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How To Receive Clickbank Payment Through Payoneer MasterCard

If you have been reading my blog you’ll know that I’ve joined the affiliate marketing world for some weeks now. Seriously, I am so loving my affiliate journey so far because I feel like I have made some little advancement in my blogging carrier that I am happy about 🙂 . I am from Africa and on this side of the world, we are restricted to so many online opportunities. Yes we are indeed restricted from using PayPal, registering with clickbank and so many other great networks online. But that doesn’t stop us from using the mentioned networks.

Clickbank and payoneer mastercard

Let me make a confession here and out; Clickbank don’t accepts Nigerians so I used one of my friends address to register with them 😀 I know it’s bad but I have a simple reason for doing that; the simple reason is because I heard and learned that clickbank platform is way easier compare to the rest affiliate platforms around or is there any other simpler affiliate platform out there? 🙂

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Some good questions you’d want to know: What if I use some one else’s address to register with clickbank, how will I receive my payment when my payment reached my payment threshold? Simple, instead of collecting check, you will simply integrate your payoneer MasterCard with your clickbank account and withdraw your payment from any ATM machine in your area; now tell me how cool is that?

Even if you’re in a country that is not restricted, it would be good to get your money with ease and without stress right? Aside from using payoneer MasterCard to withdraw money from your clickbank account, you can also use it to withdraw money from your PayPal account, infolinks account, Google adsense account, and so many other platforms… but on our today’s post, we shall be focusing on the topic matter. Hey! Let me not talk too much, let’s just push to the tutorial

How I Integrate My Payoneer MasterCard With Clickbank Payment Service

I feel that this process will be helpful to everyone. But who is this post actually referring to? People that can’t receive check directly from clickbank, people that can’t wait for more than two weeks for their check to reach their door, those who have problem with their PayPal account and those whose areas are not accepted by clickbank…

To get started, first you will need to get a Payoneer MasterCard. Let’s assume that you already have the payoneer MasterCard and your US Payment Service.

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Now Log in to your ClickBank account but if you don’t have an account yet, you can easily create one at their official website.

Now it’s time to set up your ClickBank account to distribute funds to your Payoneer MasterCard via xACH using the following steps:

1. Go to the Account Settings tab.

clickbank settings

2. Locate your Payment Information near the bottom of the page and click “Edit”.

3. While in the Payment Information Editor, select “Direct Deposit” to reveal the Direct Deposit Information entry screen.

clickbank direct deposit

4. Select “United States” as your Bank Country.

5. Enter “First Century Bank” as your Bank Name.

6. For the “Account Number” and “Routing Number” use the US Payment Service information provided to you by Payoneer.

7. Select “Checking” as your Account Type.

8. Finally, click Save Changes. See image below

clickbank direct deposit form

9. After completing the whole process, wait for a confirmation email message from ClickBank notifying you of your changes.

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Now that you have successfully completed the simple steps, you can easily receive your payment through your payoneer MasterCard without stress or hassle.

We all know that most countries don’t have a straight addresses and there are some countries that are restricted to participate in most online programs, This post will definitely help, so here it is guys 😀

Back To You Guys

Okay guys, I’d like to hear from you and what you think!!! Do you use payoneer MasterCard for your affiliate, PayPal, Google adsense, Infolinks and any other online trasactions? You can use the comment box below to drop your comments.

Do you have any questions, thoughts or comments you’d love to share with us? Then please do by using the comment box below. Remember that your comments, thoughts and questions are highly welcomed and appreciated.

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57 thoughts on “How To Receive Clickbank Payment Through Payoneer MasterCard”

  1. Hi Babanature,

    Glad to have made it 🙂

    Well, I’ve never really faced any problems where payment is concerned as I receive that through PayPal, though in our country the amount is auto-withdrawn the moment it comes in our accounts. Yes, they had some issues, but that was long back. Now it’s pretty smooth and straight, except for the PayPal charges that they always cut, but then that might be the case in all such accounts.

    I’ve yet to try out the another payment system you mentioned, though they seem easy enough too.

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    1. Hello Harleena,
      Thank God You made it here 🙂
      You guys are indeed lucky to have access to paypal and be able to withdraw from it. There are some countries that have paypal but can’t withdraw from it, while some countries are not allowed to used the platform. I feel its bad.

      Payoneer is an american company that made it way possible and way more easy to make transaction offline and online without the fear of not having paypal or other payment method that can restrict you.

