Facebook and SEO: How to Bring Together


Facebook is the world’s biggest social media network and is over four times bigger than its main competitor Twitter. Google created Google+ in order to compete with it, and shortly after Google+ started getting a few people signing up Google said that it was now considering social media when ranking up a website. Since then [Continue Reading…]

Monetizing your WordPress mobile search


I seriously love blogging because I’m being paid for doing what I love doing best. I also do love blogging because i have the option(s) to monetize every part of my blog. How do I mean? You can monetize your images, spaces, videos, blog post and even your search bar. Aint that awesome? On one [Continue Reading…]

A New WordPress Theme to Spice up The Year


Finally! Finally!! Finally!!! I have finally changed my theme from weaver theme to Genesis frame work. Hey, changing my theme was not intentional because as much as many people hated my old theme, I still love and find the theme interesting. My old theme was a free one but has all the qualities a premium [Continue Reading…]

My Awesome Blogging Friends


First of all, let me say Thank you Lord for letting you and me see yet another year. And to all my blog readers and fellow bloggers, I gladly say a big HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all. Hope your holiday was as awesome as mine? Must Read: Top 5 Christmas Plugins To Set Your [Continue Reading…]

Content Creation – How You Crowdsource Your Efforts


Crowdsourcing is a new portmanteau word that means soliciting community participation in the creative process.  The internet has allowed input from people far distant places, often not known personally to one another, to many enterprises.  This is an amazing facility, and has had some astonishing results in a variety of fields, like coming up with [Continue Reading…]