your great comment and do have a blessed week ahead…

  12. Great to know about the Plugins you’re using I am also using almost the same plugins but I was searching next previous page option page plugin and finally got it 🙂 Thanks for sharing !!

    1. Hey Ayush,
      Interesting list right? Glad to hear you have found the plugin to create a great page navigation. thanks for stopping by and do have a great week ahead…

  13. hi,
    yes, i don’t have much experience in blogging on WordPress platform so i have started few days back. I am hearing about these plugins from many. To my surprise in this post u have included each and every plugin where every wordpress blogger should concentrate on 🙂 🙂

  14. Interesting plugins man,
    The main reason why i love wordpress is because of its functionality with the help of plugins.

    There are still many more plugins out there which we don’t even know yet. I also know most of the plugins you noted here and they are really awesome man.

    I will take time to check out the ones i don’t know yet.

    Thanks for sharing.

  15. Those are a list of cool plugins Baba,
    I also know and use most of them on my blogs. The one i like most is the commentluv, contact form 7, Google xml sitemap, W3 total catch and Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin. I use them and i really love them.

    There are also many that i like on the list and i will check out the ones I’m not using to see what they are made of too :).

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hey Peter,
      Those plugins you mentioned are indeed awesome and advisable to get for any blog. There are some great plugins i mentioned that you should really take a look into but you should also remember that too much plugin can cause harm to your blog…. 😀

  16. hi there babanature. i am also using All in One SEO but not akismet. many commentators in my blog sent me a message that they cannot comment on my blog. so i decided to remove my Akismet because in my experience, it also removes genuine comments.
    i am just using GASP

    1. Hello Marilyn,
      I know many bloggers are starting to refusing the great akismet plugin. To be honest with you, i love akismet plugin but still i know nothing is perfect. so before i flush my spam comment, i’ll look for the comments and if any is reasonable, i’ll unspam them. All in one seo is a lovely plugin, don’t you think?

    1. Hello Juuhhii,
      Nice to know that but as the same time, try to keep your plugins minimal so it wont affect your blog at the long run. Thanks for the comment and do have your self a wonderful week 🙂

  17. Great list of WordPress plugins. I don’t have all of them installed but most of them in some version or the other. I am not using WP-PageNavi so that’s something that I want to use. Thanks for these set of WordPress plugins.

    1. Hello Shalu,
      Wp-pageNavi is indeed great for any blog and it does make any blog easy to navigate. It would be nice if you truly use it. Thanks for stopping by Shalu and do have your self a wonderful week ahead…

  18. Hi Babanature,

    I noted a huge jump in comments and nice surge in traffic too when I uploaded and activated ComLuv. People love getting juice for their comment time. I use many plug ins on this list; I would add Tweet Old Post to increase traffic on older posts.

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. Hey Ryan,
      Commentluv is indeed a great plugin i’ll advice any blogger to use because it truly bring social presence. Haven’t heard of tweet old post but amma sure try it out to see how it goes.

  19. Great list Babanature.
    I almost use every plugins you listed here except 2. Have to try the missed ones.
    Akismet and GASP helped me to kill spam. And Akismet says that it helped my site from 10,954 spams.
    Great post!

    1. Hello Sriram,
      I am also in love with akismet because it has truly been helping my blog to fight spam. I suggest any blogger should use it. thanks for the comment bro 🙂

  20. Hey Baba,
    I just came to know about 4 plugins on your list which i have not crossed till now really i missed them to check thanks for the update

  21. I can’t believe in 2013, there are still some people using WP-PageNavi plugin. Nowadays, this pagination feature is usually built-in with the theme.

  22. Amazing list baba, I don’t use Clean Option plugin… but when I read this post on my phone I thought it seems like an amazing plugin.

    Nice post sir.

    1. Hey Wilson,
      Clean Option plugin is a must plugin any bloggers should have. because we all delete some unwanted plugin at some point and this little gem can help you in cleaning your database by removing those clusters the plugin inflicts. thanks for stopping by and do have your self a wonderful week ahead…

  23. Great, I use like 7 or 8 of those plugins thats all, will take a look at the rest, hope to see you on my blog too 🙂

    1. Hey Gautham,
      It would really be nice if you check other plugins out. But if you already have some more plugins, i’ll say you should take a brake from using more plugins or you might cause harm to your blog.

  24. these are awesome plugins mate !
    they are very useful for every blog 😀
    I think SEOpressor worth mentioning here because it’s so useful
    and incredibely help your posts to rank high in the search results
    it also does the role of WP external links, it makes all your external links nofollow and this is good for your blog’s SEO
    I also love CommentLuv premium it really rewards your readers with a deep backlink
    I love Upprev which is a recommended post slider, You can see it on my blog since I installed that plugin I noticed a decrease in the bounce rate
    thanks for sharing this awesome list mate
    have a lovely day 😉

    1. Hello Anis,
      I have been hearing about SEOPressor but haven’t used it because All In One Seo is doing a job great. But the plugin is also nice. Thanks for adding some more plugin to the list. do have a blissful week bro 🙂

  25. Thanks for sharing great list of plugin, but I don’t think Akismet is that much powerful, most of the bloggers are not using it now, because it spam sometimes genuine comments and don’t know how its algorithm works to detect spamming.
    Rest of the plugins are awesome I am using most of them.