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your lovely comment. Do have a blessed weekend and a lovely vacation my friend 🙂

  2. Hey bro,
    Good to see you write this article here. It’s very very useful
    I have been using my Payoneer card and receiving money from Clickbank, CJ, market health, Paypal, etc since last year. This has been a wonderful solution for me. I even went ahead and wrote this article about the solution last year.

    In those early days, you needed to go through a merchant to get a Payoneer card but today, you can simply apply for one following the steps I explained on my blog.

    You know I’m also in Africa so we are all smiling over this solution 😉

    1. Hello bro,
      I remember my first payoneer MasterCard was from limewire before they closed down. Payoneer is indeed a great way for we bloggers and business men to withdraw and do transactions online. I have integrated my payoneer with all my online business and i must confess that i am loving every moment with the card. Thanks for the comment bro and do have a perfect weekend ahead 🙂

  3. This is very informative bro Babanature. But how can a Nigerian resident withdraw adsense earnings via payoneer?

    1. Hey Victor,
      Glad you find the post informative. You can withdraw your adsense payment using payoneer by using their US virtual bank account as your adsense payment method.

  4. Its because of your Hard-work you’re enjoying success …! Anyways, I’ve bookmarked this page …Will refer this post if i happen to use this service …I don’t understand why some internet services(as you mentioned) are blocked in your country? .Is the government or the service provider responsible for it Baba?

    Thanks and Regards,

    1. Thanks Pramod. I wouldn’t start pointing fingers here Pramod but i know that they can give the Africans access if the government fight for us.
      Hope the page will serve a purpose in the future. Thanks for stopping by and dropping a comment, and do have your self a lovely weekend 🙂

  5. I have some friends facing hard times with PayPal. PayPal block accounts when suspicious payments are made, to solve the issues take time, account is blocked, money too, I really don’t want this happen to me. Payoneer is by far very good solution.

    Best regards from I. C. Daniel

    1. Hello Daniel,
      Paypal do really seize account that are making either suspicious transactions or some large transaction. But i don’t really blame them because they are on top of transactions. Thank God there is payoneer and i am using them as at now for my businesses. Thanks for the comments and do have a wonderful weekend ahead…

  6. Do you know how to receive payments with PayPal? I live in West Africa, and PayPal only allows me to pay (I prefer to use my Payoneer card rather than my “real” credit card to reduce the fees). I would like to sell stuff on eBay, but there’s no way to do so as PayPal has my country is its “blacklist”. I can’t even use Payoneer’s new service providing a virtual American bank account. The worst is whenever you try to contact PayPal you get the same formatted email saying that your country isn’t supported and that’s frustrating. Even the Payoneer Customer Service couldn’t find a way to make it work.

    1. Hello Andre,
      Integrating payoneer with paypal is not that difficult. You can go to Payoneer official website for tutorial on how to integrate your payoneer and paypal. But in the near future, i’ll also make a post on it. Thanks for the comment and hope you’re having a great weekend 🙂

  7. Thanks for this great info Baba,
    I just created my own clickbank account some days ago and liked it with my payoneer account last night.

    My only problem now is that I’ve not received my Payoneer master card which was supposed to have arrived by now.

    I guess i will have to write them again.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this with us.

    1. Hello Theodore,
      To be honest with you, It took me one month and some weeks before i received my MasterCard. Free mail is always slow to deliver message. Just hold on and you will definitely receive own payoneer MasterCard. Thanks for your lovely comments…

  8. We from Africa are of course limited in soo many online activities especially when it comes to online payments.
    I like the nice tutorial of yours.

    1. Hello Emmanuel,
      That’s so true, the west africa part are indeed being cheated and that’s bad. They should give us some benefits as we are also using the internet or what do you think?

  9. Hi Babanature,

    Thanks for a great tutorial.

    I am with paypal, not from long ago but so far everything seem to be working all right.

    I am sure this tutorial will help lots of people who are facing problems with the other payment platforms. It is worth sharing.

    Thanks Babanature for sharing your experience here. Have a great weekend ahead.

    Be Blessed,


    1. Hello Neamat,
      The post will definitely help people struggling with ways to withdraw their online payment. Thanks for stopping by and hope you’re having a good weekend 🙂

  10. This is very interesting as I’ve been searching for something like this, and glad I found it here. Now I know nothing can stop us in reaping the full gains of online business. Thumbs up admin!

