China phone has truly come to stay. Nigerians today and most part of the African countries uses china phones because of the cheap price sales. Some people would rather buy a china phone of 5k than buying a Nokia or Samsung phone of 15k. Since china phone is becoming more popular, it is good to explore what they can do. We have already known how to make china phone serve as a modem, now we are going to know its secret codes.

complete list of china phone secret codes

You can now check if your china mobile has imei number or not and restoring your factory settings and lot of other uses through these secret codes.


Restore factory settings: *#987*99#

Software ver: *#900# or *#800#

Default user code: 1122, 3344, 1234, 5678

Engineer mode: *#110 *01#

Engineering mode:*110*01#

Factory mode: *#987#

Factory mode: *#987#

Enable COM port: *#110 *01 # -> Device -> Set UART – > PS Config -> UART1 / 115200

Software version: *#800#

Software version: *#900#

Set default language: *#0000# Send

Set English language: *#0044# Send

Set English language: *#001# Send

Restore factory settings: *#987 *99#

LCD contrast: *#369#

Those are the secret codes of the china phones. Do you know any other china phone code that is not listed above? Then use the comment box to drop them.

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  1. I would like to hard reset my Android G-tide e56 because of too many pattern attempts which blocked my pattern. Due to that to needs me to access my phone using my Google account which I must have data to to access it. For me to activate data, I have to access the phone. Please help.
    Thank you.

    1. To hard reset your Android. First switch the phone off, now switch it on back. when you see its startup logo, simultaneously press the up and down volume and the power button, till you see a blue screen. Every other things is self explanatory…

      1. My Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Korean Model No SM-N9100 start up logo not show please send me the code to solve this problem


      2. I am using LG G flex 2 Korean version. But there is no any code working with this phone, even not a simple IMEI checker i.e. *#06#.

  2. my nokia 6720 is locking pls i need solutiong how to unlock it so pls i need solution pls help me

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