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3 Insane Tips for Increasing Readers on Your Blog

Have you been blogging for months or years and the highest amount of visitors you’ve gotten to your blog is no more than 100/200 visits per day (max)? Or have you been blogging for some time now and you still haven’t gotten a single comment to your blog post? This short post will definitely help you and your blog grow if you pay attention and carry out the tips I am about to share with you today.

Increasing Readers on Your Blog

Blogging is like any offline businesses. The only way people can come to your blog to see what you got (and buy from you), is by simply going to them, sell (advertise) yourself to them and they will want to know “who you are”.

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Blogging is not a miracle zone where you’ll open one and things will start happening without you making it happen.

3 Insane Tips for Increasing Readers on Your Blog

Traffic is the first thing that makes up a blog and the only thing that can make you money online as a blogger.

We need comments and social shares to our blog ——- so we search for traffic ——- some of the traffic will exit your blog after reading and some will stay and comment their views on the blog post you shared —— some of the readers that stays becomes loyalist ——- loyalist subscribe to your blog because they want more information and updates from you to educate their selves. Hope the circle is right, if not please explain yours using the comment box below.

I did say I was going to make this post short, so let’s go straight to the point, shall we?

Write something interesting (Insanely out of the box):

If you are a blogger, you will know that just getting your hands on all traffic sources you find is not just the only thing. You can get traffic to your blog just by posting and promoting, but if your blog content is not catchy or interesting, the result will be – high bounce rate. Why? Because the traffic you are pulling in will leave once the topic doesn’t flow with them.

From the topic to the contents you post on your blog needs to be interesting and catchy enough to keep your readers wanting for more.

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Spending time making your title and composing your post with proper research will help you a great deal.

Still wondering how to write that great post that will make you money? Then, why not take a look at this post here – “How to Write a Blog Post That Pays” and do read a post done by Adrienne Smith at her blog here – “3 Tools for Coming up with Blog Post Ideas”.

This is how the pros do it – They make up that killer blog title to attract their readers and create that awesome post to keep them at their blog.

Now you figure out the rest…

Still Blog Commenting? You should.

No matter how many times I talk about this tip, I still love advising bloggers to always do blog commenting.

Blog commenting does not only help your blog readers grow, it also helps your blog get more exposure from search engines.

Many bloggers became what they are today simply because they comment on other blogs.

When you leave a positive comment on other blogs, it will leave people asking who this is, let me go check ‘em’ out and see what he got.

So if you are not getting comments or attention to your blog, know that it is because you’re not putting yourself out there.

One Simple way that guarantee Tons of Traffic

Now here is one tip that has always helped me in getting traffic to my blog… I must admit that it has worked for me and never for once failed me.

I did a post sometime back on how I drive traffic to my blog, many bloggers who read that post and tried it; saw the impact of the post… Now, if you’re searching for traffic, your search is over 🙂

If you’re trying to drive tons of traffic to your blog, do read this post where I give a step by step guide here “Best Ways of Getting More Web Traffic and Backlinks to Your Blog”. The tips I shared there are still working 100% and I am so sure it will work for you as well.

Back to You:

Looks like I have said so much about so much on how to increase our blog readers, now, let me pass the keyboard to you guys.

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Do you have some more contributions you’d love to add to what we’ve shared here today? Please do use the comment section to drop them.

Do you have comments, questions and thoughts you’d love to share with us? Why not do so by using the comment box below.

Remember that your comments, questions and thoughts are highly welcomed and most appreciated.

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20 thoughts on “3 Insane Tips for Increasing Readers on Your Blog”

  1. Hi Babanature,

    You’re right about your tips mentioned here 🙂

    You know my best one was, is, and perhaps will always be blog commenting, as it’s worked for me from day one! I hardly know much of SEO, except the basics, and it’s just the power of blog comments and social media that’s worked for my blog.

    True, if you write something unique and different, readers are going to flock your blog like bees! That too always works.

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    1. Hello Harleena,

      Truth, blog commenting is still one of the best ways of driving eyes to your blog if done the right way… And your testimony have showed that that’s true…

      Thank you for dropping your Comment and giving us your thought. Have a blessed week ahead…

  2. Hello Boss,

    Nice to be here again. Your title dragged me in. I like your new design sir.

    Like I said earlier, I lost zeal for blogging after I traveled to Anambra state. I wish to revive back my blogging power soon.

    Your information is quite clear to me…..thanks.

    I will check back for more posts bro, have a nice day boss!

    1. Hello Chikeleze,

      Good to have you back after a while.

      This is not a new theme, I installed the theme sometime last year… But good to see you like the theme 🙂

      The main reason why bloggers lose focus and zeal, is because of the traffic and payment in return. I am sure that you will get there soon… Just apply what you are learning here and you will see…

      Have a faithful week

  3. Hello Baba Nature !

    Providing people with content that no one provides is one of the best way to increase readership of your blog . Blogs likes ( one of my favourite ) are a leader in their niche just because they provide out of the box content to their readers !