  11. Nice post here.
    I am from nigeria also and i know how restricted we are. Thank for this lovely post and hope to see more of this. Thanks

  12. I used my payoneer card to receive my 159 dollars from an article writing competition I won in June 2013.

    It is true that ClickBank doesn’t work in so many african countries including my country Kenya.

    But I know that ClickBank will solve that problem soon because I know they can make a lot of money in Africa. But they are taking too long to solve that problem.

    1. Hey Wilfred,
      Clickbank really do need to spread their wings to reach the africans because Africans are well determined. But at least we can still register with them and use a different zone with our payoneer, right? Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment. Do have a blessed week ahead 🙂

  13. Very interesting article. Is this a process for people that do not have checking accounts in the United States?


    1. Glad you find the article interesting Louis. This is a process for people who can’t withdraw directly from clickbank or for people who wants their payment procedure to be fast.

  14. Hiii, thanks for this helpful post. I got an query from you. If I do associate my clickbank payment with payoneer card via Direct Deposit then will Clickbank send its maiden payment to my payoneer card or it will send the payment to the card after sending cheque twice by mail ?

    So will I get my first payment from clickbank to payoneer card?

    1. Hello Gautham,
      Even if you have receive payment through check, once you change your payment method to payoneer, you will be receiving your clickbank money through your payoneer mastercard. Hope that answered your question?

  15. Thank you SO MUCH for this. It will make my life easier, too.

    It seems it’s not an available option yet, though. Just emailed them too asking for this. Please, keep us informed if you hear anything. I’ll do the same.

    1. Hello Tushar,
      It is an available option. you can receive your payment from clickbank through Payoneer. But for the country, yeah they should do something about it…

  16. As I deal with corporations I’ve never really had any problems where payment. My processor is PayPal for security but my customers are able to pay directly with their credit card. Of course I pay all kinds of fees along the way and then the charge, less the fees is automatically deposited into my bank. At least you came up with a way to overcome the problem

  17. Nice post, thanks for the information. My question is ‘ Do u still need to have a forwarding foreign address or u can use any foreign virtual address, since you won’t be paid by checks’?????

    1. Hello Jaunty,
      You can use any foreign address for your registration as long as you have integrated a payoneer that is working, you will receive your payment through the master card

  18. I want to know some website that I can easily make money into my payoneer without stress, help me maximize my payoneer card. Thanks

    1. Hi James,

      There a lot of ways to make money on the net. I’m sure you’re good at something, so you may sell your services through websites like, or Or there are easier ways but not really lucrative with paid ads (you get paid for clicking on ads…) or paid surveys. Just check on Google.

  19. Hi babanature you too much i the throw salute to you. But i want make you help me, kindly drop on your comment box “HOW TO RECEIVE PAYMENT FROM PAYPAL USING MASTERCARD” i will be grateful if you do so

  20. Hi sir, i realy appriciate your voluntary work.
    Sir, i ordered for payoneer mastercard, but it is up to 1 month now i have never receive a confirmation mail telling me that they have approved sending the card to me. So sir please i need your word of advice

  21. am a little bit confusef about the tax forms issue as they say payment will not be processrd without a tax number. can you pls explain?

  22. Hi,
    Sir what is this ” Your direct deposit changed information in the last seven days.if you did not make change???from clickbank company
    But my clickbank payment direct deposit is complete!!!but

  23. Hi Y’all,
    Thanks for the information Babanature. All I’m asking is, about your friend’s address, is all the info I need to sign up?

  24. I need your help.depending on the time my payoneer card arrives,can I withdraw my earnings from clickbank with a friend payoneer card?I need an answer now please

  25. Can Nigeria paypal account of firstbank use to withdraw from clickbank?
    If no,what other safe option can I imploy please?
    Please waiting

  26. Thank you for this superb post.
    Payoneer is the best way to receive payments & earning from companies like themeforest, amazing & clickbank etc.

  27. Thanks Babanature,
    I opened my account some years ago with no activity due to novice status as an affiliate. My phone number and address is set to UK.
    The payment editor page isn’t giving me direct deposit option to edit, is it because of my UK address? If yes, how can change the address to US?


    1. Hello Toyin,

      Opening a clickbank account, you really do not need using other country’s address or name. But since you’ve already done such, here’s what you can do…

      Normally you can always edit your personal information, but if you don’t see the edit button, simple open with a vpn. A Chrome extension called “Touch VPN” can do trick.

      Hope this helps…

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