    Great list of plugin for new WordPress users..

    1. Hello Nishant,
      I know that most bloggers have stopped using akismet but i just so love how the plugin operates. I’d say everybody have their choice and my number one spam detection plugin is Akismet. Thanks for your contribution mate and do have your self a lovely week ahead…

  26. I only use akismet and that’s more than sufficient. I still din’t figure out how to use W3 Total Cache Plugin. Does google sitemap submit sitemaps automatically ?

    1. Hello Joana,
      I have thought about how to configure the W3 Total Cache, You can check some pages back to see the setting.
      Yes! google sitemap do submit their self’s automatically.

  27. Hi Babanature,

    Thanks for a great list of wordpress plugins. I have most of these plugins but I think I should add the MobilePress and the WP Smush it for my images.

    Thanks a lot Babanature for sharing these awesome list with all of us. Have a great rest of the week.

    Be Blessed,


    1. Hello Neamat,
      WP smush-it is one great plugin for your blog’s image and it makes your blog faster when your image has been compressed. Thanks for stopping by and dropping your lovely comment. Do have your self a wonderful week ahead 🙂

  28. Hey Babanature,

    This post is definitely a great resource for plugins. I’m going to have to update myself and stop being a “square” with MobilePress. I can see the advantage of mobile marketing although I don’t use my phone to that degree, but it’s time to think more like an entrepreneur. Thanks for sharing these great plugins!

    1. yeah Sherman, Mobile tech is taking over the online world and we bloggers should take advantages of this to increase our reach and as well as revenue. Thanks for liking my list and do have a blessed week ahead 😀

  29. Wow, babanature, this is a very impressive list of wordpress plugins that most wordpress users make use on their blogs. I have some of those on the list on my blogs too.

    Thanks for releasing this.

  30. Hey Babanature great list,

    So I don’t use all of the same ones you do and I have some that I prefer not to live without.

    As you know I don’t use Akismet because to me it defeats the purpose if you have GASP. I get very few spam comments anymore so it’s no hassle going through the ones I have because I just instantly go to my server and block them anyway. Probably why they’ve been cut down so much.

    You also know I no longer use WP Smush It since I found a stand alone program that will do the same thing. I hate having plug-ins that aren’t a necessity.

    I don’t need WP External Links or All in One SEO Pack because they are built in features with Thesis.

    I am assuming you have CommentLuv Premium because there is a huge difference between the free and the paid versions. I love that it has nine plug-ins all in one and of course without the paid version I would definitely have something like ReplyMe as well. I also love that GASP is built in so it’s not needed as a stand alone plug-in.

    I don’t use the last three either. I use a similar plug-in to the nrelate plug-in and I do like that one. I personally don’t like the slide suggestion that comes out from the side myself. I just don’t like any kind of popups that’s all. I also don’t need the WP-PageNavi because again, I have this feature with Thesis.

    Great list though and see, we all have different ones we use. Thanks for sharing yours.


    1. Hello Adrienne,
      You really did analyze the whole situation carefully 🙂 Well i’ll say before i upload any of my post images, i always reduce its size to its minimum but even after reducing the image to the last, i’ll still use to do its work and this makes the site even more faster. As you say; Everybody has their choice. Thanks for stopping by and dropping your wonderful comment. Do have a blessed weekend

  31. Love these tips! I am going to install some today hopefully. One question – how do you feel about adding all these plugins? I don’t want to bog my site down w/ too many. Also – wondering what you think about putting a floating subscribe bar in wordpress.

    1. Hello Samuel,
      First off, too much plugins will surely slow your blog down, when using plugins, do not use more than 20, your max plugin should be 25. and make sure you use W3 total cache plugin to make your blog move faster and enjoyable. I don’t like floating subscribe bar it irritates any user, just make the subscribe bar simple by either adding it to your header or widget. Hope my explanation is clear enough? 🙂

  32. Thank you for the wonderful list of great plug ins. I am not using most of them. I will definitely add some of them today. I love the WP Smash It. I have always wondered if all the images on my site was slowing it down.

    1. Hello Cynthia,
      Yes images also do slow sites down with, you can reduce the image size without reducing its quality. I’ll also advice you to download W3 total cache to make your blog 3times faster then normal. thanks for stopping by and do have a great weekend.

  33. I totally agree with Akismet! I have also tried this on one of my blogs and it is really a great help especially from spammers. Thank you for sharing this Babanature, I will surely be coming back for more reads, great post!

    1. Hello Justin,
      Akismet is indeed one great plugin i advice bloggers to use even if many don’t like them. Thanks for the comment Justin.
      P.s Get your self a gravatar so bloggers will take you seriously. thanks 🙂

  34. Hi Babanature,

    Thank you for a post with so much useful information on it!

