Adding Categories And Menu To Your WordPress Blog

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Till today many bloggers (newbie) still don’t know how to setup a menu bar with their wordpress blog. Setting up or adding a menu bar is essential and very important to have in whatever website or blog you are running. Must Read: ADDING CATEGORIES TO YOUR BLOGGER BLOG How menu helps blogs/ website? Ok almost [Continue Reading…]

Latest Hollywood Movies For 2013

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As a new year comes into effect, Hollywood is working in overdrive to produce the best films for 2013. As it stands, the year is set to lead off with sequels, reboots, and the reestablished careers of many cinematic legends. The latest Hollywood movies for 2013 are steadily being released into theaters, and this guide [Continue Reading…]

Using Social Media To Drive Traffic To Your Photography Site

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Social media has changed the world as a dynamic tool of international and local communication. Websites like Twitter and Facebook have launched revolutions, changed businesses, and introduced us to new ideas we may never have heard otherwise. But there are different ways to use social media to serve different purposes. A twelve-year-old girl revealing gender [Continue Reading…]


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Whether you like it or not, you need this widget as long as you’re using blogger blog. Most customize templates do not have a reply comment button, right? Yeah I know! So I took the time to wonder around doing my usual research and finally boom… i got something incredible. I’m just asking; would you [Continue Reading…]