    Also , if i Talk about blog commenting , then i can tell you , this is one of the best way to make a space in your niche . It brings in lots of referral traffic .In fact , blog like mashable became famous by commenting on similar niche blogs in the starting . For this I love the way Harleena singh , writes comments ! Her comments are deep and knowledgeable . Her comments provide complete insights to the bloggers . Thats what the style should be . This is the reason she is a well known face in blogging industry .

    I have started a new blog just a week back and blog commenting is already fetching me 36 visitors daily . Although , i have commented only on 7-8 articles . Imagine what will happen after i will put my comment on 1000 articles with course of time .

    Nice post baba nature ! Keep blogging !!

    Your friend !
    Nikhil !

    1. Hello Nikhill,

      Yes, there is nothing powerful than being unique. When you write in a unique way and trying to burst the burble first you will see unique result. It’s as simple as that 🙂

      Thanks for dropping your contribution yet again on how to increase readers on a fresh blog…

      Have a blessed week ahead dear friend…

  4. Hey Babanature,

    I do have to agree with Harleena! The one strategy that will always come out on top would be commenting. Yes it can be tedious, especially if you’re commenting on over 10 a day, but it’s well worth it. Especially for the fact that many times you’re learning something new. I’ve learned a lot just from reading blogs and commenting. You will definitely get some traffic, specifically from those nofollow blogs that have such plugins like commentluv premium!

    Thanks for sharing Babanature! Have a good one!

  5. Hi Babanature,

    As the years go by the internet seems to get more and more crowded with people. I think the problem we’re facing is that in our given niches we are all writing about the same topics. After a while people get bored with it but what we all have to do is make it different.

    Now I know you mentioned writing something insanely out of the box. You are spot on here, we have to make our content interesting, catchy, unique and keeping our readers interested enough to want to see what we’ll post next. It has to speak to them, help them and let them feel some connection to us. At times that’s not an easy thing to do but over time it can be learned. It’s really the only way to get people coming back for more.

    Now in order to get their attention I believe we should be blog commenting on other people’s posts but also make them stand out. Give them a reason to pay attention to us and a reason they’ll want to come check out what you share.

    This is a people business so without making those connections people will be very disappointed. I appreciate your tips here and sharing my post as well, thank you for that.

    You have a great week and good to see you again.


    1. Hello Adrienne,

      You really did write it out very well dear friend.
      That post was a big help and i know many would find it very useful, so you are most welcome 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your contribution this article… Do have a blessed weekend start 😉

  6. Yes, for me the most important thing is to write interesting article or crazy idea. Title is important thing. Make people curious about the article that we wrote.

    The second method that I use is sharing to social media and please also make sure the readers can share our article if it is interesting.

    1. Hello Jack,

      Social media share is awesome, it is where we get the traffic from after writing that killer article with a killing title 🙂

      Once your readers find your article rewarding enough, they will have to share it with friends… and reminding them of that is also a wise choice, don’t you think?

      Thanks for the comment and do have a fabulous weekend

  7. Indeed social media always plays a major role in getting most of the traffic and in real time. I’ve been seeing social media as top referral traffic these days.

    Thanks for tips

    1. Hello Tushar,

      Social media is a great traffic source but the main traffic start from your blog post title and the article itself. Once your article is bad and you’re trying to pull in traffic from social media or other source, you will end up killing your blog.

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment and do have a nice day ahead 🙂

  8. You’ve actually said more than enough, these are tips that evergreen, though hard to follow suit, but add a great deal. I remember ever day I get traffic from a blog a commented on in the last 2 years. Strange right? This was because I commented sporadically then and i’m still getting traffic from it, and which is this particular blog. Thanks.

  9. Hey Babanature,

    Blogging commenting is the main thing – as long as a blogger is active on the blogosphere, his blog will never run out of comments attention.

    Thank you for the short post reminding us to do blog commenting and writing unique and interesting post on our own blogs to keep the readers happy and lower the bounce rate.

    I do agree with you, blogging is no different than any other business – one has to put himself out there so that others can find him and his blog!

    1. Hello Shobha,

      Yeah, blog commenting is still an active means of getting good amount of traffic to our blog. And if we are doing it, we should do it in a professional manner 🙂

      Thank you for dropping your thoughts on the post as well. I really appreciate.

      Have a blessed week days…

  10. Great stuff Babanature. It is true blog commenting is one of the best ways to get better Google rankings and traffic. But there are other ways that need to be addressed such as on and off page optimization. The real kicker is to provide value for your potential reader.

    If they find what they are looking for…lt is likely they will tell others. That is the power of social media!

  11. Hi Babanature,

    Thanks for sharing this awesome post, it’s an eye opener for a new blogger like myself. Thank you.

    Have a prosperous day ahead.


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