    My site has a problem with a #plusstrangetext (this is the actual text #axzz2X9E5kLJK) being added onto
    the end of the url or permalink for every page and post!
    Maybe you can give me a clue?

    I am going to try the clean out plugin and see if that helps.
    I thought because of the hashmark it might be a Twitter related plugin
    can’t track it down!

    I use a paid backup it because right now I am working on setting up a free membership site…before I customize to much, plan to create a good backup and store on my hard drive as a template. I’ve used this plugin to move a site from one server to another without problem..everything worked and accomplished in about 5 minutes.

    Bookmarked you so I can check back later. I have a weaver theme on one of my sites and love it..think you are using here?
    I’m just not so very techie in setting up what I need, but this site looks and works great!
    Think I agree with you on Akismet…I just look at the spam…and delete 99% of it, very seldom find a wrong one…since I also use Comment Luv….with its magic!


    1. Hey Cararta,
      The reason you are seeing that issue, is because of one of your social plugins. I don’t really know the particular social plugin but you’ll have to test em to know the main issue.

      Clean option plugin is the best plugin any blogger should have. It is good for optimization and boost your databases…

  35. These plugins that you mention are really worth trying some. I have few in my wp blog and the rest will be set up now. Thanks for sharing.

  36. Thanks for the choice of the plugins and I would to ask which plugin to use to place links to related posts in between post contents like this post. Thank you

  37. Great Post! I already installed most of the plugins you mentioned and thought that I already have installed everything I needed and then I saw from this post Clean-Option plugin. Man, how could I miss that plugin. It could have made my life easier before than manually editing my phpmyadmin. Thank you very much!

  38. Very good list of plugins i also use most of these except for wp security and comment luv altough i might put it to atract more vissitors 🙂

    1. Hello Naveen,
      I have been in love with All in one seo from the very start and its working wonders for me. I have not tried seo by yoest before, but it is good to use what works best for your blog, right?

  39. wow nice list bro, as per SEO i prefer “The All in one SEO Plugin” and as per anything new ama love to use , i would try WP SOCIAL SEO BOOSTER WORDPRESS PLUGIN, i dont know if its paid, or as promising as you wrote ,but am sure its worth giving a try, and ama try it on my blog asap.. thanks Harsh i always love your articles.

  40. There are pieces of information in here that I would have to read a few times just to get an idea of what they really are and how I’ll be able to utilize them effectively. I’m not really that tech savvy. However, I’m quite familiar with the ‘All In One SEO Pack’ and ‘WordPress SEO by Yoast’. I’m glad that you took the time to compile this information for bloggers like me. I really appreciate it.

  41. Thanks a lot for the advice, I’ve been holding off buying a decent theme for my WordPress site until my readership picks up. Do you think a changing a blog’s theme to a paid one directly relates to an increase in traffic or is content still king?

  42. I have been examinating out many of your posts and i can state clever stuff. I will make sure to bookmark your blog.

  43. Hello Baba,

    w3 Total Cache, Wp optimize are also an awesome plugin to use.

    THanks for an awesome post and do have a lovely week ahead

  44. thanks so much for this great list. Using some – others to be. Biggest issue now tho is that my opt in box in side column and footer links, and my Addthis links don’t appear on mobile phones (eg my android with firefox) and other devices, despite site being responsive. Can you suggest a solution to ensure these features appear to all users – many thanks

  45. There a many great wordpress plug in to choose from to enhance our blogs. Personally, I use CommentLuv, Do follow, and TweetMeme Retweet buttons. I like it when my blog posts are shared or posted on Twitter so I use the TweetMeme Retweet buttons.

  46. Do you use custom permalinks or force your non www to www? If you do then the .htaccess file should be created automatically for you and I would suggest doing both of the above things anyway. There isn’t a standard .htaccess file I use other than to do the above but there are many fancy things you can do if you wanted to such as blocking people from accessing your wp-admin by adding .htaccess password protection. You can also block access by IP address if you don’t use a roaming IP and you always work on that site from the same computer.

  47. Great article and insights, David! Websites have become a commanding way to promote businesses. It can be used as a marketing tool, a way of communication or a platform for branding. While being creative plays a key role, there are basic rules in web designing to guarantee that your site will be effective and attractive as well.Thanks, you have shared these word press tips, these would help businesses in order to create an effective website.

  48. Great list; I use many of those but will certainly try Vault as I use WPBackUp and haven’t had a response to a support request for two weeks ! A recent plugin that I found is Dropbox Photo Siteloader. If you use Dropbox to collect your photos or receive photos from brands/PRs you work with, this plugin pulls all your selected photos from Dropbox folders into your media library. No more downloading and re-uploading .

  49. By far, the MOST HELPFUL plugin for me has been MailMunch. OMG it has helped me increase my newsletter subscribers by leaps and bounds (using some of Jeni’s techniques has certainly helped too (wink)). Then there’s Jetpack. Streamlines and makes the site run faster. Provides all kinds of services within the blog, including related posts, marketing and sharing. Also gives you analytics.

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