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How To Drive Insane Traffic With These Simple Tips

Last week we talked about how to get your blog notice without breaking a sweat. Well, that was just the part one of it all. Today, we are bringing the part 2 of the post that shows you how to drive traffic to your blog without breaking a sweat.


In case you have not read the part one of this post, you can still do so by using the link below.

How To Get Your Blog Noticed Without Breaking A Sweat

Now that you have read the part one of this, you can now follow-up with the continuation….

Do you want to get your blog popular? Then you need to;

Join social sites that can help you spread your blog post free of charge

Believe it or not, there are some social sites that can help you grow your blog and build your blog reader and comment base.

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Joining people who has the same interest as you is the best thing you’ll do to your blog.

If you’ve not join any social sharing site, what are you waiting for? If you have joined, why are you not utilizing it? Okay, now is the time to take advantage on these sites…

Below are some few sites that can help you spread your blog all over social media and get your blog notice…

JustRetweet: JustRetweet is a platform where bloggers come together to promote each other post on each other social platform.

So how it basically works is; you’ll register, earn yourself some credits either by liking or sharing other bloggers submitted posts on your social network. Or simply buy credits if sharing is not your thing.

But note, sharing and liking other people’s post will help increase your twitter followers as well.

Ycombinator: I have used Ycombinator for many years now and I must say that they are impressive when it comes to quality traffic and engagement.

This is how it works, unlike other social sharing networks, Ycombinator allows you to submit just one blog post every 24 hours. And your upvote determines the traffic you’ll get.

Believe me, getting upvotes won’t only get you traffic, but it will get you engagement and social shares.

Bizsugar: bizsugar is just like Ycombinator but with a little twist… if you are looking for a good social sharing site, you will love this as well.

This is how Bizsugar works; submit your blog >>> get upvotes >>> if your blog made it to the front page, you will get some serious traffic from the platform and you will get social shares from the upvoters and readers

Scoop it: with scoop it, you can follow professional bloggers curate your post on their topic and in return, you will get traffic from their thousands fans.

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Famous bloggers will only re-scoop your post if it is reasonable and most times, if they are mentioned in the post. So now you’ll know what to do 😉

If you’ve not try this method, then I will say you are missing a lot…

Triberr: If you are a blogger, joining other bloggers and creating a group should be a great idea. Triberr helps bloggers come together and share each other blog post and engagement.

I don’t use Triberr that much but when I do, I do get some pretty good engagement.

Have you tried them out? If not, do check them out and tell me how they go.

Still want to get yourself notice? Join some few Linkedin master groups

Yes, Linkedin is one of the best ways to get your blog noticed without adding much stress. But how can you benefit from Linkedin as a free user? Simple, join a group that shares the same interest with you and you are off to a good start.

Note: if you’re joining a group, make sure the group that’s in the same niche… doing this, you will benefit from the group as long as you are giving good discussions and engagements.

Final words

Remember that there is nothing more rewarding than being you. Being yourself will open doors of opportunity for you. Bill Gates won’t be who he is today if he was a copy cat.

Trust me nothing comes easy, but the above tips will help you and your blog reach new height. Are you afraid to press play? If yes, you can sit back and not make money from blogging.

Your Turn

Looks like I have said so much about so much on this topic, now it’s time to pass the keyboard to you guys…

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Do you have comments, questions or thoughts you’d like to share with us? Please do use the comment box below to share them.

Remember that your comments, questions, and thoughts are highly welcome and most appreciate.

Be social

Do not forget to share this post with friends so they can know how to get their blog noticed as well. I promise, they will love it and thank you for it.

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15 thoughts on “How To Drive Insane Traffic With These Simple Tips”

  1. Hey Babanature,

    Driving the traffic to a blog is the biggest challenge. People are striving to get more visitors.

    The tools and websites you have mentioned are helpful. I am sure, it would help many people.

    Thanks for sharing with us.
    Enjoy the day.

    1. Hello Ravi,

      Indeed driving traffic can be tedious if you don’t know how to go about it… but with a simple routine you can drive as many traffic as you want.

      It above tips do work magic and i am sure people would find it very useful 😉

      Thanks for the comment and do have a wonderful weekend ahead…

  2. Hey Babanature,

    Willing to read your wonderful post,

    Active in social networking sites are common way for getting traffic to own websites and it also helps to grow our blog. It also play vital role in maintaining good relationship with audience.

    Now-a-days, people are highly inspired by social networking site even we can find to age 13 to older age. It provide good opportunity for online marketing in easier way.

    Thanks for sharing your valuable post, looking forward to your positive replie.

    With best regards,

    Amar kumar

    1. Hello Amar,

      Indeed you got that right… Social media do play a big part in our blogging life… It brings in traffic and as well as connecting bloggers.

      Thanks for stopping by and contributing your thoughts with us.

      Hope to see you here more. Have a good week ahead.

  3. i have discovered that setting up a blog is not even a challenge compared to driving a traffic to it. And you have actually made it simpler for everyone as these steps have the potential to skyrocket blog traffics.

    1. Hello James,

      Indeed, creating a blog is not where the challenge is, but driving traffic to it.

      Thanks for contributing your thought on this, and hope to see you more…

      Have a blissful week… 😉

  4. Hi Babanature,

    Thanks for bring this to us. I have not known maximum of these platforms though traffic for my blog is something I crave for. I know only LinkedIn and I am using it.

    Besides those you’ve mentioned, I am using Google+ communities, Facebook, Forums etc for driving traffic to my site.

    Thanks, I will try them. Have a great day ahead!

    1. Hell Sherab,

      Indeed many of the social sites mentioned here is not know to all but some few.

      I am sure you’re going to find the platform helpful.

      Carry out the above tips and see how your traffic will increase by 200%

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping G your thought.

      Have a blessed week…

  5. Thank you very much for your post Babanature, but do you think New blogs get much traffic as blogs about technology? because i update my blog frequently but still no much traffic…

    1. Hello Atiku,

      If you publish post regularly, you will still not get traffic if you do not put yourself and your blog out there.

      That’s why this post is meant to help you build that traffic you’ve always wanted.

      Read and digest… Then follow the tips religiously.

  6. Wow quite interesting. I learnt a lot here and i must say Thanks for the information. Am looking forward to catch more juicy information. Gracia!

  7. Thanks for this amazing post, i have been trying everything in my power to get more social traffic to my blog. I will start applying the tips you shared here and give you feed back.

    Thanks once again.

  8. Thanks for this wonderful info.
    I will try some of this tips though.
    Is been long i visited this blog and i have missed a lot of great tips.

    i will be coming again.

  9. hi babanature, this blog is superb and your insight on driving traffic blew me out of deep waters!

    Believe me Ycombinator is totally new to me. I’ll definitely try it out.

    Off to share this

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