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How To Start A Blog And Make Money With It

Have you ever wondered how a blogger start a blog and make money with it? Having a successful blog is cool. And having a successful blog that pays you is even more awesome, right?

How to start a blog and make money with it

Many bloggers today create their blogs mainly because they want to make money. But many of these bloggers fail to follow the rules of creating a profitable blog.

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Yes, it’s difficult to make money as a new blogger, but it will only be difficult if you do not build your blog step by step as it should.

As we said from our earlier series on how to create a profitable blog; a money blog starts from the foundation of your blog, the speed of your blog to the theme of your blog and how you communicate with it matters a lot.

You need to know that blogging is like every offline business, the only way you can make your offline business grow and make money with it is if you advertise your quality products to a specified audience. Advertising yourself and your business creates awareness…

If you fail to advertise your new shop to the people around you, the shop won’t perform well even if you have awesome products. Am I right or am I right?

If your blog has the best design and awesome articles, it won’t make you money even if you monetize it with the best monetization strategies around, except…

How to start a blog and make money with it

I know I have talked about how to start a blog, so I’m just going to give you some tips that will help you create an awesome blog…

  • Create a blog using a trusted host so you won’t regret your action
  • Using a premium theme will help you more
  • Making your blog design as neat as possible will attract more eyes
  • The lesser your plugin, the faster your site
  • The faster your site, the more potential it has

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After building an awesome blog, it is necessary to go out there to tell the world about your new blog. And how can you achieve this?

  • Submit your blog to search engines like; Bing and Google Webmaster
  • Comment reasonably on other bloggers blog post so you can get link back to your blog
  • Promote your blog post on your social networks and you are off to a good start.

Getting Traffic from where?

Remember that traffic is the life source of any blog. Without traffic, your blog won’t last a week… the traffic you get to your blog decide how you make money online as a blogger.

Submitting your blog to “search engine” doesn’t guarantee your blog getting indexed faster. But you can fasten up the process and get good traffic using the below steps.

Free Traffic Source:

Getting traffic is awesome especially when the traffic is coming your way for free.

Your blog can get indexed faster and rank well by doing the following;

Commenting on blogs with high authority: There are some blogs that get indexed almost immediately when they publish their posts.

If you comment on these blogs, your contents will be given attention to and your blog will be crawled and indexed…

Aside getting indexed fast by Google and other search engine crawlers, commenting on blogs that are in the same niche as you will expose you to “new” audience and will also put your name out there.

And also, commenting on other blogs gives you backlinks, traffic and connects you with other bloggers. With these benefits, who wouldn’t want to do blog commenting.

Promoting your blog on social networks: Social media is a good place to meet old friends or make new friends.

Social media can also be a strong tool to promote your blog and get some good amount of traffic while having fun.

There are some social media sites that can give you massive traffic with just little effort. Some of the social media I have used to drive traffic to my blogs free of charge are;

Google +

Y combinator




These social networks help you get closer to your fans and help you drive good quality traffic to your blog without any cost.

Submitting Your blog post on sharing sites: Submitting your post or articles to sites that offer the chance for bloggers to share each other’s blog post will help your blog get more exposure.

Some sites that offer bloggers the chance to share each other’s post for free are;



Converting forum users to your follower: You can also go to forums and join conversations… creating your own topics, dropping valuable contributions, and make sure you add your blog link to your profile (bio page) page while you’re at it, why? So you get traffic in return.

Some of these forums to check out are;

Warrior forum

Nairaland forum

Aha-now forum

Some other sites that give you practical traffic: Below are some more traffic sites you are going to love.



Scoop it


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Okay, if you are searching for free traffic, I am 100% sure that the above free sites will help you with that. Trust me, they work like magic 😉

Paid traffic source:

For those that want super fast traffic and has the money to spend, going for a paid traffic is not a bad idea.

Facebook paid ad

StumbleUpon paid discovery


The above places are very popular to promote your blog and get the value in return. Depending on how you place your bid, you will definitely not regretting the money invested in it.

Now that you know how to promote your blog effectively, we are going to monetize our blog.

How to monetize your blog

There are different ways of monetizing our blog/website but two of the most popular ways are; Google Adsense and Affiliate marketing.

If you want more options on how to monetize your blog, read this post using this link

If your blog is new, I’ll strongly recommend you monetize your blog using the Google Adsense programme, why? Because you can easily earn money using the platform, as long as you are getting traffic to your blog.

While many bloggers will recommend you not to use Adsense to monetize your blog because it takes people away from your blog… my question is; which third-party ads doesn’t take your audience away from your site? An affiliate link will take your readers away from your site, right? So to me, they are all the same.

Many popular sites like “Yahoo” use Google AdSense to monetize their site. So tell me, why shouldn’t you?

Getting a Google Adsense is not difficult as long as your blog is neat and doesn’t go against Google AdSense TOS. You can learn how to create an AdSense account using the link found here.

To make money with Google Adsense, you will need to place the code strategically in your blog… Some bloggers paste their AdSense code above, middle and below their blog post… Some bloggers add their Google AdSense code at the sidebar of their blog, above and below their blog… The one that has worked for me for years can be found here.

Want to learn how to carry out Google AdSense the best way to your blog and increase your AdSense income? Click this link…

Making money using your skills

Aside making money using the AdSense programme, you can also make money selling your what you know how to do best.

What do you really know how to do best?



The technical part of blogging?

Offer Services?

Creating a “hire me” page can be a nice idea for you and your business. If you doing what you’re good at, believe me, people will always want to use your service.

Creating a hire me page won’t take your time… so why not create one today and see where it takes you.


Making money as a blogger is not difficult, believe me. The thing is, as long as you have a reasonable amount of traffic coming in, making money won’t be a problem.

Back to you

Looks like I have said so much about so much, now it’s time to pass the keyboard to you guys.

Do you have questions, thoughts you’d love to share with us? Please do by using the comment box below.

Remember that your comments, questions, and thoughts are highly welcomed and most appreciated.

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8 thoughts on “How To Start A Blog And Make Money With It”

  1. Hi babanature,

    Thanks for your guide on how to start a blog and earn money.

    I have completed 5 month in blogging area and got google AdSense approval 2 month ago. Today i check my earning in google AdSense, is 31$ 🙁 .

    There is 200 post on my blog.

    Am i going good way in blogging..?? Or What should i have to change in my way to earn approx. 10$/day..??


    1. Hello Kush,

      You know, ad placement matters a lot. Placing your ad strategically will help increase your earning.

      Also traffic is the key to earning high using Google Adsense.. When searching for traffic, the region in which you get your traffic matters as well. Some regions clicks get higher cpc than other region.

      Hope you understand…

  2. Thanks for this post bro..Like you said, having AdSense is not a guarantee to make passive income online but having traffic – whether free or paid.

    Blog optimization is the key. I love offering blog management service. Over 6 months, I’ve been managing different blogs, even till now, I got a fresh job.

    I increase backlinks on them by commenting with the link and having just min of 5 to 10 posts on it.

    Thanks for this.. Your posts are always on high

  3. Hi,
    In every 2 second a new blog is created. In the month of March almost 86 million posts were published on word press only.
    But a few of them became successful. So what is the success recipe of them? There are many things to consider this.
    For a writer the real success is when readers are able to connect the writing with them. Writing should not be one way, it should be interactive so that your writing is two way. It helps you analyze what their taste are and what they want to read? In this way your writing will be more fruitful.
    People around the world use blogging to earn money but only through a better Content and Effective strategy Can Monetize your efforts.
    Thanks for sharing with us.
    With regards,

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