I quit: The One Reason Why Bloggers Quit Blogging


I’m still wondering why bloggers quit their blogs or why most bloggers abandon their blogs. Well, do you know why? I don’t really know but what I do know is – motivation is the only thing that can make any man move further than he should. Once you’re not motivated, you will definitely stop trying [Continue Reading...]

How To Activate Windows 8 And 8.1 The Best Way

how to enable windows 8 hibernation

Hey guys! Sometime back when I started this blog newly, I posted a cool and awesome way of activating windows 8 without using crack or patch. It helped a lot of people who wants to activate their windows 8.But with time, a new windows 8 was released and everybody using the previous versions had to [Continue Reading...]

Adding A DropDown Menu To Your MobilePress


Yes guys! You do know i love mobilepress right? because it is the first mobile theme I have ever used and still using. The main reason I love mobilepress that much, is because it gives me the privilege to edit the theme just the way i want it without any restrictions. Now tell me who [Continue Reading...]